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  1. Lightbarnut

    Wanted Needing Code 3 siren, have Whelen to trade.

    I'm in great need of a Code 3 3692L4 siren with the light controls. I have a Whelen 295HFSA6 siren with light controls to trade. Need ASAP. Thanks.
  2. Lightbarnut

    Positive Positive for bigcat

    I bought an SVP SA-450 siren from bigcat. Communication and shipping were good, and I received it in perfect condition. Would buy from again. ☺
  3. Lightbarnut

    Positive Positive for 9C1PHANTOM

    I bought a Whelen dual Dashmiser w/selectable flash patterns from 9C1PHANTOM. Communication and shipping were good, and the price was great. I received it in nice condition. Would buy from again. ☺
  4. Lightbarnut

    Positive Positive for skulldigger

    I bought a NAS 250 lens from skulldigger for a beacon I had recently acquired. Communication was good and shipping was fast. I received the dome in perfect condition. Would buy from again. ☺
  5. Lightbarnut

    Positive Positive for fireman616wfd

    I bought a Star 9200SM strobe mini bar from fireman616wfd. Communication was good, but shipping was somewhat slow due to an error and a death in the family which is totally understandable. I received the light in good condition and would buy from again. ☺
  6. Lightbarnut

    Positive Positive for OSP959(R)

    I bought a basically NOS Whelen strobe Flatlighter from OSP959(R). Communication was good and I received the light in perfect condition. Would buy from again. ☺
  7. Lightbarnut

    Positive buy from marslights

    I bought 2 Junior Beacon Rays from marslights. Communication was great and the lights were packed well and undamaged from shipping. Good transaction and would buy from again.
  8. Lightbarnut

    Wanted Junior Beacon Ray motor and tag, NOS Vector sticker, Code 3 Oscilaser clear filter and Crossfire len

    Hi all, I am in need of a later model motor for a Junior Beacon Ray, also looking for a correct tag since it is a magnetic mount version. Also looking for an NOS Federal Signal Vector sticker for the drivers side of the bar. Need a Crossfire clear lens as well. Thanks for looking.
  9. Lightbarnut

    Federal Signal JSS Controller

    I need to know what wires go to what switches on the JSS control head. I have a FHP Jetsonic bar and I would like to hook it up properly. I have been up 'till now going directly to a battery to operate it but I thought it might be fun to have it wired to the correct switches for the right...

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