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  1. K9Vic

    For Sale Whelen 295SLSA6 siren & light controller

    This is a good used Whelen 295SLSA6 that came out of my 2011 Caprice many years ago and has been in my garage since. Everything checked out okay and was only removed as I changed to a Feniex 4200DL. I do not have any legends, pictured is what is included. I am in Fort Worth Texas for local...
  2. K9Vic

    For Sale Whelen Super-LED Work Light WWL200 Original Pioneer light

    Whelen Super-LED Work Light WWL200 3600 lumens 6amp with PBA206SS bail bracket mount. This is like a Pioneer, but the model before them from 2011. This is in very good condition, was only used a short time on a old Chevy I had and has been in my garage for years. Good work light, more info in...
  3. K9Vic

    Wanted Ford Utility/Sedan up fitter plugs 14-pin and 6-pin

    Anyone have used ones they want to sell? The 14 pin 3U2J-14B475-BJAC and 6-pin 3U2J-14B475-HEB plugs for up fitting (see image). Looking for used, if not I will seek dealer. For 2013 Utility.
  4. K9Vic

    Wanted Ford Police Interceptor Utility spotlight and pushbar

    Looking for a used correct spotlight for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility, they are a custom length. I only need the main spotlight, no bulb or mounting needed. Also looking for a push bar for the same, prefer used, but may consider a low cost new unit. 2013 Utility 3.7L
  5. K9Vic

    For Sale CVPI & SUV Consoles and misc stuff, cables, mounts. etc.

    K9Vic submitted a new listing: CVPI & SUV Consoles and misc stuff, cables, mounts. etc. - Consoles and misc stuff Read more about this listing...
  6. K9Vic

    For Sale 3 ProCopper consoles from a Crown Victoric Police

    These are from a Crown Victoria Police 98+, but should fit all the years as they pretty much did not change the floor on them. You get 3 consoles with misc stuff. They have been outside, but under a canopy. Price $50 I am looking to sell this as one lot, so there would be no shipping. Pickup...
  7. K9Vic

    SOLD 12 Vintage lightbars, Federal Signal, Lectric Lites, Yanhee-Deitz

    I am looking to sell this as one lot, so there would be no shipping. Pickup would be at my house near east Fort Worth, or see below notes. Selling 12 vintage lightbars from Federal Signal, Lectic Lites and Yankee. They worked when last tested, but the Jetsonic I would call a parts bar because...
  8. K9Vic

    For Sale Whelen Ballast LED Liberty corners 2 Amber & 2 White & Ballast

    I have two of each Whelen LED Ballast in amber and white with the 12 LED in each. These are the ballast older style so you need the LED ballast controller that I also have listed. Tested and good. The Ballast does have both deutsch & AMP plugs. The white LED have the AMP plugs and amber LED have...
  9. K9Vic

    Whelen LED Liberty end caps & 5" lens amber

    * One set (2 sets available) - Whelen Amber Patriot/Liberty end caps with alley cutout in amber (One set pictured, they are all the same condition). Sold as a pair SOLD * 8 - Whelen Liberty/Patriot 5" length amber lens. Selling them all in one lot. $35 SOLD I do not see an option to lock or...
  10. K9Vic

    Close call for Iowa Trooper and Johnson County Sheriff Officer, nearly hit by truck

    This is a VERY close call, saw it on the news last night. If the Sheriff Officer would have continued back to their car, it would have been very bad.
  11. K9Vic

    Dallas Firefighter William Scott Tanksley - Dallas, TX

    A Dallas firefighter died Monday night after he fell about 40 feet from an icy overpass onto a bridge below. William Scott Tanksley, who was a veteran firefighter with Dallas Fire-Rescue was killed while assisting in a motor vehicle accident. Dallas Firefighter Dead After Fall From Bridge |...
  12. K9Vic

    Unity spotlight, is there a real world difference between left & right?

