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  1. FutaGrlAlicePA

    Wanted Air Horn/PA Setup

    I’m looking to set up my 2000 Ford Ecursion Limited 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel 4x4 in Oxford White & Pueblo Gold “Yuki” with several parts for my build up with Whelen Parts to stay Compliant in my home state for security use. I Need:. 1x Whelen PAP112 ~ Air Horn Tone Plus Public Address Siren...
  2. FutaGrlAlicePA

    Wanted Jotto Desk #425-2760 - CVPI 4-Leg Baseplate Kit

    not holding my breath to tightly here. But does anyone happen to have Jotto Desks Discontinued 4-Leg Baseplate Kit for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (#425-2760, or at least the rear leg mounts i van add to another 28" kit? Thanks in Advanced
  3. FutaGrlAlicePA

    Wanted Jotto Desk #‭425-2760/#425-6207 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 28” 4x Leg Floor Plate

    I’m wanting to find a discontinued item from Jotto Desk for a present to myself for my birthday, August 7th. It’s the #‭425-2760/#425-6207 | Jotto Desk Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 28” 4x Leg Floor Plate. Thanks in Advance:
  4. FutaGrlAlicePA

    Wanted HAVIS Products Part # C-VS-0309-F250

    I don’t even know if it’s possible to find this HAVIS Console for the 1999-05 Ford Super Duty& Excursion anymore. But thought I could try my luck with a ask in a group of enthusiasts like me. Thanks in Advance: AlicePA
  5. FutaGrlAlicePA

    Wanted GALLS Branded/Code 3 LP6000 47” 3 Rotor Lightbar

    I know this is a long shot. But when I started working unarmed night watch, I worked a property that had a truck that had a 47” GALLS Branded Code 3 LP6000 Lightbar. Had 2 outer rotors with a single central roster with angle and step mirrors in between which resulted in 700 FPS. Wish I could...

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