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  1. Patr1ck609

    Wanted Federal Signal switch box

    I figured I would try here... I am looking for a Fed Sig SW400SSJ for my Fed Sig Smart Vector. Preferably in good condition. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!
  2. Patr1ck609

    Wanted FedSig Aerodynic Mounting Feet

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a set of the “A” frame style mounting feet for a Federal Signal Aerodynic Model 25. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Patr1ck609

    Wanted Federal Signal Mini JetStream Filters

    Hi everyone, this is probably a longshot, but I am looking for amber & green filters for my FedSig Mini JetStream. I am hopefully looking to find at least 4 of each (amber / green) I have paypal or will try to accommodate you for payment in any other way I can. Any help would be...
  4. Patr1ck609

    Wanted EES Coplite lens

    Hello everyone, I have a friend with an EES Coplite flip-down LAPD light, however, it is missing the red lens. Does anyone have one they are willing to part with?
  5. Patr1ck609

    Wanted FedSig Vision Smart Pod

    I am looking for the nose smart pod (Number 4) for a Federal Signal Vision lightbar. The bar is from the Las Vegas Metro Police and the center unit was used for an Opticom transmitter and I would like to replace it with an actual rotator. Thank you in advance!
  6. Patr1ck609

    New Guy!

    Hi everyone, My name is Patrick and I am from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I am a former police officer and a lover of vintage emergency lights. So far in my personal collection: Federal Signal "All-Light" StreetHawk (Red/Blue) FedSig Standard StreetHawk (Green/Clear) FedSig Mini Jet...

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