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    Gifts from a neighbor.

    Those evolution bars are nice. I forget how much a power supply is, i feel like its 100$. Ecco predator i beleive. 40w for 2 heads
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    Different Fed. Sig. StreetHawk Intersection Sweeps

    Werent the reflectors the same style as the jestream vertical alleys? I swear when i was younger, i swear saw the vertical alley oscillating. We had jetsonics and mx7000.
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    Signal-Stat 9099 Dual Comm Amber Lightbar

    Id love to buy that. But shipping would probably kill
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    Wanted Whelen liberty lenses

    Excellent! Whats the price on the lenses and the takedowns? Going to build this for my dad.
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    Wanted Whelen liberty lenses

    Looking for a complete set of liberty lenses and the spacers between for a 2004 49". All clear. Also looking for super led takedowns. Making an off road bar and giving it to my dad. Must be able to ship to canada. Thanks Richard
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    Is this Normal

    All my mx bars had those spares. I have lost a few in the past and kept all 4 holders stocked. I lose every thing at all.times!
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    A lil' ol lil' SlickStik

    Back in the early 90s, our police had that same model. I always wanted one with hat configuation. If I recall correctly, the strobes were white and flashers were red. Whole thing could have been red, but I only saw that car a few times. I got 2 that have the 5 lamp arrow. Great score!
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    Wanted Whelen century amber corners

    For some reason I can' seem to remember, my amber century is missing both corner modules. Anyone have any leads? Thanks Rich
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    Wanted Traffic advisor

    Prefer Whelen bit anything led will do for this guy. Must either be toggle controlled or have controller, shipping to northern Ontario. Hope someone has something. Looking for a friend. And if you got other cool things I just may take them! Thanks Richard
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    CHP Jetsonic?

    That's video was mine. All original except for filters, they were gel inserts. It was a jcal
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    Wanted WOLO Aurora mini lightbar motor

    What's the rotator assembly look like? I got a wolo priority one with a back rack bracket for 10$. Reflectors were faded and I realized they were highlighter rotators. I had highlighter rotators with no motors and they swapped perfectly. The aurora may not be a svp knock off, could be real
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    Wanted New or used Turbo beam parts/bars

    Needing endcaps for the frame, 2 sets preferably. Whole bars will work. Needing to build a matching amber/clear/amber 22" bar. Doesn't matter if it's brand new from a dealer or used. Looking for new amber end lenses aswell
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    Super Rare DA find !!!!!

    That's impressive! I haven't been hunting or looking. I should again. Looks great! New dome would look great!
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    Wanted Svp 202 domes

    Are these that tough to find? Would like anything but red..prefer amber but blue will do. I highly doubt there's clears out there
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    The strobe target tech bars? Sun ate the boards up too. Definitely not the best out there but neat looking none the less. I've installed rotator versions on the same Fleet. Never a issue and they really throw the light far.
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    Interested in target tech!
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    I had all the parts laid out on the roof of my truck that has a 64" da rack on it
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    We painted and sold each individual signal head box for about 100$ each. Had 50 complete 3 heads and some 4.
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    Thanks Dan. Calling me old? Haha. Here's the living room displays.
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    Here is my temporary set up. It's a mess because I haven't got the garage cleared. The room was full of my extra super duty parts (bumpers doors, transmissions) but I moved them to the back yard. I have at least one everything from the dominion beacon catalogue of 1997 and same goes for target...
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    Wanted Svp 202 domes

    Looking anything but red. Have two 9/10 red to trade if interested.
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    Nos DA !!!!

    nice score! i got a used amber. just dug out my da collection. might display it!
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    Star 9200SM(T)?

    i have an amber dome and a blue just like that. also a red clear split. theyre nice on double.flash.
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    Garage sale,bargain!!

    Very nice!! I think I still hold the best garage sale, mint 4 way flasher for 2$!
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    SDPD-style AeroHawk lightbar and lenses restoration (pic heavy)

    Looks amazing! I'd like to see those stationary lights in a chain drive model.
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    Whelen Justice 50" Red

    I know someone interested. Let me contact them
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    My New Federal Signal Mini Light Bar "Chicago Fire Dept. " Style

    Looks nice! Im a bigger fan of the original turbos though Kit. I got some target tech projects in the works. Might even replace my liberty with one
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    Dominion Auto haul.

    I have a round top with the same bulb holder. Its quite odd. I havent figured it out yet

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