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    Wanted Whelen liberty lenses

    Looking for a complete set of liberty lenses and the spacers between for a 2004 49". All clear. Also looking for super led takedowns. Making an off road bar and giving it to my dad. Must be able to ship to canada. Thanks Richard
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    Wanted Whelen century amber corners

    For some reason I can' seem to remember, my amber century is missing both corner modules. Anyone have any leads? Thanks Rich
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    Wanted Traffic advisor

    Prefer Whelen bit anything led will do for this guy. Must either be toggle controlled or have controller, shipping to northern Ontario. Hope someone has something. Looking for a friend. And if you got other cool things I just may take them! Thanks Richard
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    Wanted New or used Turbo beam parts/bars

    Needing endcaps for the frame, 2 sets preferably. Whole bars will work. Needing to build a matching amber/clear/amber 22" bar. Doesn't matter if it's brand new from a dealer or used. Looking for new amber end lenses aswell
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    Temporary collection of mostly D.A.

    Here is my temporary set up. It's a mess because I haven't got the garage cleared. The room was full of my extra super duty parts (bumpers doors, transmissions) but I moved them to the back yard. I have at least one everything from the dominion beacon catalogue of 1997 and same goes for target...
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    Wanted Svp 202 domes

    Looking anything but red. Have two 9/10 red to trade if interested.
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    Wanted liberty corners. amber needed. settle for red or white

    Im in need of amber liberty corners. If i cant find amber ill settle for red for the rear or white for the front. An endcap lens would be great aswell. Or any whelen lighthead in amber i can jam in or rig into my corners
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    Finally finished it! Turbobeam wrecker bar with mfr.

    I accquired this lightbar through a contact of a member here years ago. It came in rough shape, two missing end rotators, non transparent lenses. Just two rotator filters, one filter clamp and a gear clamp holding a reflector on. Like pretty much all target tech bars with multi function...
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    may offend some dominion fans... da in service!

    I decided to put my dominion auto roof rack system in service! I scored a correct 54" cross bar system to finish my opp lightbar. I couldnt bring myself to cut the 64" down so i mounted it to my truck. I scored a 54" rack at the barrie automotive flea market where i was selling the mancave hand...
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    more wrecking yard finds

    Went to my friends wrecking yard for a couple truck parts. Left with a 54" aerodynic with a ts100 in it, pa300, 6 lp6000 rotators from a demers ambulance, sws 200zm led beacon, motorolla radius 2 way radio and antenna plus my heater resistor pack and vacuum pump for $60.  The lp rotators are...
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    barrie automotive flea market beacon finds

    My fiance and me worked the barrie automotive fleamarket as a food vendor because i got the bright idea of becoming a partnership with a travelling chip wagon... so we got a few days to stroll around the goodies. I got some good finds as did she. My scores were 2 round top dominions for $50...
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    owl lite?

    I picked up what i thought was a tri-lite or tripp lite sealed beam beacon. Turns out its owl lite. Everything looks the same as a tripp lite except the upper lamp holder and rotator drive. I havent taken a picture yet, but the lamp holder is a double spring loaded on a hinge for each bulb. It...
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    4 amber or 2 a 2 w liberty corners.

    Looking for some corner modules for my liberty project. Im in need of four amber corners. I can possibly do 2 white and two amber if someone has white lying around. And not amber. If i can find all amber or even amber white, i can get away with rear red front amber. Also would be looking for...
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    caught the red and blue fever

    Ive never been a fan of red and blue for my collection, all my dominion collection has been amber with the odd blue. The olady and myself took a trip to toronto, and i picked these up along the way. Near nos dominion with a red dome, blue dime and lamp holders. A couple weeks back i got a red...
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    monster turbobeam build! in service!

    This started as a 4 rotator 3 section speaker grill 60" bar. I made it a 4 rotator, four strobe, six stationary light bar. It has four nos rotators with amber filters, two nos two head strobe assemblies with a d&r electronics 100w power supply, two 100w takedowns and two 50w rear work lights...
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    Finally... i can start my dominion O.P.P replica bar

    Saturday morning I found a 64" dominion cross bar with a 350 and a remote searchlight. Trucks and vans used the 64", I got to go down south and get my correct 54". I have all my plates to mount my two da large speakers, four da par46 flasher takedowns alleys and four beam beacon. When I get my...
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    nos target tech parts, 60" bar build and vintage find!

