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  1. medicop88

    Are Two Speakers Better than One?

    I apologize if this has been discussed before but I could not find a thread where it had been, or anywhere else for that matter... Is there any research showing that two 100w siren speakers, lets say SA314s or similar, is substantially louder than one 100w speaker? Feniex released a video a...
  2. medicop88

    Whelen Liberty Red/Blue and Code 3 VCON

    I have a good condition Whelen Liberty red and blue in color with an amber traffic advisor. I am selling it with a Code 3 VCON light/siren controller. Asking $300 shipped.
  3. medicop88

    Code 3 VCON 3672L4 and (2) red Whelen 500 Smart LEDs $60 shipped

    I have a used Code 3 VCON siren and light controller and two opened but never used red Whelen 500 Smart LEDs with built-in flasher. Asking $60 shipped.
  4. medicop88

    FS Mod 1F LED

    Any color is fine. Specifically, I am needing the plug. Ideally a red LED with Chrome flange.
  5. medicop88

    (1) Red (1) Blue Single Talon $70 for both!

    Pricing these to sell. I have (1) Red and (1) Blue single talon. I am asking $70 for both, shipping included. At this time I am not interested in trades. Thank you.
  6. medicop88

    What is a "Passive" LED

    I keep seeing posts for passive  LED products. I understand that a smart LED has a flasher built in, but what does passive mean? Are they more or less effective?
  7. medicop88

    (1) Red (1) Blue Whelen 500 Smart LED

    I have two six-diode Whelen 500 smart LEDs for sell. They are in fair condition but still function flawlessly. They were recently removed from the grille of a police interceptor. Asking $50 for both or trade for (2) red Whelen TIR3s. 2007 Date of Manufacture.
  8. medicop88

    CenCom Gold Outlets not Powering Up

    I've got a CenCom Gold that I am installing in my POV. It's been a couple of years since I installed one and maybe I'm forgetting something, but at present, neither outlet#2 or outlet#3 are powering up. Even with those outputs being selected in tge program, I'm not able to power up those...
  9. medicop88

    different flasher on Texas DPS Freedom

    RI am wanting to put an FS Intelliflasher on the inboard 400s but am unsure how to wire the 12v so that it only comes on when the front of the bar is active. I haven't returned to work yet and have never opened a Freedom, though I do have experience witg the advantage ambulance freedom. Is there...
  10. medicop88

    Problem with Whelen Freedom II

    Hello all, I am having some problems with the Freedom II lightbar mounted on my squad car. It is a Texas DPS Freedom II and is currently, randomly, switching to a steady-burn pattern. When I activate just the rear LEDs, the endcaps both front and rear come on. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  11. medicop88

    60" Whelen Liberty Question

    I was wondering if anyone knew if Whelen made a 60" Liberty, not the towman style. I am looking for one for a fire engine but have not had any luck finding anything. I would like to find either a liberty or just the housing of a 60" and go from there. Can anyone help?
  12. medicop88

    Need Help: Whelen Patriot LEDs not flashing

    I apologize for showing my ignorance here. My department as a Whelen Patriot on our squad vehicle. It has four corner strobes, both currently functioning, and two 5mm type LEDs in the center, no longer functioning. Is there a circuit board I can add to the bar that would allow me to flash the...
  13. medicop88

    Question: Minimally Destructive Method for Mounting a Weapon Llock

    Hi guys. I am wanting to mount a Santa Cruz SC5 lock in my 2005 Avalanche, however am very limited on options. The folding rear seats make it impossible for me to mounting it on the rear floorboard, and the overall length of the weapons means I can't mount it vertically. Furthermore, the truck...
  14. medicop88

    Gun Mounts

    Okay gents, I'm wanting to sky mount an M4 to the roof of an Avalanche. The only problem is, the one has a sun roof. Any suggestions?
  15. medicop88

