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  1. shibby1952

    Positive Sale to ccsd834

    Great transaction with ccsd834! Sold another light bar to this gentleman (for a total of 3). Always has good communication and pays on time. Recommended buyer, and hope I can help out again in the future...
  2. shibby1952

    Positive (+) Sale to RescueOps

    Another light bar going to be heading to Texas! Don't know what it is about the Lone Star state, but I have shipped 4 down there now. (3 in the last 2 weeks) RescueOps is a super buyer- open communications via email and telephone, AND fast payment. Recommend as a buyer, and hope to do...
  3. shibby1952

    Positive (+) sale to ccsd834

    Sold this gentlemen (and new member) in Texas not one, but 2 light bars in the last couple of weeks. He bought a Twinsonic 12 and a Code 3 SD. Excellent buyer, with good communication and quick payment. Hope to do business with again in the future!
  4. shibby1952

    Positive (+) Sale to Sparky_911

    Sold to Sparky_911 and had good comms and quick payment. Would do business with again...
  5. shibby1952

    For Sale Aerodynic Model 24

    FOR SALE: Federal Signal Aerodynic Model 24. Has candy-cane lenses. Comes with painted trapezoid style mounting brackets. Halogen rotators. (not bayonet style bulbs) No speaker in the center. Cleaned up and function tested. Has about 18" long pigtail. Operates as it should when...
  6. shibby1952

    For Sale Twinsonic Model 12X

    FOR SALE: Federal Signal Twinsonic 12X. Lenses are both red. Series 3 motor with lightweight rotators and correct 60 watt bulbs. Also has correct end caps. No speaker installed. Has the original tube style mounting feet included. 12 inch wiring pigtail. Lenses have scratches and some...
  7. shibby1952

    Aero knockoff

    I find it interesting, that this standard file photo is used frequently on the MSN homepage for articles about crimes committed. The label is simply "police car". This is obviously taken overseas somewhere. It appears to be a Federal Aerodynic knockoff. I also find it amusing that the...
  8. shibby1952

    For Sale Twinsonic Model 12

    FOR SALE: Twinsonic model 12 light bar. All red lenses. Speaker has been removed to save weight. Has series 3 round style motor and full rotator assemblies. Comes with correct mounting feet. Lenses have scratches and scuffs from use on a vehicle, but there are no cracks. There are no...
  9. shibby1952

    Wanted Streethawk flash guard

    Looking for a pair (2) of the silver metal "flash guards" that go over the lower tier lights in a Streethawk. Please PM me a price if you have a couple of these- thanks...
  10. shibby1952

    Wanted Streethawk parts

    I am looking for a blue Streethawk upper outside dome, 2 lower blue filters, and 2 lower red filters. Good used condition would be fine. Please PM if you have these items to sell. Thanks...
  11. shibby1952

    For Sale Red Model 11 Domes

    Selling a pair of used red Federal Model 11 domes. These have the CLEAR tops, and are correct for the Visibar. One lens is in better shape than the other. One has light scratches, and scuffs, but should clean up nicely. The other is a lot rougher and will need some wet sanding to bring it...
  12. shibby1952

    For Sale Grote amber lens

    Selling a good used amber GROTE 9037 lens. Not sure of all the different beacons it will fit. It has minor scratches and scuffs, but NO cracks. $12 plus shipping to the lower 48. Please PM me with question, or a zip code for a shipping quote. Thanks...
  13. shibby1952

    For Sale Pair of Amber 11 Domes

    Selling a pair of good used amber domes that fit the Federal Model 11 beacon. These are the CLEAR top version. Both are in good used condition with minor scratches and scuffs- but NO cracks. They could use a good polish, but should clean up nice. $35.00 for the PAIR plus shipping to the...
  14. shibby1952

    For Sale Model 100 Blue Dome

    Selling a brand new FROSTED TOP blue dome for the Federal Model 100 beacon. Never installed. Will also fit the Model 11 beacon, although technically not correct for a Visibar. $35.00 plus shipping to the lower 48. Please PM me with your zip code for a shipping quote. Thanks...
  15. shibby1952

    For Sale Large Amber Dome

    Selling the larger size Federal Model 17 dome in amber. It is definitely used and has numerous scratches and scuffs. There are NO cracks however. It should clean up OK with a good wet sand and polish. $15.00 plus shipping to the lower 48. Please PM me with any questions, and zip code to get...
  16. shibby1952

    For Sale Electronic siren

    Selling a brand new in the box 100 watt, no name electronic siren. The model number is CJB100W. This is obviously a Chinese made siren of some sort based on the hilarious broken English direction sheet it comes with. But it is NEW with all the hardware and wiring- it has everything except the...
  17. shibby1952

    Sometimes Craigslist is awesome

    I tell you, sometimes I am amazed at the stuff that pops up on Craigslist. It takes hours and hours of searching, but sometimes you just hit pay dirt. Anyway, this bar came up and was only a couple hours away. It's a brand new in the box (albeit destroyed), 70" Code 3 MX7000. Now I have...
  18. shibby1952

    Whelen Edge problem

    So I am in completely foreign territory this time. I acquired a 60" Whelen 9308 NFPA bar from a fire department a few days ago. They claimed it worked when they removed it. It HAD 4 corner strobes, 4 front facing inline strobes, and a Pulsator in the center. The rear is blacked out. Three...
  19. shibby1952

    Wanted FS Gutter mount clamps

    I know its a long shot, but just wondering if anyone has a couple of these gutter clamp assemblies lying around. I have a set of bars that are missing a couple. Please PM me if you have a couple of spares. Thanks...
  20. shibby1952

    Positive to Skulldigger

    Had Brian work on another motor for me, this time out of a siren. Excellent job as always- highly recommended for any motor repairs you have...
  21. shibby1952

    Wanted Beacon Ray 17 dome

    Looking for a nice either CLEAR or AMBER dome for the smaller size Beacon Ray model 17. Plastic would be OK as glass tends to get rather pricey. Please PM me if you have what I am looking for. Thanks... JJS
  22. shibby1952

    Positive to Skulldigger

    Had member Skulldigger repair another beacon motor for me. Did a great job, had the motor back in around a week, AND charged very little for the work. Thanks again, and I will certainly keep you in mind the next time I tear apart another "project"...
  23. shibby1952

    Wanted Red lens for Federal Siren

    WANTED: A red GLASS lens for a Federal Siren. Has a 6 1/8 inch outside diameter. Is convex shaped and has no optics on it. (Transparent as opposed to translucent) This one has no marks on it whatsoever except "made in USA" on the very edge. Please PM me if you have one of these. Thanks...
  24. shibby1952

    Positive to Toyotafan

    Bought a couple of Beacon Ray domes from Tim. Fast shipment, and easy to deal with as always. Thanks...
  25. shibby1952

    For Sale Miscellaneous light bar parts and lenses

    This is my ad from Craigslist. I am done dealing with Panjo, and will be listing any items I have for sale here from now on. Please feel free to PM me if you have any interest. Thanks...
  26. shibby1952

    For Sale Mars Skybolt bar?
  27. shibby1952

    For Sale Old Dodge with huge light bar Here are a couple of old Dodge ambulances for sale. The one has an oversize light bar with double loudspeakers. The other is a Superior Coach van with the widened body, that I always thought was interesting. (Even though the front and...
  28. shibby1952

    For Sale Aerodynic Model 25 $125.00
  29. shibby1952

    For Sale 3.5 Panel Aero $100.00
  30. shibby1952

    For Sale Federal Siren $100

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