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  1. fordman

    Positive Transaction with Maddux31

    Maddux had a single talon shield that I was looking for. Shipped it same day with a tracking number. I'd certainly deal with him again!
  2. fordman

    Wanted Single Talon Shroud

    As the title says, I'm looking for the shroud for a single Whelen Talon. Anyone?
  3. fordman

    Scanner Issue

    Okay, experts. I am stumped: I have had a BCT15X scanner in my Ford Escape for years with no issues. It was mounted in a Havis console, hard-wired, and the antenna was a multi-band scanner antenna mounted on the drivers front fender due to height restrictions in my garage. Recently, I...
  4. fordman

    Positive Purchase from scruffythewild

    Purchased a scanner from scruffythewild. Everything went great; shipping was done in a timely manner, product was well packaged, and I was given a tracking number. I would certainly do business again.
  5. fordman

    Positive Purchase from tsquale

    I purchased a whelen talon. Item was shipped in a timely manner and I was given a tracking number. It was packaged better than some new items I have purchased directly from various websites: bubble wrap, air-filled packing pillows, the whole nine yards. Bottom line: I would not hesitate to do...
  6. fordman

    Positive Purchase from EMSBoss4

    I purchased a Whelen Talon from EMSBoss4. Item arrived in the condition described. Shipping was prompt and item was packaged fine. I would definitely recommend him.
  7. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    After having this vehicle for a couple of years, I finally took the time to grab pictures and videos for the site. I am a volunteer EMT and a volunteer firefighter in IL (a courtesy light state). The last I knew (about 3 years ago), our fire district was the largest rural district in IL in...
  8. fordman

    Wanted Havis Console and Equipment

    Hey all, I'm a frequent browser but seldom poster, looking into purchasing a console and a few parts/accessories to go along with it for installation into my 2010 Ford Escape. I would like prices on ONE of each of the following items: C-VS-1800-ESC-1                 Ford Escape Console...
  9. fordman

    Help outfitting a 2003 Ford Ranger

    I'm a frequent browser who rarely posts on here, but seeing as how I am starting at a new volunteer FD and ambulance service (after moving out of my previous district), I figured I would ask the opinion of the experts on how to outfit my ride. A little information you should know: 1) As of...

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