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  1. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 19

    Full restored Model 19 PropelloRay
  2. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 184

    After a Long time im back in business I finish my 4. Federal Signal Model 184 Light in blue Video
  3. SaschaUE

    For Sale Federal Signal Model 044, full restored [No Longer Available]

    SaschaUE submitted a new listing: Federal Signal Model 044, full restored - Federal Signal Model 044 Read more about this listing...
  4. SaschaUE

    Visibar Full Restoration

    Arrival condition:
  5. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 184 Amber

    Another Model 184 After a lot of work :) All Model 184 together: And a short Vid:
  6. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 184

    Before: After a lot of work: polish, new Chrome, Gasket kit, NOS Dome Together with my other 184:
  7. SaschaUE

    Dietz 9-51 Lights

    buying condition: New Chrom: and ready for Display: and a Video:
  8. SaschaUE

    NYPD Aerodynic Restauration

    pictures says more than thousand words :)
  9. SaschaUE

    Federal Siren, Do Ray Light, Mount Brackets,

    Searching some Stuff for a Light Projekt. 1 x Federal C5 Siren 1 x Do Ray P97 flashing Light 3 x Mount Brackets for Dietz Headlights 2 x PAR 46 Sealed Beam 4001 red Shipping to Germany Thanks Greetings Sascha
  10. SaschaUE

    Siren differences?

    Can someone help me? what the differences between the Sirens Federal C5GA, C5GB and C5GAS? Sound, mounting or something else?
  11. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 17

    My restored Federal Signal Model 17
  12. SaschaUE

    Full Mars Aurora Borealis Restoration

    got a Mars Auroa Borealis. I strip the light and restore all of it. I polish the dome one week, 3 hours per day. base got new chrome, new base gasket. all parts cleaned ond polish. all screws galvanized here´s some pictures
  13. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 044

    Some Pic´s of my Fedeal Signal Modell 044 Restauration. And a Video:
  14. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 173

    Yesterday i finished my Federal Signal Model 173 restoration
  15. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 14 blue

    Today i finsh a Model 14 Serie A2 all parts cleaned up and polished. i added a new dome
  16. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 175 Hill Light

    Today i finished my Federal Signal Model 175 Hill Light new gasket kit, new base chrome and all parts cleaned and polished
  17. SaschaUE

    Mars FL Light Restauration

    First stripping the Light
  18. SaschaUE

    Code 3 MX 7000 LAPD Style restored and rebuild

    another projekt ended. a code 3 MX 7000 LAPD style lightbar. all black metal parts are new black powder coated. all parts are polished. the upper deck domes are wet sanded and polished. the lower deck domes are new. you can use the flasher with two different flash pattern or as steady...
  19. SaschaUE


    Hello everybody at this time i restore a Mars Figure 8 Light. and i need a little help. two screws are broken and i need new one. but i dont know the type or name of the screws. and did they still exstist? the light is about 60 jears old. here two pictures of the screws. hope anybody...
  20. SaschaUE

    CA Twinsonic restore and rebuild

    after a long time i finish my CTS every single screw is restored, some new and some restored. all black base parts are powder coated all yellow parts are regalanized. the domes are wet sanded and polished all stainless steel parts polished the power cable is self made new FRONT...
  21. SaschaUE

    Steethawk All Light Lightbar restored and rebuild

    today i finish the All Light Streethawk All metal parts are regalvanised. all plasitk parts are polished. the domes are new. all gasked´s new.
  22. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Aerodynic 22i restored and rebuild

    here some pic´s
  23. SaschaUE

    Federal Signal Model 14 Restoration and Rebuild

    Federal Signal Model 14 Series A3 1Z
  24. SaschaUE

    Yes i have it :)

    i have this light but i need the AD. my is 6 Volt but the lamp is missing and i need to know wich lamp is in it. anybody else have this light too? at this time my light is unrestored. but maybe in the end of the year i will restore it :)
  25. SaschaUE

    my collection SaschaUE/Germany

    hello from germany this is my first post. i would like to say hello to you all. here some pics of my collection. at this time i restore a california twinsonic. i will post pics if i ready. sorry my english is not the best but i will try my best :)

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