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    For Sale Stainless Crossbar with Mounts

    I have a huge stainless steel crossbar with what look similar to Signal Stat mounts. Total length is 60" and would accommodate two large beacons, a siren and can lights or the like. Needs a Polish and very minor body work where some bolt marks are from a lightbar that was mounted on it. Gutter...
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    For Sale Sold 3.5 Panel Aero Domes

    I have a set of 3.5 Panel Aero Domes CalSpec as pictured. Used but overall good shape, crazing present but not horrible. No cracks. Solid color endcaps. Patience and wet sanding will make then really nice. $150 for the pair plus $15 shipping each/box up to the Midwest. Western areas I can get...
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    SOLD FS Halogen Lights Red Glass

    Nice pair of red rectangular glass lens Halogen FS pedestal mount lights. Chrome is very nice, glass is perfect and nice deep red. $60 plus shipping.
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    For Sale Jetstream Center Domes

    1 used but nice, 1 NOS. Jetstream/Jetstrobe clear centers. $30 both plus shipping.
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    For Sale Code 3 Dash Laser filters

    3 Red 2 Blue 1 Amber all NOS Code 3 Dash Laser Filters $30 as a lot plus shipping.
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    For Sale Vitalite Domes NOS

    I have the following: 2 each Blue 2 each Amber 1 each Red All NOS 1 each Red used. $15 each, $8 for the used. Plus shipping.
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    SOLD FS 184 Dome

    I have a used Model 184 Dome in blue. No crazing but there are scratches. A good wetsand and Polish would do this well. $35 plus shipping.
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    SOLD Grote Dome Clear

    Grote 9037 Dome in clear, appears NOS with some shelf wear, minor however. About the size of a Dietz or Model 14 Dome in diameter; a little taller. $40 plus shipping.
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    SOLD FB 3 Amber and Blue

    NOS FB 3 domes in Amber or Blue $15 each plus shipping.
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    SOLD allFB 1 NOS Blue

    Selling NOS Blue FB 1 domes wrapped in storage since 1981. This is the last large lot, when they're gone... $40 each plus ship, qty discount. I have multiples.
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    SOLD all Fireball II Blue NOS

    I have several available, all are NOS most in factory plastic. Blue only. $35 each plus ship. This is the last lot if these. Buy multiples get a deal.
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    For Sale Green Model 14 Sale

    Selling a green Model 14. Beacon is used but clean. Dome is NOS and is very nice, it is factory sprayed green. This was in original plastic, FS did apparently paint domes at some point. Very clear nice color. Non Frosted original style dome as well. $125 Shipped US Only! Asking $175 OBO plus...
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    For Sale Beacon Ray 175

    Selling a very clean and smooth running 175. Chrome is really nice, skirt cut level about 3/4", a gasket would make it near perfect. Red Clear bulbs on separate circuits. No corrosion or rust. Plastic Dome, some yellowing, was given a quick Polish. Asking $275 plus Shipping (prob about $25-28)
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    Twin Twins Have a New Home

    Thanks to a post in the Off Site forum I nabbed a nice pair of Twins today. Kind of a wild ride in snow and ice in NJ and PA but was worth it. The bars came off an old Chevy ambulance which just sold also. Both are Model 12s one has DOT markers (rear bar) and the other has dual TS100s. Inside...
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    For Sale FS Skirts

    This is an offer before they go to scrap if someone wants to give them a shot. There is a 184 skirt, very straight but the chrome is all but gone, rotator contact assembly included, very pitted however. Also a small diameter Beacon Ray skirt, uncut however it has its share of enlarged holes and...
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    For Sale Sold

    This is another grab bag of parts from some 12X Twins that got parted out over the years. Misc rotators, one complete assembly, mirrors and base plates, mix and match. 8 Dome gaskets. Throwing in a couple chrome ambulance vents and a pair of interior lights. All are used and sold as is in need...
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    Federal SW70 Switch Box SOLD!

    I have a used and untested SW70 Switch box, has 5 of the 6 switches. Looks pretty old and pretty well used. Throwing $10 plus ship on this one. PayPal is the way. Thanks
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    Visibeam Controller SOLD

    I have a used SLCME2 Visibeam controller in used condition for the offering here. Untested there is a short pigtail of cable on the back. It's pretty well used. Make an offer plus shipping. Throwing $30 on it for now. PayPal. Thanks!!
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    For Sale StreetHawk Parts SOLD

    This is a WYSIWYG sale! I'm cleaning out old inventory and I hate to toss anything so before I do here is a shot at some used SH parts. These are used parts and are as is. Rotators are from 1989, one is newer. Secondaries are mixed years and have minor to moderate corrosion. Most wires intact...
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    Weekend Fire Dept Find

    Made a trip northwest to a rural FD near Towanda, PA to pick up a few items after making contact with a member a couple weeks earlier when I got a couple NOS Streethawks from him. A thanks Ken Oemig as well for the original tip on the Hawks. So I got a pair of identical XL5000 bars and an...
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    NOS Streethawk Branding Anomaly

    So I made a road trip to pick up some NOS Streethawks on Sunday. I scored two 52" Hawks, one was boxed and one was out. One no domes and one with used domes. Neither had lower options. Either way NOS is NOS and I still have a nice base for some projects. The anomaly revolves around the boxed...
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    Vintage Whelen Electronic Siren

    I just picked this up Sunday with some NOS Lightbars. I could not find out any info on this oldie. Can any of the Whelen experts give me some info? Patent 1974
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    For Sale Trade Whelen Lin18 Blue for Red

    Have a working pair of blue lin18 extended Freedom corners, looking to trade or partial trade for a working pair of lin18 red. I understand red is a lot more desirable so would like to use my blue pair towards a red pair. All diodes work. Good condition. Will be out of town for a few days. Can...
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    Support New Topic Posting

    Just tried to post a new topic in vintage and collectible. When I did the title field was blank but the body of the message was populated with the text of the last topic I posted as well as with a photo file attached and I could not see a way to remove that file. I am posting from an Android...
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    NOS FB1 Fireball

    I picked this up on eBay a couple weeks ago. It may have had only a few hours of use but is so clean and pristine it definitely qualifies as NOS with the original box, paperwork flash hood and even the screw for the keyhole mount. The dome is a slightly lighter version and does not have the "F"...
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    Side B of the Collection

    After probably years of tripping over spares and project/parts bars I finally got them on the wall in my utility room.
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    Little Light, Big Score. Beacon Ray Model 16 NOS

    I finally got a Model 16, NOS no less. It was an eBay score and it has definitely never been used. I have not seen many Model 16s and definitely fewer as the Beacon Ray rather than the Visilite.  I did a 20 minute spit and polish, swapped out the used looking red dome for an NOS clear one and a...
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    This Years Fire Show Finds

    Vintage bars and beacons have become scarce at the fire show lately, especially for the prices we were accustomed to paying. I think I did pretty well though and got some great prices. Pics below show it. Got a NIB amber XL 5000 mini for $40 and a Red sealed beam XL mini for $20. The full...
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    Positive for tsquale

    Just bought a Firehawk light bar from tsquale, received very well packed in perfect order.
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    Witness the "Birth" NOS Edge 9000 Chicago PD, lots of pix

    A chance conversation led to a discovery late last week and in three days I had a Whelen box on my front porch. What showed up was a brand new in box 2004 build Whelen Edge 9000 Chicago Spec bar. You are witnessing its "birth"/unboxing first hand so to speak. As always nothing beats NOS/NIB...

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