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    wanting to purchase a cencom

    i do private security and storm chasing
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    wanting to purchase a cencom

    the thing is i am gonna need a siren at some point when i get back on the fire dept just not right now thats why i was interested in a cencom
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    wanting to purchase a cencom

    i need to know if i buy a cencom do i have to use it as a siren or are all the buttons programable to control lights i dont need a siren right now but i do need good switching capabilities
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    Whelen CanTrol Vs. Cencom Sapphire

    just a quick question i wanna get either a whelen cencom sapphire or gold but i just wanna use it for a switch box i dont need a siren right now i just need alot of switch capabilities is it possible to program a cencom to use as a switch box and not have the siren on it
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    Red/White to the side or just Red?

    i like white as a attention getting color and red to establish your a emergency vehicle

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