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  1. Prospect62

    Polishing Aerodynic speaker cover

    Hey guys, Any tips for polishing an Aerodynic speaker cover? I have heard of some doing sanding or machine polishing, others just use a compound. Any tips or tricks are welcome. I'd like a nice shine on it, close to mirror finish. Thanks!
  2. Prospect62

    Wanted Kustom KR10 dash mount bracket

    Looking for a dash radar antenna bracket like the one pictured. Thanks.
  3. Prospect62

    Wanted WTB: Aerodynic hook kit/feet

    Hey all, Looking for some "new style" Aerodynic mounting feet and a gutter hook kit for my 87 Gran Fury, I think the specific kit for the car is a 24HK-3 (stainless), although I'd take any 80's generic gutter hook kit. Reply here or PM me. I am located in Central NY state. Thanks!
  4. Prospect62

    Wanted WTB: Tomar Police Light II

    Hey guys, I used to have one of these about 10 years ago and I sold it. Now I can't find them anywhere. I'm looking for a Tomar Police Light II, preferably in blue/white or all blue. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother responding. Any leads? Thanks!
  5. Prospect62

    For Sale NYPD Aerotwinsonic for sale

    Not mine, but happened upon it today. Guy got it surplus off an old fire truck and had no idea what it was. Thanks to yours truly his price doubled in about an hour, but as rare as these are, it's probably worth whatever money he wants for it. It's a legit 24RMVF-2Z in complete working order...
  6. Prospect62

    Converted Aerotwinsonic (NYPD style)

    Here's my crazy vision come to life. It's an Aerotwinsonic 24XM with it's internals more or less converted to an NYPD bar. I've added steady burn takedowns with clear domes to the front and alternating flashers to the rear, along with V-mirrors between the rotators and Par 36's (not pictured)...
  7. Prospect62

    Aerotwinsonic "X" Mirrors - full set

    I have a complete set of "X" cascade mirrors out of my Aerotwinsonic 24XM that I will no longer be needing. They are in OUTSTANDING condition and I may be able to throw in a few screws, but not all that I took out. Open to reasonable offers
  8. Prospect62

    Wanted WTB: Floor mount radio/siren stack

    Looking for a floor mounted bracket that would hold a radio control head and siren/switchbox. This is for my 87 Gran Fury police car restoration.  I've seen items similar to what I'm looking for on eBay, but I'm not paying $70 for a radio rack.  Anybody have any vintage or older pieces?
  9. Prospect62

    Wanted: Clear Aerodynic lens sections

    Greetings. I need two clear half domes for my Aero. Anybody have any? Thank you as always.
  10. Prospect62

    Wanted WTB: Federal Signal HKB-GUTR or equivalent

    Looking for some gutter mounts to attach an Aerotwin to my 87 Gran Fury. The correct part number from FS is HKB-GUTR. If anyone has any info or leads, please let me know.  As always, thanks. 
  11. Prospect62

    Wanted Wanted: 48" Federal Aerodynic

    Looking for a 48" Aerodynic for a Gran Fury restoration project. I suppose I can always mess with lenses later, but I'm looking for primarily red with white take downs and alley lights, and a chrome center speaker grille section.  Mounting accessories aren't too important at the moment, I can...

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