    I scored 9 new dual head strobe assemblies for target tech bars. Two of which are going in my 60" turbibeam build for the mrs and I new travelling truck plus I also scored a nice sireni condor with speaker!
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    $2 Dominion Auto find!

    title says it all! I was passing a yard sale and this fella always has different beacons each time he has a yard sale a few times a year. Already for a few SWS beacons and a red DA junior. now i got a 4 way flasher. i saw it on the table, locked the brakes and hit reverse!. base is good, label...
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    A few grand later....

    I went back to my DA contact looking for strobe beacons and other small lights for re-sale. he laid out a few beacons and turbobeams on a table for me that i would like, under it he had a bar with blue shop towels covering it and said " i got something youd really like" he unveiled it and it was...
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    The Great Canadian Dominion Automotive collection! OPP and others added

    here it is as per request of pictures through pm and a couple emails. More lights to come with my new found dominion stock finding! THe larger Dominion Beacons, 2 chrome base two beam round tops, one chrome not shown and a mag mount lighter cord black skirt not shown. a two beam and 4...
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    I officially found heaven! hundreds of NOS dominion auto and target tech!

    Its a bit of an odd story, but a fella down south was trying to "bait" me and posted a NOS turbo beam and some DA beacons in hopes id see them and contact him, he knew id be interested. well i found the ads, a month later while visiting my girl in oshawa, i took the half hour drive north of her...
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    few Target Tech bars, Centurian, Beacons and leses

    Well, I finally got a Target tech Priority one 42 with the 4 remote strobes and MFR's. Like almost every other MFR out there, the sun has done them in, they rotate but don't home into their 3 other positions. got it for 25$, shipping cost a bit, they broke and endcap and lens, and im fresh out...
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    Dominion Auto Finds. 74-5242

    A few weeks back I found a 74-5242 (low profile revoliving lamp) NOS, and these are quite rare to begin with, nos is even more rare. turns out she has over 20! I bought two, and plan on buying more. Then, a few days ago, I visit a heavy truck bone yard for an axel for my 81 shaker, and just...
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    excalibur strobe amp draw

    Just curious what the amp draw is for the excalibur strpbe supply is. Looking to make an all strobe bar, i have a 4 strobe 2 rotators and wpuld like two ad corner strobes
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    Turbo Beam madness

    Its been a while since Ive been around, been running around like a one legged whore on fire, busy with work, hospitalized and worst of all, killed my computer. anywho, first off for my turbo beam builds/scores is a unique 53" that has a bit of a story. WHen i bought my F550 dumper it had a 53"...
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    a find, not that interesting, but vintage. whelen, signal stat

    Rummaging through my friends shop again that own a construction/trucking company. I found 2 new star 9200 blue domes, a lightly used clear, 2 lightly used blues, nice responder dx blue lens, lots of star 208 series amber domes, some blue strobe 9200 beacon lenses ( i grabbed them), blue whelen...
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    Tomar Heliobe strobe bar, rear in dim and shuttering

    I picked up a Tomar 12 strobe bar and it worked fine up until I last night. THe rear seems to be in "dim" mode, but theres power to the green wire allowing high power mode. The rear also "shudders" when full warning mode is activated. But when I power the orange wire (2 rear inner modules flash)...
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    "HillBilly Deluxe" F450 Wrecker. Need lighting ideas. help!

    Well, Most of you may remember my wrecker from a few years back. About 2 years ago, I pulled it from service to bring it to a shop for its annual inspection and a coat of chameleon purple/copper gold paint and a park brake. well, the mechanic was a douche, said engine was shot, reason why it...
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    "Hopeless" Dominion Auto Juniors

    I picked up an Old Dominion auto junior off a friend, which was horribly butchered, the rotator motor mount had been replaced (cut out and another added in) the reflector had been swapped out for a piece of plastic and the rest of the base brutally painted and siliconed. I managed to breathe...
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    NOS Dominion Auto additions!

    I got Kijijied again! Found some NOS Dominion Auto strobes on kijiji. First is a blue senior strobe, same idea as the star 200a series. Its a 12 joule double flash, uses the same base and outter dome as the intermediate revolving lamps I got. second in an intermediate, similar idea to the target...

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