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    Emergency Vehicle Upfitting and Graphics

    They sure are, and they do a damn good job. Also very impressed with the customer service my agency received.
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    Wanted SoundOff Break Out Box

    I tried ordering through there. Waited a month and never received my order and or a response to any of my emails. Had to dispute the transaction and he didn’t respond to eBay or PayPal either.
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    Wanted SoundOff Break Out Box

    Need 1 break out box for a used nForce bar that shipped without it. Thanks
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    Vintage Aurora, CO police highriser setup

    Oddly enough that’s who makes it...
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    Vintage Aurora, CO police highriser setup

    A lot of the Denver metro area agencies still have that setup (but with newer LED bars). The City of Denver runs those with Whelen Freedom bars. They have a California steady red thing going on their highway rigs.
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    For Sale Federal Signal Vision SL

    Not shipping is what will kill you on getting it sold. If you change your mind on that send me a PM.
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    For Sale Whelen mini freedom all red

    Do you have a video? Very interested
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    For Sale Sound Off nforce grill deck bar

    Interior mount only or water resistant?
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    Tag 219 Whelen Liberty Lightbar

    Low current? Two wire TA? Also any burnt out LEDs on the 5mm rear?
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    What kind of deal would you be thinking about? I've got a lightbar on my vehicle that's all kinds of messed up.
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    Do you have new clear lens kits that could be installed on the Liberty bars when purchased?
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    Whelen Liberty

    Link to the video?
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    2014 Ford Fiesta EMS POV

    He said he only responds to the station, so I doubt rear lighting would really do anything for him. I also only respond to the station and have only front lighting.
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    Whelen Avenger II

    Make us a video, I'm still waiting on mine
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    Wanted Whelen Mini Freedom

    Looking for a Mini Freedom IV setup like this R/R/B/B (front and back). Can't seem to find it online with center sections that aren't TD lights.
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    Recent Delivery of Civil Malibus for local Sheriff's Department

    Any lights, or just the graphics for them?
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    Wanted P25 VHF radio

    I have an XTS5000 if there is interest in that send me a PM
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    SOLD - Whelen Freedom Rota-Beam 55"

    Can the heads be moved around so it's solid Red/Blue rather than mixed? I know the normal freedoms you can but not sure about this one.
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    For Sale Whelen Model 80-N29

    Congrats on the purchase, you'll have to post video and let everyone see it.
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    Whelen Avenger II

    Side by side with the original:
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    For Sale Whelen Model 80-N29

    Don't know a thing about it but it looks like it's darn nice for the age and the price seems decent at $200
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    2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax (FF POV)

    How does it do with the rear window up?
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    Kuwait police charger

    Well I don't know what else FedSig would make other than ALPR that look like that.
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    Whelen WeCan Gen 2 Controller "Major price reduce" - No Longer Available

    It lets you use a WeCan bar with any standard controller.
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    Whelen Avenger II

    Sirennet has a flash pattern video of the trio

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