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  1. Surgicalcric

    Budget red interior light bar

    If you’re on a budget at the moment stuck with the (2) dual SOS nforce on the visor til you are at a place where you can upgrade to a quality ILB. More lightheads don’t necessarily equate to more coverage. That in mind, I’d also suggest you change the pattern to flash the two on the left then...
  2. Surgicalcric

    Any input on lighting packages on my new Interceptor Utilities?

    Why not have the rear tint trimmed around the edges of the T/A. As for the exterior rear lighting options, the (8) mpowers can be wired to function as a T/A as well as for warning.
  3. Surgicalcric

    For Sale Motorola HT1250 VHF

    Any chance you could program it?
  4. Surgicalcric

    For Sale Sound Off Signal (SOS) nForce ALL Red Split Interior Lightbar (ILB), 2014+ Chevy/GMC

    Sound Off Systems (SOS) nForce ALL Red diode 9-LED Interior Lightbar for 2014-current Silverado and Tahoe/Suburban. Will fit other vehicles with purchase of different visor brackets. This Lightbar was mounted two years ago and has been on for approximately 4 hours. 9-LEDS per head. - All LEDs...
  5. Surgicalcric

    Feniex introduces a new line

    I said the exact same thing and with the exception of utilizing their light sticks I have ceased using their products because of sync issues. No one company has a product that best fills every requirement in the emergency warning industry. Being capable of mixing/matching products from a...
  6. Surgicalcric

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    What's your PayPal addy? I'll take the pair.
  7. Surgicalcric

    Wanted Whelen 400 series 6-over-6, clear LEDs

    Just as the title says, I am looking for a pair of Whelen 400-series, 6-over-6 led heads in clear/white LEDs. PM me. Thanks JD
  8. Surgicalcric

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Have any Whelen 400 series 6-over-6 in all clear LEDs? I need two. Otherwise, how much to change two 400 series 6-over-6 lightheads to all clear from red/red? Thx
  9. Surgicalcric

    Wanted Cannons, Red - Older Model

    As the title states I am looking for 2 or 4 Red Cannons of the older style before Feniex stepped on their own dicks when they programmed the internal flasher preventing the newer Cannons from being sync'd with external flashers... Thanks for looking...
  10. Surgicalcric

    SOLD - Whelen 500 series R/R

    I will take them but will need til Monday mid-day to get you paid as I am travelling...
  11. Surgicalcric

    Quality Led flashlight info needed

    Jetbeam RRT2. They are made in China but the three I have taken to combat held up under massive amounts of abuse. I use them here in the states for EMS/FD work now.
  12. Surgicalcric

    Wanted Feniex Dash light RR or RW

    I have two Dual Apollo R/R dash lights with shrouds and suction cups, hard wire if you are interested. Shoot me a PM if you are interested. BTW, I am out of town working til Tuesday but could ship thereafter.
  13. Surgicalcric

    2010 Chevy Tahoe Unmarked Fire Chief

    Ghost graphics screams of playing hide and seek in a vehicle that should be easily visible and identifiable even with the lights off. I am also not a fan of slick top FD/EMS vehicles. Volunteer vehicles is something entirely different.
  14. Surgicalcric

    2010 Tahoe Fire pov

    That's just a blur of color....take some of it out; you could unfit two vehicles with the amount of lights you have.
  15. Surgicalcric

    2008 Chevy Tahoe Fire/EMS POV

    That's slick.   i always thought the razor-bak came with light heads attached... That definately adds options.
  16. Surgicalcric


    Lenco Bearcat I believe is the name of that vehicle. It is purpose built for Law Enforcement not military use.
  17. Surgicalcric

    2008 Chevy Tahoe Fire/EMS POV

    I like it, but like pdk9 would rather see the rear 200's flash all left then right as opposed to split, the intersection lights up higher in the line of sight and would prefer the ILB do the same left then right as a whole side, but that's just me... Otherwise, it is a very clean install.
  18. Surgicalcric

    Starting over. 2009 Explorer

    That looks awesome Eric - MCI trailer for a single casualty? Lol
  19. Surgicalcric

    Cities not paying... what do you do?

    I second what Shawn just said. Speaking for the county where I work, the accounts payable office moves according to their own pace. We have had issues with vendors not enjoying the 60 day payment cycle but even after explaining the situation to the accounts manager here they still refuse to...
  20. Surgicalcric

    UPDATE 8/16/15: Check it out, guys.

    Congrats indeed!!!
  21. Surgicalcric

    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Work in Progress)

    Strobes-n-more makes the "Lion," a thin, linear, dual-color capable lighthead which fits nicely into areas as you are looking for. In red/white they would make for better scene lighting and would frankly be a better option than sacrificing eye-level intersection/side warning. YMMV. Crip
  22. Surgicalcric

    For Sale Whelen TLN2 Talon "Dual" LED , Various Colors

    I will take two R/R without shields. $180.00 plus 10.00 for last time... Sent
  23. Surgicalcric

    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel ***Updated - 06/5/17 ***

    Looking good Timmy. Can't wait to see the CN's up and running. James
  24. Surgicalcric

    New Feniex Focus Video!

    Private here too...
  25. Surgicalcric

    Tomar RECT-13 8 Head Lightstick NEW (Red)

    Nice picture of the box... You might want to add pics of the actual item you are selling to the thread.
  26. Surgicalcric

    T3, T6 or Apollo intersection warning?

    I put 2500 series mirrors on a Tahoe I had previously. I wish Ram trucks had twin arm mirrors like Chevy and Fords. That said, I concur with acala91.

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