    Vehicle Partitions/Cages

    Does anyone know if vehicle cages/prisoner partitions have to be vehicle specific, or is there a model that can be moved from different types of vehicles? The idea is that we can reuse them in newer vehicles (such as old style chargers to new style). Any help would be appreciated.
  16. medicop88

    Whelen Justice Flashing LED TDs

    So I've a 2009 JE model Whelen Justice with LR11 LED takedowns. The blue wire that was supposed to make the TDs flash is not working. Everything else is working fine. Any suggestions?
  17. medicop88

    Was wondering if anyone here was ever a member of or knew anything about what happened to it. Kind of miss the old site.
  18. medicop88

    Texas Highway Patrol HLF

    Was wondering if anyone knows who makes the HLF in the Texas Highway Patrol cars. State's using Whelen Liberty's and Freedoms now, but the HLF has been the same since they were using Tomar rotators.
  19. medicop88

    Will Code 3 Arrowstik Work With Whelen TACLTD1

    Hey guys, the title pretty much says it all. I've found a deal on a Code 3 Arrowstik but really like the patterns of the Whelen directional control. I remember several years ago, one of our trucks and a Whelen TA tied to a Code 3 controller. Can this be done in reverse?
  20. medicop88

    Whelen SA315 verses SA315P

    Hey guys, is there a difference between the Whelen SA315 and the SA315P siren speaker? I haven't been able to find anything on Whelen's website.
  21. medicop88

    Need Help Identifying LED/Scene Lights in Ratchet

    Hey guys, does anyone know who makes the LED/scene light combo on the Transformer Ratchet. Here is one picture of the truck here:
  22. medicop88

    Whelen Alpha 12 w/HHS2200

    Just curious if anyone has ever paired an alpha 12 siren with a CenCom, HHS, or any other siren to create dual tones like an HFSC9? I'm thinking about ordering one, hiding the amp, and running it off of one of the outputs on my HHS2200 and cycling the siren tones with horn ring. I know at...
  23. medicop88

    Master Corporal Sandy Rogers- Aiken County, South Carolina EOW 1/28/12

    Master Corporal Sandy Rogers was shot and killed while responding to a call for a suspicious vehicle at Eustis Park at approximately 7:50 am. Master Corporal Rogers arrived on scene and radioed that she was approaching a blue vehicle. Another officer called for her one minute later and did not...
  24. medicop88

    2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

    This is my 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche. It is equipped with a Whelen Inner Edge with LED takedowns (thanks G1159), four Sho-Me micro-lites on the bumper, two Whelen TIR3 intersectors on the bumper, Whelen UHF2150A, a Whelen D6 Dominator to the rear, and two Whelen TIR3 license plate lights...
  25. medicop88

    Siren Sounding Weird

    Hey guys. I was wondering if running the speaker wire too close to the power wires would have an effect on the siren tones. Here's whats going on: I've installed and programmed the HHS2200 in my 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche. The siren tones (from inside the cab, haven't had the chance to play with...
  26. medicop88

    Inner Edge Flashback Shield

    I just purchased an Inner Edge from an 07 Tahoe for an 05 Avalanche. I'm confident I can make it work but I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried it or has any suggestions.
  27. medicop88

    Tahoe Speaker Bracket

    Hey folks I drive a 2003 Chevy Tahoe currently equipped with dual Whelen SA314 speakers mounted on the brush guard. Does anywhere know where can I find a mounting bracket for behind the grille or bumper? I'm trying to return the truck to its original low-profile look.
  28. medicop88

    Whelen Cen Com types

    Okay so this may sound stupid to some, but what are the different types of CenComs? I have the gold in my truck, just curious what the others have to offer.
  29. medicop88

    Light set up on 2003 Tahoe

    Here are just a few of my 2003 Tahoe, both old set up and new. The switches (pics coming soon) have been replaced by a custom console, covered to match the interior and includes a Vertex radio and Whelen CenCom Gold. The LEDs on the front are Sho Me mirco lites complemented by a STL Slim 2 in...

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