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  1. medicop88

    Are Two Speakers Better than One?

    And you wonder why people are leaving this site in droves. A company giving "scientific" information good enough? No. I don't trust a company's advertisements or what an ad company puts out there. I'd rather ask the people I know have tried before. I think I'll stick to my Facebook groups.
  2. medicop88

    Are Two Speakers Better than One?

    I apologize if this has been discussed before but I could not find a thread where it had been, or anywhere else for that matter... Is there any research showing that two 100w siren speakers, lets say SA314s or similar, is substantially louder than one 100w speaker? Feniex released a video a...
  3. medicop88

    Whelen Liberty Red/Blue and Code 3 VCON

    Unable to upload pics at the moment. Will do so ASAP.
  4. medicop88

    Whelen Liberty Red/Blue and Code 3 VCON

    I have a good condition Whelen Liberty red and blue in color with an amber traffic advisor. I am selling it with a Code 3 VCON light/siren controller. Asking $300 shipped.
  5. medicop88

    Whelen HHS2200

    PM sent.
  6. medicop88

    Code 3 VCON 3672L4 and (2) red Whelen 500 Smart LEDs $60 shipped

    I have a used Code 3 VCON siren and light controller and two opened but never used red Whelen 500 Smart LEDs with built-in flasher. Asking $60 shipped.
  7. medicop88

    FS Mod 1F LED

    Any color is fine. Specifically, I am needing the plug. Ideally a red LED with Chrome flange.
  8. medicop88

    Used Equipment

    pm sent novas
  9. medicop88

    (1) Red (1) Blue Single Talon $70 for both!

    The liberty I believe is 22". The LEDs are colored as well as the lenses.
  10. medicop88

    (1) Red (1) Blue Single Talon $70 for both!

    Pricing these to sell. I have (1) Red and (1) Blue single talon. I am asking $70 for both, shipping included. At this time I am not interested in trades. Thank you.
  11. medicop88

    What is a "Passive" LED

    That's what I have assumed. The dual talon I recently purchased works just fine on 12vdc but does have an internal flasher. It appears to have only six diodes instead of eight though.
  12. medicop88

    What is a "Passive" LED

    I keep seeing posts for passive  LED products. I understand that a smart LED has a flasher built in, but what does passive mean? Are they more or less effective?
  13. medicop88

    Liberty II or Legacy

    I like the Legacy bar but on certain vehicles (ie the Tahoe I drive at work) I don't care for them. They are too thin to be seen over the hump in the back some SUVs. On a pickup however, I'm sure it'd be fine, though honestly, I'd use a Dual Color Liberty :)
  14. medicop88

    (1) Red (1) Blue Whelen 500 Smart LED

    I have two six-diode Whelen 500 smart LEDs for sell. They are in fair condition but still function flawlessly. They were recently removed from the grille of a police interceptor. Asking $50 for both or trade for (2) red Whelen TIR3s. 2007 Date of Manufacture.
  15. medicop88

    MS6 LED Red/Blue Pair + License Plate Bracket

    PM Sent :) anyone know if these lights can be synchronized? I don't see a sync wire.
  16. medicop88

    CenCom Gold Outlets not Powering Up

    Yes sir I do. I did a near-direct swap with the HHS2200 so most of the wiring is the same.
  17. medicop88

    CenCom Gold Outlets not Powering Up

    I've got a CenCom Gold that I am installing in my POV. It's been a couple of years since I installed one and maybe I'm forgetting something, but at present, neither outlet#2 or outlet#3 are powering up. Even with those outputs being selected in tge program, I'm not able to power up those...
  18. medicop88

    different flasher on Texas DPS Freedom

    RI am wanting to put an FS Intelliflasher on the inboard 400s but am unsure how to wire the 12v so that it only comes on when the front of the bar is active. I haven't returned to work yet and have never opened a Freedom, though I do have experience witg the advantage ambulance freedom. Is there...
  19. medicop88

    Problem with Whelen Freedom II

    that was my initial thought, however it only does it after the lightbar has been in heavy use and sometimes only the right front corner and both left endcaps or vice versa come on. Any ideas how to fix it?
  20. medicop88

    Problem with Whelen Freedom II

    Hello all, I am having some problems with the Freedom II lightbar mounted on my squad car. It is a Texas DPS Freedom II and is currently, randomly, switching to a steady-burn pattern. When I activate just the rear LEDs, the endcaps both front and rear come on. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  21. medicop88

    60" Whelen Liberty Question

    thank you. I think I have the client sold on a Freedom instead (blessedly) so that should be a little easier to come-by.
  22. medicop88

    60" Whelen Liberty Question

    I was wondering if anyone knew if Whelen made a 60" Liberty, not the towman style. I am looking for one for a fire engine but have not had any luck finding anything. I would like to find either a liberty or just the housing of a 60" and go from there. Can anyone help?
  23. medicop88

    Need Help: Whelen Patriot LEDs not flashing

    I apologize for showing my ignorance here. My department as a Whelen Patriot on our squad vehicle. It has four corner strobes, both currently functioning, and two 5mm type LEDs in the center, no longer functioning. Is there a circuit board I can add to the bar that would allow me to flash the...

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