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  1. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Whelen L31 clear lens

    Looking for a clear lensE for a Whelen L31 beacon. Thanks
  2. StEaLtH2

    Green Whelen Talon

    Good Evening all, not my listing but stumbled across during some down time>>>
  3. StEaLtH2

    Weldon Diamondback pattern change

    A fire department has a pair of these Weldon Diamondback 9x7 warning lights installed on a utility vehicle. One of these has set itself to steady burn. The only information I can find online references a wireless pattern change. Is this the only way? Anyone familiar with these products? Trying...
  4. StEaLtH2

    Federal Vista domes Amber w TCL

    Not my listing but here ya go..... as always i would assist members with items local to me
  5. StEaLtH2

    Wanted 2016 Silverado red visor bar

    Cheef getting a 2016 Chevy pick up Looking for interior visor options. Pass side, full, red white, what ya got?... Thanks all
  6. StEaLtH2

    Led TCL

    I’m quite surprised to not find a thread on this here with the search ... Sirennet has the 6x9 unit listed on the website but not the 4x6 model.. anyone have any first hand experience? Looks impressive in output and pattern certainly mimics the original.
  7. StEaLtH2

    Positive Purchase from JMAN423

    I purchased a bnib Feniex Hammer, item was still sealed with Feniex tape, great price, fast shipping! Thanks for the great deal
  8. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Whelen Guardian filters

    Any filters for these rotators out there? Prefer Red but any are better than none...
  9. StEaLtH2

    Positive Purchase from Phillyrube

    I purchased a Biel hand tool Packed well, exactly as described Thanks
  10. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Whelen Avenger II cig plug

    ISO Whelen Cig plug with two on/off switches as comes on dual color Avenger II for a throw light project Thank you
  11. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Whelen dual switch Cig plug

    Hello all, seeking a Cig Plug with two switches like what the new duo Avengers come with, not a pattern momentary, but two dedicated on off switches. Thank you...
  12. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Handheld Siren w switching

    What’s out there for sale? New or gently used acceptable
  13. StEaLtH2

    2011 Acadia

    Has any member ever done an upfit on a 2011 GMC Acadia? I have specific questions if so.... Thread to progress to a build
  14. StEaLtH2

    911EP LS12 (newest version) color swap

    Looking for info on the possibility and or degree of difficulty to swap modules around in the latest generation of LS12 permanent mount. Found some NOS in amber/red and would like to make solid red, solid amber. Thanks in advance technical gurus..!
  15. StEaLtH2

    Wanted Rotabeam 600 surface lense Red

    Looking for a new lense in Red for the surface mount 600 Rotabeam by Whelen, also pricing on complete unit. Thanks
  16. StEaLtH2

    Wanted 700 series scene light

    Anyone have a Whelen 700 series scene light in led?? Thanks
  17. StEaLtH2

    Positive Loden181 great sale

    Purchased a mini jet. Shipping was quick thru USPS w tracking and was boxed and packed with care to arrive undamaged. Great seller! Tks
  18. StEaLtH2

    Positive Purchase from Tsquale

    made a purchase and had my items in my hands in a few short days. Excellent Deal, thanks again...!
  19. StEaLtH2

    06 F350 dump Winter Operations upfit

    So my latest "project" is as above. Getting Apollo F6 A/W on front corners, T3's on the grille, a Whelen DoT kit on the upper corners, and a pair of Lifetime REC's to light up the rear. Halfway there today, updates to follow
  20. StEaLtH2

    Positive FeVeR inc Positive (like always)

    Placed an order for some Feniex products and had them in hand in a few short days. Always Positive for these guys. Thanks again
  21. StEaLtH2

    Positive CEVS bought positive

    Placed a want ad, was pm'd regarding my needed items. My offer was graciously accepted. I sent payment Sat evening, had my items early Monday afternoon. Five Stars!
  22. StEaLtH2

    Support Picture Orientation via mobile

    Hello, is there a way I can get the pictures I attach from my IPhone to not be loaded sideways? Or a way to rotate them after I've posted them to a thread? Thanks
  23. StEaLtH2

    Whelen Traffic Advisor TAL65 issue

    Greetings, I have a TAL65 5mm Traffic Advisor that is acting up. One of the modules will intermittently stay lit, the issue comes and goes, right now its on steady even with the controller in the off position. Have inspected harness at the light stick and controller and all connections are...
  24. StEaLtH2

    Apollo's F6 or F12 A/W found

    Anyone have a pair of these available for sale? Gracias
  25. StEaLtH2

    the Mother of all Throw Lights

    So I'm planning on taking a Whelen B6T, adding mags and wiring it up to a cig plug...mother of god!!
  26. StEaLtH2

    For Sale 06/10 Charger factory console

    hello, have a Mopar armrest console in grey dual cupholders, floor shift opening, most hardware to boot. Fits 06/10 Dodge Chargers... pics soon.. shipped.. save with local pickup! Lol
  27. StEaLtH2

    Signal Stat 384

    So my neighbor passed this on to me recently. Banged up and needs a bulb but the price was right. Haha..
  28. StEaLtH2

    Wanted 08 Explorer pass inner edge

    2008 Explorer passenger side inner edge in Red w brackets. Trying to sway a friend to update/upgrade his setup. Thanks
  29. StEaLtH2

    Positive Bought positive from TactMedic

    I bought a Code 4 XL from him, communications were excellent and shipping was fast (Canada) and the bar was unharmed in transit it was packed well! Would recommend this seller any day! Thanks for the deal!
  30. StEaLtH2

    Millennium light bars

    Anyone notice during Trumps inauguration the closest Tahoes to the President were running 911 EP Millenniums ?

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