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  1. code352

    For Sale Whelen PFLASH pioneer flasher

    For sale is a used Whelen PFLASH pioneer flasher. Tested working OK with power input harness. $40 shipped
  2. code352

    For Sale NEW in bag Whelen PFLASH Pioneer Flasher

    For sale is a NEW in bag Whelen PFLASH Pioneer Flasher. $60 shipped
  3. code352

    For Sale Whelen 6 head 500 series DUO T/A in Amber/Red

    This was cut down from an 8 head T/A and 500 Series DUO LEDs were added. This unit has no internal flasher, and was run on a Cantrol. The Amber are wired for standard Whelen controller negative switching, and the RED are wired for positive switching. There is just over a foot of harness...
  4. code352

    For Sale Set of 4 LIN4 in Red

    These are used, but tested working. Mounting and grommets included. One unit has a damaged lens corner rendering it not weatherproof. The remaining three are intact. Dated 05/08 and 10/09 $80 Shipped
  5. code352

    For Sale Pair of Whelen Vertex Split Amber/White VTX609F

    For Sale Pair of Whelen Vertex Split Amber/White VTX609F These are new dated 06/17 with all hardware included. $120 Shipped
  6. code352

    For Sale Pair of Red Single Avengers with Sync AVNS1R

    For Sale Pair of Red Single Avengers with Sync AVNS1R. These are used, but in good working condition. Only what is show in the photos are included. No complete brackets or shields included. Dated 10/09 $80 Shipped
  7. code352

    For Sale Blue Whelen Talon

    For sale is a blue talon, flash guard included, but no bracket. Approx. 7 inches of cord terminated in an AMP connector. $30 Shipped
  8. code352

    For Sale NEW Pair Whelen Pioneer Plus Single Panel

    For sale are a pair of NEW Whelen Pioneer Plus floodlights. These are the 24-volt model, but two 12V to 24V converters are included. Also included are a pair of black swivel brackets, and all hardware. All items are NEW and never installed $300 Shipped
  9. code352

    For Sale Set of two Amber Liberty Corners LIN9

    For sale set of two Amber Liberty Corners LIN9 These are in excellent shape, dated 08/13 with the newer style LEDs. These are the 9 LED economy version. $180 shipped for the pair
  10. code352

    Wanted Feniex Cannon 2 mode Amber/White - Pair

    Looking for a pair of two model Feniex Cannons in Amber/White. These can be the 120 or 360 model. I am planning on using these with an external flasher. As I understand it this requires the 2 mode model to work correctly. Thanks!
  11. code352

    Whelen Dominators Amber/White (Pair) D2AC - No Longer Available

    Whelen Dominators Amber/White (Pair) D2AC Up for sale is a pair of Whelen Dominators in Amber/Clear These have the 4 wire TIR3s inside, so they can be removed and used for other applications. The housings are brand new and never installed. The TIR3s have the correct dominator connector...
  12. code352

    Positive Excellent purchase from Grant 911 Custom

    Grant was able to help me out with a couple of Whelen Control heads I have been seeking for some time. Super smooth transaction, excellent communication and fast shipping. Grant was very professional, and I am certain we will be doing business again.
  13. code352

    Whelen LIN6 AMBER QTY 8 - No Longer Available

    Whelen LIN6 AMBER QTY 8 Whelen 500 series LIN6, pulled from a front load T/A. Excellent condition, and all tested working. $225 for all 8, shipped to the US/CANADA. Payment via PayPal Will entertain offers for smaller quantities List Date: 10/12/2016 For more info, click here...
  14. code352

    Wanted Whelen L32 Lens Clear/Green

    Looking for a used or new lens for a Whelen L32 Beacon, clear or green. Let me know what you have
  15. code352

    SOLD Whelen HALO 2 bulb front system NOS AMBER/AMBER

    For sale is a New Old Stock, never been installed Whelen HALO 2 bulb front warning system. It is AMBER turn with AMBER warning. These are designed for the crown vic, but have been adapted to fit other vehicles that have 3157 style bulbs. Looking for $150 shipped.
  16. code352

    Whelen HALO 4 bulb rear system NOS

    For sale are 2 New Old Stock, never been installed Whelen HALO 4 bulb rear warning systems. These are designed for the crown vic, but have been adapted to fit other vehicles that have 3157 style bulbs. Looking for $225 shipped per set.
  17. code352

    Wanted Whelen Raider Housings

    Looking for Whelen Raider Housings, any size. PM me with what you have.
  18. code352

    FOUND - Whelen Slide switch control head "WeCan"

    Looking for a Whelen slide switch control head that would be compatible with the CenCom Sapphire, or CanTrol WC. WeCan Controller 18 Function with slide Priority 12VDC Part Number Maybe be: 01-0286648-00D or similar Let me know what you have available.
  19. code352

    SOLD Whelen Mini Liberty wiring setup - Permamant mount *NEW*

    For sale is the complete wiring for a Mini Liberty permanent mount edition. Includes new harness, and new flasher with mount. $60 shipped
  20. code352

    SOLD Whelen Liberty Low Current I/O board and all cables

    For sale is a complete wiring setup for a Whelen Liberty LC bar. Includes all wiring. Control and power cables are just over 12 ft long. power cable has a bit of insulation missing about halfway down, but should not be an issue. $100 Shipped
  21. code352

    SOLD Whelen Crown Vic Inner Edge R/B

    New Whelen 3 head Inner Edge for for Crown Vic. Blue Blue/Red Red config. Includes all brackets. I could possibly convert to amber if buyer requires. $100 Shipped.
  22. code352

    SOLD Whelen CenCom Gold with T/A - Complete

    For sale is a complete Cencom Gold with traffic advisor, comes with all cables and connectors with the exception of the traffic advisor connector. Also includes extra pinned cables for the I/O connector, as well as some uncrimped pins for the I/O connector, programming software, and spare...
  23. code352

    Wanted Code 3 Oscilaser Lens Clear/Amber

    Looking for two Code 3 Oscilaser lenses, in Clear or Amber. Thanks!
  24. code352

    FOUND - Whelen TANF85/TANF65 Housing and Clips

    Looking for a complete housing for a whelen TANF85/65 front load 500 series T/A with the mounting clips. No light-heads or wiring required. PM me with what you have.
  25. code352

    SOLD - Whelen WeCan I/O Board for Liberty

    Complete setup to convert a Whelen Liberty to a WeCan Bar Purchased from rescue567 here. Includes I/O Board, wiring harness for all LEDS and TakeDowns/Alleys, good length power and communications cables. Tested working Looking for $175 shipped US/Can
  26. code352

    FOUND Whelen Liberty WeCan I/O Board

    Looking for a WeCan I/O board to replace the standard LC I/O board in my liberty. Let me know what you have.
  27. code352

    CENCOM Gold Horn Ring Input - no Airhorn Option

    Hi All, I've been bench testing a CenCom Gold, and I can't make the siren produce an Air Horn Tone on Horn Ring input. It will cycle the siren tones in HF Mode, and acts as Manual in Siren Mode, but I cannot get it to produce air horn on standby. I read one thread that suggests that this is...
  28. code352

    Liberty LC I/O board extra connectors

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what the purpose is for the two extra 3 pin AMP Mate-N-Lok connectors mounted in the bottom center of the I/O board. I belive they are J2 and J2, one male and one female. The connectors in question are circled red in the image below The board in question is...

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