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  1. lightcollector38

    For Sale Brand New Federal Signal Legend

    lightcollector38 submitted a new listing: Brand New Federal Signal Legend - Brand New Federal Signal Legend Read more about this listing...
  2. lightcollector38

    LFL Liberty LC conversion question...

    I have a 2005 LFL Liberty SL8RRBB 48" lightbar that has a LC board inside and I'm thinking instead of buying a new Liberty WeCan, it'll probably be cheaper to find a WeCan control board, upgrade my halogen take-downs and alleys to LED and make a couple small tweaks as well by. I was looking to...
  3. lightcollector38

    Star base led going bad?

    Based off this image, I've replaced the power supply board and still have these leds very very dim, are these diodes on their way out and need replacement? Thanks
  4. lightcollector38

    Whelen Liberty - No Longer Available

    Whelen Liberty Up for sale is my 48" Whelen Liberty lightbar red and blue with amber rear traffic advisor. Lightbar comes with traffic advisor controller, roughly 8-10' of power cord, and a custom switch box for the lightbar. Lightbar is all led's, taked-downs and alleys are halogen light...
  5. lightcollector38

    Whelen 96 Series - No Longer Available

    Whelen 96 Series Up for sale is my 48" Whelen Edge 9000 96 Series amber lightbar. This bar has a total of 12 strobes. 6 front facing strobes, 4 rear facing strobes and 2 alley strobes (1 left and 1 right). There are front and rear dual halogen flashers, 2 alley lights (1 left and 1 right) and...
  6. lightcollector38

    Whelen Edge 9000 - No Longer Available

    Whelen Edge 9000 Up for sale is my 48" Whelen Edge 9000 Amber/Clear lightbar. The bar has a total of 6 strobes, 4 rear facing strobes and 2 front facing strobes. There are 2 rear facing flashers. Located on the front of the bar is an 8 halogen take-down style lights with both driver and...
  7. lightcollector38

    For Sale BRAND NEW 48" Federal Signal Legend R/B

    Up for sale is my brand new, never mounted, never used, Federal Signal Legend lightbar, all red/blue front and back. All led's, no halogen lights on this bar. Front take-downs, left and right side alleys, red and blue leds with red and blue top covers. Lenses are brand new and in pristine...
  8. lightcollector38

    SOLD - Fed Sig Smart Vector with Signalmaster $300 o.b.o.

    Will entertain other offers, please feel free to message me for offer. Up for sale is a working Smart Vector light bar with working signalmaster. No control box included. Two sets of cables, one control the main pods and the second controls for your signalmaster. Roughly 10 feet of cable...
  9. lightcollector38

    My collection...

    Well, I was a little bored after finishing my last rebuild and thought about making a few youtube videos of all my lightbars working, front and rear. So I thought to showcase my collection...I'm missing a few I'd love to add to my collection but that will be in due time...especially since one...
  10. lightcollector38

    54" Federal Signal Arjent **SOLD**!!

    Up for sale is my 54" Federal Signal Arjent SL. The light bar is all red led's with all clear lenses. The alleys are halogen, roughly 10' of cable. The take downs are led's but are solid red the rest of the modules are flashing red. Mounting feet included, seller not responsible if buyer is...
  11. lightcollector38

    SOLD - 54" Federal Signal Legend

    Up for sale is a 54" Federal Signal Legend Lightbar with upgraded take-downs. Takedowns are LR11. All LED's are amber on each ROC board. Lenses are clear, top covers are amber. No control box included, however, I am including the serial interface module that will control all functions including...

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