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  1. CrownVic97

    That's not a real light....

    Kinda in rough shape, but I bet with a little time and elbow grease, it'd be a nice beacon again!
  2. CrownVic97

    Lectric Lites Ranger XLR

    Some people are just too damn f**king stupid....:mad: Glad they refunded you, but still.....the s**t they pulled on :rolleyes:.
  3. CrownVic97

    R/A Model 25

    Minnesota-style AeroDynic! In the years before laws changed in that state, most wreckers ran red/amber. It's definitely a unique setup for solid colors!
  4. CrownVic97

    It was a Tripp-Lite kinda day.

    Tripp Lite (later becoming Tri Lite) beacons starting in the late 1980s through today had the stick-on badges. Older beacons up until the late 80s had the rivited, metal badges. So somewhere from the mid-60s to the real early late 80s is your beacon. They don't have definitive dates of...
  5. CrownVic97

    It was a Tripp-Lite kinda day. Find out where your closest reseller is and go from there ;-)
  6. CrownVic97

    Vintage Catalogs: Smith & Wesson

    Couple of videos to demo what Wailer said. And he's right! They sound really damn good!
  7. CrownVic97

    Vitalite on Engine.

    I can confirm this. We have a local classic vehicle collector in my home county, and he took delivery on a 1969 Kenworth pumper truck from Seattle FD. All the red lenses were gone per the strict guidelines the fire department set for the sale of the truck to a civilian. So, in addition to a...
  8. CrownVic97

    LP6100 Tag

    Date of build and the initials of the 2 techs that built the bar ;-)
  9. CrownVic97

    tsquale's siren thread - update 12/16/19

    The older North American Signal siren sounds like a L&S Locktronics! Nice find on that one. Hell, all are unique finds in themselves ;)
  10. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Holy crap, those are some big @$$ cruisers o_O After looking closer and looking up the clip, those are just elongated 1968 Chevrolet Bel Airs
  11. CrownVic97

    Check out this out

    I know one thing all major lightbar/beacon brands had in common at one time: They all relied on GE to light their products ;)
  12. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Man, that's so out of place on that car. Damn Hollywood, lol.
  13. CrownVic97

    Thanks to a friend...

    Two Mars Skybolts, a Federal 174, a Fireball II, a Director and PA300 siren, and other miscellaneous light stuff? Yeah, that's a good haul! Now find a Mars cross bar and you got a a home for those two Skybolts, heh heh!
  14. CrownVic97

    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    Them Ford LTDs did not have the full door. The pillar is stationary, so what you see is correct. See example below ;)
  15. CrownVic97

    Well, I'm done with code 3 products,

    I'd have gone full a-hole mode right there on that person. Wow, lots of personnel retraining if you're telling customers to stop loosing or breaking their product. That's money lost, not gained.
  16. CrownVic97

    Kustom Signals

    You might have better luck on Ebay, yeah.
  17. CrownVic97

    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    You're welcome, man! That speaker looks at home on that bar, heh heh! Glad to have helped out in your project ;)
  18. CrownVic97

    Yes I'm still Alive and Kicking.. and btw here is another Aerodynic!

    Nice find! Just gotta adjust the pattern a little bit and it's all good to go!
  19. CrownVic97

    Kustom Signals

    If someone is building a cruiser, I bet you'll get some interested folks asking, especially if working units ;-)
  20. CrownVic97

    Signal Stat Bar and Lights

    I have a wide bell 75 watt Signal Stat speaker if you're interested to make that bar stand out more, Skulldigger ;) . Just let me know!
  21. CrownVic97

    Old Wrecker

    That's definitely different! Wrecker owner might've been a retired FF.
  22. CrownVic97

    Tokyo POTUS Motorcade = Interesting Lighting

    Original light flippers, LOL The big dude Wink working on the Edge from their freebie haul earlier in the episode
  23. CrownVic97

    Federal Signal Model 044

    I would go with a Federal FA-3 alternating flasher or a Tridon EL13A-1 alt flasher. You won't be able to use the original can flasher holder, but at least you'll have a good working flasher to show off the beacon.
  24. CrownVic97

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    Now that's super rare! Nice snag on that one!
  25. CrownVic97

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    Thanks, Wailer! I'm glad it went as quickly as it did too! ^_^
  26. CrownVic97

    Federal Signal Electronic Siren Serial Numbers

    I seen that! Weird why they left those two out o_O.
  27. CrownVic97

    Federal Signal Model 044

    For period correctness, go with the 537 flasher. For a consistent alternating flash rate, use a Tridon EL13A-1.
  28. CrownVic97

    MPC01 Connector Part#?

    I got ya, n4rpd ;)
  29. CrownVic97

    The 4416R is officially out of production.

    I bought six additional red GE 4416Rs off ebay, 3 being NOS red glass for a good price. Nothing lasts forever, so it was a matter of time before GE tossed the 4416R's towel in.
  30. CrownVic97

    Classic light bar recommendation

    Tomar bar Whelen Edge 9000 with 500 series LED modules & usual strobes Code 3 Excalibur Whelen Edge 9000, strobe & halogen combo Code 3 MX7000 Federal Signal Vision/Vector There's some ideas to toss around ;)

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