    I was wondering if there is a real world difference between a left and right spotlight from Unity for vehicles. Looking at Unity they always show different part numbers for the left and right. Looking at parts some of the replacement shafts show LH & RH, so I am guessing that is the only...
  13. K9Vic

    Visabar clone idea using modern parts - Idea Ihad after seeing this light bar on eBay

    So I was browsing around on eBay looking for LED spot/flood lights and ran across this light bar rack that looks allot like the old Federal Signal Visabar. The mounting feet are very close to the high mounts and the main bar looks like it would accept a model 100 rotator, same dome as the old...
  14. K9Vic

    Officer Stuns Hit-and-Run Suspect Moments Into Traffic Stop

    Read the story and watch both videos first. Cleburne Officer Stuns Hit-and-Run Suspect Moments Into Traffic Stop | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth Now the question is as a Police Officer would you have used your taser so quickly? Keep in mind the entire department is looking for this guy for a hit...
  15. K9Vic

    Craiglist find - Federal Signal Visibar R/B used by Texas DPS.

    Went on a short road trip to get this today and found out when I go home it was used by Texas DPS. It did not have a speaker, but does have the bracket for the speaker. It has standard gutter mounts so it was used on a box body that had gutters. Works well, only one bulb is out but has a crack...
  16. K9Vic

    Does Whelen still manufacure the WWL200/WWL100 work lights?

    I just got one of the WWL200 and noticed that at Whelen web page it say that the Work Light Series is not available. I know Sirenet still has the WWL100 on their site, but they only have the single listed, not dual WWL200. It is a nice light and really does a good job as a work/flood light. If...
  17. K9Vic

    Whelen CenCom help in the Fort Worth/Dallas. Need to test amp/rely box w/controller

    I need some help with two Whelen CenCom amp/relay that I have to test and confirm they are working. I do not have a controller so I cannot fully test them to verify they are OK. If anyone in the DFW area has a controller or a system I can test with please let me know. I have one complete CenCOm...
  18. K9Vic

    2012 Tahoe PPV - dark green w/black trim. Think it will be a US Forest Ranger?

    I saw this today at Kerr Industries in Arlington Texas who installs the factory police equipment on the Tahoe PPV & SSV among other items for the factory and found the colour setup different and interesting. The black bumpers, tailgate trim and wing looked good and was wondering if this is for...
  19. K9Vic

    Hummer H1with 911EP lights all over it. Was this anyones H1?

    I saw this at a car dealer a few days ago and snapped a few pictures with the iPhone and was wondering if this may have been anyone's here on ELB? I know of a few members that had or have a H1 and this one has LEDs all over the roof rack. No idea what the price was as it did not have a window...
  20. K9Vic

    My new to me AeroDynic (AeroTwinSonic) 24-RMVF A1 48"

    I bought this on the infamous eBay and was lucky that I was able to pick it up locally or I would have probably not bought it in fear of shipping damage. It is a really nice AeroDynic 48" model 24-RMVF with the sealed beam rotors like a NYPD bar in it's day. I do not know what it was on, they...
  21. K9Vic

    My 2009 Tahoe PPV - Strip out Red/White LEDS & Install my gear.

    I know many of you saw my for sale listing raising some cash to buy a vehicle and than buying it and selling the equipment from it. Well here it is, a 2009 Tahoe PPV bought used from a dealer with 30k miles that was privately owned. This was a trade in, but I do not know what he traded it for...
  22. K9Vic

    Lectric Lites Classic Open golf hat found at estate sale (Classic lightbars Co)

    So I was working at an estate sale on Thursday for some extra cash where ended up spending all my money and more buying stuff, LOL! Anyways they had some hats and I figured I would take a look in the bag with about 40 hats and what do I find but a Lectric Lites hat for a gold tournament they...
  23. K9Vic

    Yankee-Deitz Lightbar w/ Lecttic Lites 360 strobes

    I picked up some old Yankee-Deitz Lightbar today that had two outbound 360 strobes and fixed inbound PAR36 f/r flashers (Does not rotate). Did not think that Yankee-Deitz made a strobe bar and when I finally got the lights home I saw that the strobes were Lectric Lite Astro Flash II (Model...
  24. K9Vic

    SOLD Are these ballast or passive LIN-8 500 LED?

    SOLD post locked I got two of these and wanted to know if someone here can tell me if these are ballast or passive Whelen 500 LED modules. Did a Google search and did not come up with any solid answer and the 2009 parts catalog does not have the same "12A" in the model number and does not...

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