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  1. fordman

    Positive Transaction with Maddux31

    Maddux had a single talon shield that I was looking for. Shipped it same day with a tracking number. I'd certainly deal with him again!
  2. fordman

    Wanted Single Talon Shroud

    As the title says, I'm looking for the shroud for a single Whelen Talon. Anyone?
  3. fordman

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    That sounds like some of the people at my employer every day of the year...
  4. fordman

    Scanner Issue

    Thank you sir. That will at least give me a place to start. Hopefully it's just the ground
  5. fordman

    Scanner Issue

    Okay, experts. I am stumped: I have had a BCT15X scanner in my Ford Escape for years with no issues. It was mounted in a Havis console, hard-wired, and the antenna was a multi-band scanner antenna mounted on the drivers front fender due to height restrictions in my garage. Recently, I...
  6. fordman

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Now that April has birthed her baby giraffe, I think her money is going to be pretty tight..
  7. fordman

    Positive Purchase from scruffythewild

    Purchased a scanner from scruffythewild. Everything went great; shipping was done in a timely manner, product was well packaged, and I was given a tracking number. I would certainly do business again.
  8. fordman

    Poudre Fire Authority Command Vehicle, 2016 Ford Expedition

    Outstanding! I love the automatic transition between cameras when the tower goes up!
  9. fordman

    Positive Purchase from tsquale

    I purchased a whelen talon. Item was shipped in a timely manner and I was given a tracking number. It was packaged better than some new items I have purchased directly from various websites: bubble wrap, air-filled packing pillows, the whole nine yards. Bottom line: I would not hesitate to do...
  10. fordman

    2016 Chevy Colorado G.E. Aviation Supervisor Vehicle Install

    I like it! However, I would change the front lights so that when the driver's side pb light flashes red, the light on the driver's side lower bumper flashes red as well (and do the same for the passenger side as well of course). Otherwise, I think it's a solid set up.
  11. fordman

    Positive Purchase from EMSBoss4

    I purchased a Whelen Talon from EMSBoss4. Item arrived in the condition described. Shipping was prompt and item was packaged fine. I would definitely recommend him.
  12. fordman

    2015 Dodge Charger (Slicktop) / Pawnee County Sheriff's Office

    I like it, but I would alternate the intersector and the side nForce since those are your only two side lights. I'm also not a fan of the graphics, but everything else looks good to me.
  13. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    Anytime! I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Haha
  14. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    You did! I was heading westbound and saw two vehicles stopped with damage on the one and was thinking two-vehicle MVA. Just stopped until they at least had someone there. Haha
  15. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    The Escape grille is one of the least install-friendly grilles I have worked on as far as mounting of lights go. Just one more reason to look into the grille guard. As for the slow patterns, I certainly wanted them to be effective and not simply "cool looking". Haha
  16. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    Like you guys, I too want a set of grille lights. However, the biggest issue in this grille is mounting them. I'm not sure how I'd do it. Anything mounted behind the grille would suffer from extreme light output reduction. I have considered a grille guard for both emergency lights and off road...
  17. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    I haven't had any problems. They are allowed under 625 ILCS 5/12-215 (c-1). I specifically checked before buying and installing it. Haha
  18. fordman

    2010 Ford Escape

    After having this vehicle for a couple of years, I finally took the time to grab pictures and videos for the site. I am a volunteer EMT and a volunteer firefighter in IL (a courtesy light state). The last I knew (about 3 years ago), our fire district was the largest rural district in IL in...
  19. fordman

    2008 Chevy Tahoe Fire/EMS POV

    Ozzy, I saw this the past couple of nights at the Prime Beef Festival; you definitely have a nice ride!
  20. fordman

    Wanted Havis Console and Equipment

    Hey all, I'm a frequent browser but seldom poster, looking into purchasing a console and a few parts/accessories to go along with it for installation into my 2010 Ford Escape. I would like prices on ONE of each of the following items: C-VS-1800-ESC-1                 Ford Escape Console...
  21. fordman

    2006 Ford F150 POV

    I'm with Gerlaw, and I'm an EMT with Alexis-North Henderson Ambulance.
  22. fordman

    2006 Ford F150 POV

    Small world! I'm about half way between Galesburg and Alexis.
  23. fordman

    2006 Ford F150 POV

    Ozzy, where about are you in mid-west IL? Anywhere close to Galesburg?
  24. fordman

    Lots of new Whelen stuff for sale

    The single avengers in blue (item #6): 1) Do these have a cigarette cord, or are they hardwire versions? 2) Are they the sync models? 3) What mounting hardware is included?
  25. fordman

    Help outfitting a 2003 Ford Ranger

    Sorry I've been away for a couple days. Between work and the calls I've been on, accessing a computer just hasn't been happening. lol. But once again, I appreciate the suggestions. With the advice I have received both on here and locally, I am probably going to go with: (2) larger grill...
  26. fordman

    Help outfitting a 2003 Ford Ranger

    Thanks for all the suggestions on the halogen mini-bars. If I were to go that route, I'd definitely permanent mount it. The last thing I want is to get half-way to the scene and lose the bar. :o Eric1249, I do not have a pic of it handy, but it's pretty much stock: no brush guard. I might...
  27. fordman

    Help outfitting a 2003 Ford Ranger

    After looking up the law, foxtrot is right. At one time, both could be used. However, the law has changed in the mean time. So amber is a definite no-go.

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