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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    You are right, that is the best spot for them and I still have been tossing around the idea of adding them. When I ran the wire for the front HAWs I ran extra just in case. :)
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Thanks for the input. I did not initially add the grill lights as I am more focused on rear warnings but I did run enough wire to add them easily later. It would be a great use of my spare T-3's.
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    HAW in Explorer (2013) Headlight

    I put mine just where those are - right into the turn signal section of the headlight. It is a nice placement as it is visible from the front and side as well.
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    HAW in Explorer (2013) Headlight

    Well I sucked it up and just drilled it. More info in my build thread:
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    HAWs are in the front turn signal section of the headlights and boy what a PAIN! I ended up comparing the Finding where to drill wasn't bad. Drilling wasn't bad. Getting all of the plastic bits out was a HUGE PAIN! All of the different areas, lenses, corners really made clean up take hours...
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    After a few months of just the rear TA and a temporary control set up in the glove box it was time to change. I created a panel switch panel in the dash to control everything and making it all so much easier to reach. I then finished up the back half of the car's setup: Traffic Adviser in...
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    HAW in Explorer (2013) Headlight

    Pulled the lights tonight thinking this would be fairly simple but the headlights are a double wall set up. I can't find any examples of others putting HAWs into the amber section of the headlight. Has anybody here done it? If so any recommendations where to put it?
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    2013 POV ford explorer completion

    Very effective set up! So I am still weighing options of where to put my rear HAWs and I thought I was set on the reverse lights but yours looks good. How is the output during the day? The videos give it a bit to be desired but perhaps it is different in person?
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    While I ran all of the wire for the traffic advisor, HAWs and side warning I only hooked up the TA as I wasn't ready to mount the others at this time. I am not completely happy with where the flasher control box is mounted but it is mounted where 1) it's easy to reach and 2) I can move it...
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    I have a simple ShoMe 8 output flasher. Not ideal in all situations but for me it works great. I do feel a bit guilty setting the T-3's to steady burn but I'm happy the 8-head TA for under $300. :)
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    A busy month but I finally put other house stuff aside today. That being said - holy crap I miss the simplicity cars had 20 years ago. Everything is overly complicated with this thing but I am sure I'm preaching to the choir here. My goal by the end of the day tomorrow is to have all of the...
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    Ford PIU HAW option

    Take this with a grain of salt as I haven't done more than poked around my '13 but from reading and what I have seen there is not way to get to the HAW spots without pulling the lights.
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Managed to finish up the mount for the T-3 traffic advisor. Simply 1x aluminum square tubing and some brackets. After I took the first picture I realized I made the drops too short and had to add another 1". The whole thing will be able to be rotated so that when the lights can be seen when...
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Here is the current plan for the rear: Custom Feneix T-3 traffic advisor behind the rear glass. HAWs in the tailights. T-3 or T-6s above the rear plate. I am torn between putting them in the reverse light (left passenger side of above picture) or putting them in the blinker (driver side...
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Sadly I had to let the Avalanche go and ended up with a nice upgrade to a 2013 Ford Explorer (and perhaps a nice F350 for a truck ;)). The goal with this build is a simple amber set up meant for rear warning to assist with traffic management. Just like the the last build it will be more of a...
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    Positive Purchase from USAMP

    Grabbed a set of hideaways from USAMP and he went above and beyond to make sure things were taken care of. Top notch guy!
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    Positive Purchase from Christianpolice

    I will add to this with the same experience from ChristianPolice. Easy transaction.
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    Hide-A-Blasts wiring issue

    I have a set of hide-a-blasts, one works great the other not so much. When 12V is applied to it there is a quick flash from the LEDs and then nothing. Since there is a flash from all 9 LEDs on the lighthead I think it is safe to say the LEDs are good which then narrows it down to the inline...
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    For Sale Whelen Century Mini Lightbar 16" SOLD

    Does this still have all of the wire?
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    For Sale Whelen dominator amber

    Oh jeez, I'm not sure how I missed that one. Thank you!
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    For Sale SoundOff Signal Nforce 8 head Interior Traffic controller - SOLD

    Interested if it's still there. What did you use for the controller?
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    For Sale Whelen dominator amber

    How much are you asking?
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    Official Location based warning law discussion thread

    Dig around the WA revised code - WAC 204-21-230 states that flashing white lights are prohibited unless you're a tow truck.  RCW 46.37.215 seems to cover the factory hazards but says it's ok to have lamps.  It seems as though Amber is fine but white isn't in this case.  Any doubt call your local...
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    Simple Avalance Set-up

    Thanks guys.  I was dead set on not hacking into everything.  I can pull all switches and wiring out and with the exception of the screw holes for the rear T-3's it'll look like nothing was ever there.
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    Honda Fit 2010 *Wrecked*

    I like it!  I'm a fan of simple amber set ups.

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