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    10-75 Emergency Lighting, NJ

    not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to ask but: are 10-75 Emergency Lighting in Ringwood, NJ members on ELB ??
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    Code3 3200R / RA siren pinout needed

    Does anyone have an install manual or pinout for the remote of a Code3 3200R / RA siren ?? ( I tried the code3pse website but no luck :no: ) Thanks. For refence here's a pic of the unit:
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    LEO's in or between Houston-Dallas Tx

    contact please
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    unkown whelen flasher

    does anybodu know what model flasher this is ?? or better > has the wiring diagram ... is it for led's or halogen ??
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    BIGGEST Beacon (Tripp lite) EVER ... where can I get one?

    Came across a pic on another board of the BIGGEST beacon EVER.... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :hail: A tripp lite on the former Chicago PD building !! Not there anymore, as the building was taken down, but it jumped to the #1 place on my wish list :bonk: Any pointers as to where...
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    wanted: LFL liberty ballast 'supply' wiring pinout

    Does anyone have the pinout/wiring schematic for the Whelen LFL 4 channel liberty led ballast 'supply' ?? And is it poss to sync the 4 ballast corners with TIR 6 units (ballast or non-ballast) Thanks.
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    All the good stuff combined

    on 1 fire truck ..... - Buckeye Rotoray - Mars Aurora Borealis - Mars 888 - FS propelloray - FS Q - FS CP WOW :shock:

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