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  1. code352

    For Sale Whelen PFLASH pioneer flasher

    For sale is a used Whelen PFLASH pioneer flasher. Tested working OK with power input harness. $40 shipped
  2. code352

    For Sale NEW in bag Whelen PFLASH Pioneer Flasher

    For sale is a NEW in bag Whelen PFLASH Pioneer Flasher. $60 shipped
  3. code352

    For Sale Whelen 6 head 500 series DUO T/A in Amber/Red

    This was cut down from an 8 head T/A and 500 Series DUO LEDs were added. This unit has no internal flasher, and was run on a Cantrol. The Amber are wired for standard Whelen controller negative switching, and the RED are wired for positive switching. There is just over a foot of harness...
  4. code352

    For Sale Set of 4 LIN4 in Red

    These are used, but tested working. Mounting and grommets included. One unit has a damaged lens corner rendering it not weatherproof. The remaining three are intact. Dated 05/08 and 10/09 $80 Shipped
  5. code352

    For Sale Pair of Whelen Vertex Split Amber/White VTX609F

    For Sale Pair of Whelen Vertex Split Amber/White VTX609F These are new dated 06/17 with all hardware included. $120 Shipped
  6. code352

    For Sale Pair of Red Single Avengers with Sync AVNS1R

    For Sale Pair of Red Single Avengers with Sync AVNS1R. These are used, but in good working condition. Only what is show in the photos are included. No complete brackets or shields included. Dated 10/09 $80 Shipped
  7. code352

    For Sale Blue Whelen Talon

    For sale is a blue talon, flash guard included, but no bracket. Approx. 7 inches of cord terminated in an AMP connector. $30 Shipped
  8. code352

    For Sale NEW Pair Whelen Pioneer Plus Single Panel

    For sale are a pair of NEW Whelen Pioneer Plus floodlights. These are the 24-volt model, but two 12V to 24V converters are included. Also included are a pair of black swivel brackets, and all hardware. All items are NEW and never installed $300 Shipped
  9. code352

    For Sale Set of two Amber Liberty Corners LIN9

    For sale set of two Amber Liberty Corners LIN9 These are in excellent shape, dated 08/13 with the newer style LEDs. These are the 9 LED economy version. $180 shipped for the pair
  10. code352

    Light bar ID

    Seconded on the Code 3 XS8000 flush mount
  11. code352

    Whelen Cencom Carbide Programming - Button to Enable Horn Ring

    If I understand you correctly, you should be using the switch in question to enable/disable the horn relay output, which will route your horn to the factory horn, or to the horn ring input.
  12. code352

    Chevy Tahoe SSV separate high beam/reverse flasher

    There is a Dark blue/yellow wire that runs from the Headlight flasher to the BCM under the dash. Circuit 6841. You are supposed to cut that to separate. You ground that wire that goes to the BCM to activate tail flash, and the original headlight flash operates as before independently. On all...
  13. code352

    Wanted whelen rear HALO system

    The rear halo system came in a 4 head or 2 head offering HA02R4 and HA02R2.
  14. code352

    Difference between SS2000SM and SS2000LMS

    THE SS2000LMS can be programmed to shed the load on the electrical system by dropping relays as the vehicle voltage drops. The SS2000SM cannot.
  15. code352

    Par28's sync issue

    Well, you should be fine then. I would try setting the to the default flash pattern, and making sure that syncs up first before setting it to one of the other syncable patterns.
  16. code352

    Par28's sync issue

    What pattern are they set to?
  17. code352

    Did we get hosed? F250 Freedom Questions

    As per the whelen price list, the base lightbars are the same price in the standard lengths. F4W4**** 44.5", 4 Red, Blue, Amber and/or White, Single or Two Color Over/Under Modules 1952.00 F4W8**** 49.25", 4 Red, Blue, Amber and/or White, Single or Two Color Over/Under Modules 1952.00 F4W2****...
  18. code352

    LAPD Rear Light Stick

    I would venture it is the CN SignalMaster
  19. code352

    Whelen liberty model identification help

    From a 2011 Whelen catalog "LFL LIBERTY ST SERIES Super-LED, Serial Communication Lightbars & Accessories, Lightbar includes Four Extended Corner Linear-LED Modules and Clear Outer Lenses with Clear Dividers, with Passenger Side Exiting 15' Cable" Looks like it is for use with the MPC controllers.
  20. code352

    WeCan pattern help

    I wouldn't call it that either but thats what whelen calls that pattern. It is the same as the pattern shown from 1:03 to 1:10 in this video
  21. code352

    WeCan pattern help

    I believe the pattern you are looking for is "RANDOM" Set your light heads to phases 0, 45, 90, 135
  22. code352

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    You can give that a try, but you should just try the VIP inputs, Pins 15,16 and 17 on the DEK connector. More importantly avoid Switched B+, pins 48, 49, 50 All this info is on:
  23. code352

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    That specific pinout would be programmed in the software. There are VIP PINs on the back of the DEK. One sounds like it is programmed to turn your siren on. You would have to program one for horn ring, and set horn ring to the airhorn tone in the radio software. Those inputs are assigned...
  24. code352

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    That would be programmed via the software for the radio, it may be enabled to have horn ring, or it may not. Depends on who set it up.
  25. code352

    2017 Tahoe PPV upfit
  26. code352

    Whelen Cencom Connector Types

    I believe you are looking for the AMP/TE Connectivity CST-100 series connector.
  27. code352

    Motorola 9000 Switchbox Help!?

    Those boxes are just low current switching. There was never an official Relay box that went with them ( to my knowledge ), but some people have found suitable relay boards to work with them, as referenced in this thread...
  28. code352

    Wanted Feniex Cannon 2 mode Amber/White - Pair

    Looking for a pair of two model Feniex Cannons in Amber/White. These can be the 120 or 360 model. I am planning on using these with an external flasher. As I understand it this requires the 2 mode model to work correctly. Thanks!
  29. code352

    APX 4500 programming question

    You can't set an O2 head to a custom background color, you can only switch between day/night mode with a long press on the brightness button.

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