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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Still looking
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    still looking!
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Still lookin! 295SL100 295SLSA1 295HFSA1 or 295HFS1A
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Still lookin! Any self contained siren will do
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Sent you a pm
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Can you message me once it's available?
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    Wanted Whelen Sirens

    Hi, I'm looking for the following sirens: 1.) Whelen 295HFS1A 200watts: 2.) Whelen WS2100 200watts: 3.) Whelen 295HF100 In good working order and presentable state as well PAYPAL ONLY Message me here or at Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen Dual Dash king in R/B

    Looking for a Whelen Dual Dash king in red-blue. I prefer the one with a cigarette plug (self contained) please leave me a message or contact me at thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen Dual Dashmiser or Dual Dashmaster in R/B

    Hi, definitely interested, will send out a pm
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    Wanted Whelen sirens

    If you have any of the following for sale, please contact me at Whelen sirens: ws295 295HF100 295SL100 295SLSA1 or other similar whelen sirens. Thank you
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    Wanted Whelen Dual Dashmiser or Dual Dashmaster in R/B

    If you have a dual dashmiser or a dual dashmaster in good and working condition, complete with cigarette plug, please drop me a message or email me directly at thanks!
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    Whelen Epsilon EPSL1 Model/Make of Transistor Mosfet

    Hi, I recently got a Whelen Epsilon EPSL1 100 watt siren with a pair of faulty transistor or MOSFET. Anyone with an intact EPSL1 that can give me the exact model/make of the 2 output transistor or mosfet inside the unit? I'm currently outside the US so sending it to whelen is not an...
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    Federal PA-640 No siren tones

    Hi! This will be my first post on the website. I have a Federal PA640 siren that has a working manual and airhorn tones but the WAIL, YELP and PRTY modes doesnt work....whenever I turn the selector knob, the unit chirps but no tones come out of the speaker even if the slider switch is placed on...

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