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    Wanted SoundOff Break Out Box

    Need 1 break out box for a used nForce bar that shipped without it. Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen Mini Freedom

    Looking for a Mini Freedom IV setup like this R/R/B/B (front and back). Can't seem to find it online with center sections that aren't TD lights.
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    For Sale Whelen Model 80-N29

    Don't know a thing about it but it looks like it's darn nice for the age and the price seems decent at $200
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    Truck Lighting Ideas for a Ram 2500

    Thoughts on this for a setup: Front: FedSig ILS Nforce Surface Mount (9 diode) in the grill x2 SoundOff Intersector Surface Mount on the side view mirrors Side Warning SoundOff Dual Stacked Surface Mount Ghost (mounted on the side of a toolbox Rear Warning SoundOff UltraLite 12 Head mounted...
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    Negative Bought nhfirefighter

    Purchased an XTS5000 radio from him with some programming per PMs. When radio arrived it would scan, and I was unable to add channels to the scan list. When contacted about this his first suggestion was if anyone I knew I had access to Motorola CPS. After being advised not for the XTS5000 his...
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    Elsmere Police Charger

    not a fan of the rear taillight flash but the sync on this is amazing. It's just too bad the lightbar isn't tied into the overall sync, that would make it perfect.
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    Purchased and XTS1500 VHF radio from Eastvalleycomm's going out business sale. Super fast programming and shipping and when the Post Office messed up he was on top of getting it squared away. Two thumbs up.  
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    Wanted Tomar 970L Mini

    Looking for a Tomar 970L Mini lightbar, mag mount.
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    Valor lightbar question

    If I go with the Valor lightbar on my new truck I was wondering if it's possible to program the lightbar for different flash patterns based on 4 slide switch. Something Like this (with random pattern numbers. 0 -off 1 rear pattern 1 2 front pattern 3 rear pattern 4 3 front pattern 8 w/...
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    Help Spec my new patrol truck

    My dept. is buying a new truck for me (Police K-9). It'll be a crew cab truck, most likely an F-250. Looking at red/blue, with a steady red light on the dash (mainly because that's the center of the truck. I like the look of some of the new dual color bars coming out but I'm tending to lean...
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    Inner Edge on a Cig Plug?

    Is it possible to safely run an Inner Edge off a cig plug? I'm just looking for something with more of a foot print a small dash light that wouldn't be used too more than maybe once or a so a week for a response to the station. The other option would be could I get two hard wire Viper S2 dash...
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    VisiBeam II Help (Parts?)

    Looking for somewhere I can buy replacement wired switches for a VisiBeam II. Thanks
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    Bicycle Lights

    Looking for ideas on lights for a bike, nothing super fancy but a nice white ridding light/red taillight and flashing red/blue to the front. I saw The "MaxPatrol 600" online and it looks nice compared to the Gen1 LEDs I've seen. Any thoughts? MaxPatrol-600 Police Bike Light by Code 3 Sports...
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    St. Paul Island Fire & EMS

    St. Paul Island, AK operates under a Public Safety style dept, with paid Police Officers who are also trained at a minimum as first responders and basic firefighters. However, most have higher levels of training. Here are a few photos of their equipment. In the bed of the of F-150 is a Tri-Max...
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    St. Paul Police F-350

    2011 Ford F-350 4x4: I didn’t spec it, and it was supposed to have grill lights but somehow they didn’t get installed. And yes the flash pattern is less than awesome. Lighting: Whelen Justice (R/B) SoundOff - Universal Under Cover LED Hide-Away (W) in turn signals and reverse light...
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    Mini-bar for blizzards & nasty fog

    For a slick top SUV, that will be used in blizzards & heavy fog, what would you suggest. (and yes, the profile says TX, that will change next month ;) ) Edit: Mag mount Edit2: Any emergency color will work (red, blue, or red/blue)
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    St Paul AK (Tribal Enforcement)

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    A/TC EMS with different kind of light head set-up

    Haven't seen it posted before, different, I like the idea.
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    Greene County Paramedics

    Not my photos, sent by a friend.... Edit: Found out that AEMT_I_5044 took them,
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    Acari Roof Mounts (any good)?

    Wondering if anyone has used it. Looks like it would be a nice way of mounting some lights without putting holes in my roof. Acari Drill Free Rooftop Mounting System
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    Contract fire services overseas

    Hi working a paper for a college class and I'm trying to find the names of services that are like Rural/Metro but based in other countries. Not having much luck, any help would bne cool.

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