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    For Sale Feniex Apollo 400 Red/Blue Dual Color

    Qty: 1 Feniex Apollo F6 (NOT THE NEW MODULES) in DUAL COLOR Red/Blue. Manufactured in 2015, never mounted, used, BRAND NEW. $150.00 shipped in the contiguous United States. Please keep in mind these are the "old" modules before Feniex introduced the "F12" modules. That is why it is discounted...
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    For Sale Feniex Apollo F6 - Blue/Amber

    Qty: 9 Available: Feniex Industries Apollo F6 (These are NOT the new modules) Manufacturer date of 2015 $45.00 Shipped to the Contiguous United States. Shipping by USPS or UPS Price Lowered: $40.00 SHIPPED to Contiguous United States
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    2015 Ford F-350 by 911 Emergency Supply, LLC.

    2015 Ford F-350 Crew Cab upfitting by 911 Emergency Supply for the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department in Newtown, CT. This vehicle will be used primarily by their officers for incident command, administrative tasks, training, and medical calls in their district. This department is one of 5...
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    Feniex Avatar 47" Brand New

    Feniex Avatar 47" Red/Blue with Takedowns It is BRAND NEW, never installed with a fully factory warranty. $1050.00 w/ FREE USA SHIPPING (Hawaii and Alaska exempt)
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    WANTED - Havis Dealer

    I am looking for a Havis Dealer that can assist with my growing business. Please contact me via PM or at 203.493.0444.
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    911 Emergency Supply, LLC. New Milford, CT

    911 Emergency Supply, LLC located in New Milford, Connecticut is a full line distributor of EMS Equipment and Supplies, Apparel and Emergency Lighting. Owned and operated by EMTs and Firefighters. We represent THOUSANDS of products for the Public Safety Market. Retail Location: 180 Sunny...
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    2014+ Silverado/Sierra Mounting

    There are not a lot of options for the 2014+ Silverado/Sierra Trucks and being the perfectionist I am I figured I would make something. Many of the commercial consoles will work just fine in these vehicles but then you loose access to the center seat lockable storage compartment, flip down...
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    2014 Silverado Crew Cab Headliner/Sunvisor Mounts

    Anyone remove the small(er) Sun-Visor clips on the 2014 Chevy/GMC Headliners? When you remove the center bezel it exposes in inner headliner and the pictures reflect the configuration. As pictured, there is a small metal flange with tabs sandwiching the mount between the inside and the outside...
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    2014 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Suggestions

    So looking for some ELB help on this one. I have on order a brand new 2014 Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4x4 for my department. It's primary function will be EMS. Important note, it will have a cap. I don't have a huge budget but I'm not looking to do anything too crazy. Sometimes less is more...
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    Motorola WPLN4208B Question

    I'm looking to add two mobile chargers to my truck, I have a HT-1250 and a XTS-1500 The OCD in me wants the two chargers to look the same. Yeah I know :crazy: :crazy: Motorola literature has been less than helpful so I'm hoping that someone can lend me a hand in this. The XTS-1500 is easy...
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    Relay Question

    Here is what I want to do: I added two utility lights to my back rack I want to wire them so the new utility lights come on automatically with the factory reverse lights. but I ALSO want to trigger the utility lights manually with a switch without the factory backup lights coming on...
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    GO RHINO or Setina?

    I'm considering the purchase of a GO RHINO 3150B or a Setina PB400 for a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ext Cab I'm looking to mount two siren speakers and some grill lights. I know they provide the same basic function, I just cannot decide which one to purchase. :undecided: Any input?
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    Whelen 295SLSA6 Wiring Question

    I’ll be installing a Whelen 295SLSA6 and I would like the slide switch to function in the following manner. Pos 0 - Off (obviously) Pos 1 – Front Lights Pos 2 – Rear Lights Pos 3 – Front & Rear According to the installation manual the switch operates the following: 0 = Off 1...
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    Install Equipment and Supplies

    I couldn't find a more appropriate section for this. I also tried a few search terms and could not find anything. I’m looking for more sources to purchase wire, loom, connections, etc. What vendor(s) do you recommend?
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    Ambulance Recording Device Help

    I'm in the process of putting together the spec for a new ambulance and as part protection for our crews I'm looking for an on-demand patient compartment recorder for those calls that make you nervous. I don't want to record every call, just calls of female patients, ETOH calls, and C.I calls...
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    Looking for feedback

    SV T3 Interior LED Lightbar SuperVisor Interior LED Lightbar [LED6001] - $175.00 : Emergency LED Lights for Vehicles found this company after some searching around on ELB. Price is very attractive - just wondering if anybody has purchased this particular light and what they thought about it.
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    Airbags & Wires?

    I want to run coax cable for an NMO mount on the roof of my car however I have side curtain airbags. How do I run the wires SAFELY behind the airbags without causing airbag errors or interfering with the deployment of the airbag? Each post has a side curtain airbag so I have no choice but to...

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