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  1. westville2021

    For Sale SOLD Unity RV-25 with Stratolite Dome

    Unit works. Asking $40 plus shipping or pick up local in Westville, IN or close by.
  2. westville2021

    Motor swap?

    @UnityUSA is it possible to swap an RV-25 motor to an RV-46? My RV-46 motor is sluggish and doing 50 FPM. I have an RV-25 just sitting around collecting dust and the motor in it is good.
  3. westville2021

    Wanted Unity RV-26

    Looking for a Unity RV-26. Must be working and at least a 7 or higher out of 10 in mechanical and base/hardware condition. I have a blue dome for it so not worried about that. Let me know what’s out there or if you know where I can find one. Thank you pic is what I’m ultimately looking for when...
  4. westville2021

    Wanted Whelen Freedom heads

    Im converting a Mini edge strobe to Freedom LED heads. Here's what I need: 1. Four 12 head corners Blue 2. Four 400 Blue over Amber or Blue over any color. I can have Wilson put amber in if needed. 3. Three ULF44 Flashers or similar flashers.
  5. westville2021

    Feniex Cannon 120's B/A - No Longer Available

    Feniex Cannon 120's B/A Pair of Cannon 120's B/A for sale or trade for 2 Fusion surface mount 180 optic in B/W shipping included in price via USPS. Paypal accepted. List Date: 10/19/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Feniex Cannon 120's B/A...
  6. westville2021

    Wanted Refurbished or used vhf portables

    Hello, my department is currently looking for refurbished or used vhf portables. We would prefer some sort of warranty. We require intrinsically safe, narrow band and alpha display. We are looking anywhere from 5 to 10 radios with chargers and good batteries.... Ready for service. Please email...
  7. westville2021


    Feniex Apollo (F6 style heads) Inner Bar B/W w/Flood mode. I need to sell this bar You won't find it cheaper! It's 06-13 Impala frame but don't let that stop you from buying. You can buy a frame for your vehicle from Feniex and move the guts to your new frame! This bar still has 4+ years...
  8. westville2021

    For Sale Feniex Cobra 800 interior

    Feniex Cobra 800 interior only bar. Currently BABBBBAB. Video shows BBABBABB but I moved the heads over. $215 shipped. Paypal accepted. Still has 4+ years on warranty.
  9. westville2021

    Full Feniex set up B/W/A SoundOff, Code 3

    Would like to sell everything listed below as a lot. Feniex: 4 b/w Apollo F6 2 b/a Cannon 360's 1 Apollo Inner bar b/w w/flood option Impala specific 06 - 13 1 Cobra 800 interior only babbbbab Amber is flashing TD's 2 b Cobra T6 2 B Code 3 Essex 2 bbbb SoundOff 4 head interior...
  10. westville2021

    FS: Feniex Cobra 800 Internal Only

    For Sale $240 firm via paypal. I will not go lower, sorry. Includes shipping. 2014 manufacturer date. Ambers are programmed as flashing takedowns. This can be changed by contacting Feniex tech support. Has been installed near 6 months. Low run time. Small town Volunteer Fire dept use. Video...
  11. westville2021

    ISO Vector parts

    ISO: Federal Signal Vector parts. I have acquired a 7 pod Vector bar from a junk pile. I'd like to restore it. I currently need the entire front center pod (#4 pod), including guts, base lens etc. Searching for nice lenses 9 or 10 out of a 1 - 10 scale in blue, clear or red. I need pods 2 and...
  12. westville2021

    TecNet VHF Mobile TM-2102 Best Offer!

    Selling my mobile radio. Includes bracket, mic and power cord. About 4 months old. Asking $225 OBO plus $10.50 shipping. Paypal accepted. I can not program it. Check with your local radio shop for programming info.
  13. westville2021

    08 Impala. All new Feniex install, w/ Code 3 & Sound Off

    First I apologize for not having pics of the ongoing install. I have made a video for youtube that i'm posting. I'll give some highlights and the equipment list. Equipment: Feniex Products: Apollo Front Interior bar Impala specific B/W w/ Flood Option 4 Apollo F6's B/W 2 Cobra T6's B 2...
  14. westville2021

    Any interest? Whelen 400s Blue syncable

    I have two Whelen 400s both blue w/clear non fluted lense. I have a video link but no pics as they are still installed behind the upper grill of my car. I know the lenses are in great condition and lights are good as well. Will have short cords but plenty to work with. I'm thinking $80 plus...
  15. westville2021

