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    Wanted Siren/switch box

    Looking for a siren/switch box controller, something like a Code 3 Vcon, Touchmaster Delta, whelen PCCS9RW, etc. PM me. Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen M4’s Blue

    Looking for two (2) blue whelen M4’s. Thanks.
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    Wanted Wanted: Whelen ION & Touchmaster Delta

    Looking for 1 Whelen ION blue in color and a Touchmaster Delta. Thanks!!!
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    2014 Toyota Tundra

    Howdy yall!! I just purchased a 2014 Toyota Tundra TSS black in color, it will be replacing my current 2004 Tundra (need to do a post on it). The vehicle will be used for emergency response for: Fire, EMS, Hazmat and Fire/Arson Investigation. I will be doing the install myself, the plan is to...
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    Console for Tundra?

    Just got a new truck, looking to put a full replacement console in it (built my own for my last truck and not going to do that again). it is a 2014 double cab Toyota Tundra with front bench seat. Wondering if anyone else has installed a console in one? Thanks, Nathan
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    Wanted Air Horn with PA

    Looking for a air horn/PA unit, like a Whelen PAP112. Any “name brand” will do. Thanks
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    For Sale For Sale: Code 3 NarrowStik controller

    #1texan submitted a new listing: For Sale: Code 3 NarrowStik controller - For sale New Code 3 NarrowStik controller Read more about this listing...
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    Positive Purchase of Whelen IONs from John Smith

    Good transaction with John Smith, negotiated price and shipped quick. Purchase of Whelen IONs
  9. #1texan

    Wanted IONs, Ghost, Fusions, etc.

    Looking for Whelen IONs or equivalent SOS Ghost, Feniex Fusion etc. Red/blue or Red/white. PM my with what you have.
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    Wanted 72" LED lightbar

    Needing a 72" or longer LED lightbar to replace an rotator on a new to us ladder truck. Pm me with what you have. Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen Freedom modules

    Looking for front LED modules for Whelen Freedom/Edge two (2) red, one (1) blue and one (1) clear/white. Might also be interested in two (2) red corners as well. Let me know what you have.
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    Wanted Feniex 360 cannons

    Looking for 2 white Feniex 360 cannons new or used. Pm me with what you have. Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen Liberty WeCan IO board

    Needing a IO board for a Whelen WeCan Liberty, just the board no harness needed. PM if you have one. Thanks
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    Wanted Code 3 Vcon

    Needing a Code 3 Vcon Siren/controller my Vol. Dept, had the switches go bad in the one currently installed. Thanks
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    Wanted LED Traffic Advisor

    Looking for a Traffic Advisor LED. must be name brand, rated for exterior use and 33” or longer in length. Any solid, combination or duel colors: red, blue, amber. Thanks
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    Wanted Console for 2014+ Chevrolet/GMC pickup

    Looking for a console for 2014+ Chevrolet/GMC pickup, New or used. Thanks
  17. #1texan

    Wanted Whelen duel talon or avenger dash kit

    I am currently in need of a flashback shroud and mounting kit for a Whelen duel talon or avenger. Thanks
  18. #1texan

    Wanted Whelen Slimlighter parts

    I am currently in need of all of the metal hardware for one end of a slimlighter and also some new suction cups. Thanks in advance!!!
  19. #1texan

    For Sale New Whelen Microns 1 pair red

    For sale 1 pair of brand new Whelen Microns both red in color, comes with black flanges and gaskets. $120.00 shipped, PayPal or USPS money order. 5/15 DOM
  20. #1texan

    Python 600 interior or exterior?

    can someone tell me if this warning stick is for interior use only or if it can be mounted exterior? Thanks
  21. #1texan

    For Sale NEW Federal Signal Latitude SL8F-RB

    For sale 1 brand new Red/Blue Federal Signal Latitude SL8F-RB LED warning stick. Never installed, comes with all original hardware and documents. This light is for interior or exterior mounting also super light weight. Asking $325.00 shipped. PayPal or USPS money order.
  22. #1texan

    Wanted 48" Whelen Liberty lens kits new x2

    neededing 2 new 48" Whelen Liberty lens kits clear for my vol dept. let me know pricing. Thanks
  23. #1texan

    Whelen Liberty

    For sale Whelen LFL Liberty lightbar, Red/Blue with amber T/A (comes with T/A controller). Tested and working (video available upon request) asking $250.00 shipped, will upgrade front halogen takedowns to duel LR-11's LED takedowns for additional $100.00. PayPal or USPS money order Works for...
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    For Sale 5 Soundoff Signal lightheads

    I have 5 Soundoff Signal lightheads, 2 red & 3 blue. All have built in flashers, tested and working. Asking $25.00ea shipped or all 5 for $100.00 shipped.
  25. #1texan

    Soundoff Signal intersectors

    I have 1 pair of SOS intersectors red & blue (1 red, 1 blue). Used but in good shape, asking $125.00 shipped. Price dropped to $110.00
  26. #1texan

    FOUND Multiple items for VFD brush trucks

    Looking for the following items to update 2 brush trucks at my vol. dept: 2 LED lightbars >48" all or mostly RED, Whelen Liberty, Freedom or Feniex. Looking to spend less than $700.00 for both. 6 Feniex Fusions or Whelen IONs RED 2 Whelen T series IONs or IONs RED/WHITE 2 Whelen T series...
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    Wanted Single Whelen talon

    looking for 1 single Whelen talon either RED/BLUE or RED/WHITE. Needs to have flashback shield and bracket. Looking to spend $30-$40.
  28. #1texan

    Whelen dual LR-11's super LED takedowns

    For sale 1 pair Whelen duel LR-11's super LED takedowns. These are somewhat hard to find and they are super bright. $110.00 shipped, working when removed from liberty WeCan bar. PayPal or USPS money order only.
  29. #1texan

    WeCan pattern help

    So I will try to explain this the best I can, I have seen a pattern somewhere (searching hours on the internet I haven't been able to find it) that I want on my liberty. So here is trying to explain what I want...... 4 lightheads, I want a (for lack of a better term) "bounce" from one side to...
  30. #1texan

    Whelen LINZ6 lightheads

    For sale 3 Whelen LINZ6 lightheads, 1 blue and 2 white asking $30.00 each or $75.00 for all 3 shipped. All of the lightheads have had the mounting tabs broken off, they can still be mounted using the holes in the back of the light. All lights have been tested and and are fully functional.

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