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    HAW in Explorer (2013) Headlight

    Pulled the lights tonight thinking this would be fairly simple but the headlights are a double wall set up. I can't find any examples of others putting HAWs into the amber section of the headlight. Has anybody here done it? If so any recommendations where to put it?
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Sadly I had to let the Avalanche go and ended up with a nice upgrade to a 2013 Ford Explorer (and perhaps a nice F350 for a truck ;)). The goal with this build is a simple amber set up meant for rear warning to assist with traffic management. Just like the the last build it will be more of a...
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    Positive Purchase from USAMP

    Grabbed a set of hideaways from USAMP and he went above and beyond to make sure things were taken care of. Top notch guy!
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    Hide-A-Blasts wiring issue

    I have a set of hide-a-blasts, one works great the other not so much. When 12V is applied to it there is a quick flash from the LEDs and then nothing. Since there is a flash from all 9 LEDs on the lighthead I think it is safe to say the LEDs are good which then narrows it down to the inline...
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    Simple Avalance Set-up

    My Avalanche build isn't all the bells and whistles that a lot on here are but it's useful and always been a huge fan of LED lighting.  My truck is more of a construction site build with all amber and minimal white on the front. Front: Custom visor bar build from a cheap LED strobe kit run by a...
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    Amber Avalanche

    I currently have a simple set up but after some thought and a lot of reading through the forum I believe it's time to redo the front set up and add to the rear of my Avalanche.  The current set up is very simple -  Rear: Federal Signal SignalMaster in the rear window run by a Sho-Me 11.1025.008...

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