    Whelen Dual Talons

    2 Whelen Talons, passive version, syncable. B/B. No shield. $170 for both or $90 each plus shipping. 1 Galls TN Series (which is a Whelen Talon) B/W. Includes flashback shield. $90 plus shipping. 1 Whelen Talon, Ballast version. B/B $80 plus shipping. Includes flashback shield. I do have...
  16. westville2021

    Wanted: Air horn w/ speaker *or* Siren w/ speaker

    Looking for an airhorn (100w min) w/ speaker for my pov. Indiana vol fire so we can't use siren tones. I will consider a siren box if it has horn ring input feature to activate the air horn tone. I might be willing to trade. I have some dual Whelen Talons b/b and a couple knock off dash lights b/b.
  17. westville2021

    Linear LED Dash/deck lights Blue.

    Unknown brand Linear style dash lights. Asking $80 shipped for both of them. I've had them almost a year with no problems. Gen 3 LEDs. Pics and video attached. They are on the lower rear deck.
  18. westville2021

    Code 3 Essex Dual Dash Light B/B

    Code 3 Essex dash light. B/B short cord. Unit works, very bright. Tested working in video. $80 via PayPal USPS flat rate shipping.
  19. westville2021

    Blue or dual color B/A Traffic Advisor / Light Stick

    Im looking for a used blue or dual B/A Traffic Advisor/ light stick. My budget is $130 including shipping. Hoping for at least a 6 head unit. Tir or Lin is ok. Must be generation 3 LEDs at minimum. Im open to most brands but no junk that isnt SAE certified. PAYMENT: I use paypal and would need...
  20. westville2021

    UPDATE 11-02-14: 08 Impala (Non 9C1)

    UPDATE: Added two Feniex Apollo and moved the Talon to the RVM. Video link below. Update:
  21. westville2021

    NEED YOUR HELP! 08 Impala ideas.

    Hey guys/gals. Below is a list of equipment I have available to outfit my new to me 08 Impala. It does not all have to be used so use your imaginations. The one red light can only be used to the rear and opposite level as blue (Indiana Code for volunteers) 2x Whelen Talon B/W 2x Split TIR4...
  22. westville2021

    NEED YOUR HELP! 08 Impala ideas.

    Hey guys/gals. Below is a list of equipment I have available to outfit my new to me 08 Impala. It does not all have to be used so use your imaginations. The one red light can only be used to the rear and opposite level as blue (Indiana Code for volunteers) 2x Whelen Talon B/W 2x Split TIR4...
  23. westville2021

    Federal Signal FS2000 Mini Bar

    Like new,used it about three times as it was on a back up vehicle. Dome is a 9.5 out of 10. No sun fade or oxidation just some light bug marks, totally cleanable. Shipping will be close to $15 (heavy weight) so I'm asking $75 shipped via usps priority mail.
  24. westville2021

    UPDATED 2/9/14-2003 Impala Interior LED Lighting pics & video

    UPDATE: Below is an updated video with new add ons of 400 Series and Talon. For those that wanted me to try steady burn on the upper center dash lights, that pattern was not available on that model. I purchased several lights from Custom Fitz LED in Porter, IN. I installed the switch box and...
  25. westville2021

    Sound Off Signal Headlight Flasher Multi Pattern

    I have one used Sound Off Signal ETHFSS-SP Multi-pattern headlight flasher for sale. Taken out of my POV, works great. More info at link below. This is the model previous to DRL compatablity. It will not work with DRL's...
  26. westville2021

    1998 Mercury Mystique aka Mistake. Lot's of LED's

    I'm a volunteer fire fighter in NW Indiana. This is my 1998 Mercury Mystique, or as I like to call it, Mistake. The lights are all LED and feature Whelen, Sound Off Signal, Tomar, Axixtech and Strobesnmore brand lighting. Link to Video below. And yes, I know my lights are worth more than...
  27. westville2021

    Crappy Car, but decent light show. This is my crappy but trusty POV. I am a VFF in NW Indiana. It has the following lights installed: FRONT/SIDE: Axixtech Stealth Visor D12 Dash Light Sound Off Universal Undercover Split B/W LED HAWs Sound Off Intersector...
  28. westville2021

    Flashback problem ... light.html I have a D12 from is a link to it. In my car it sits 1.5 inches away from the windshield w/ the stock suction cup mount it came with....the flashback is bad...any ideas to cure this problem???

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