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  1. J

    Crown vic bumper w/ wings

    anyone still have a NIB set? our old crown vic took a hit to the right wing today and it saved the car but the bumper needs replaced.
  2. J

    Another impersonator

    Some feniex it looks like. This is what always worries me selling online.
  3. J

    SOLD -Rigid Industries Dually red/blue **sold**

    I have 1 red and 1 blue rigid dually we used as demos I would be interested in getting rid of. $120 shipped. They do not have a flasher so one will be needed. Ill get pictures up in a few
  4. J

    Star Signal Phazer Lightbar

    We have been playing with our Demo Star Phazer Lightbar for the past month and it has been a great bar so far. This one is amber white all the way around with tons of programmability and customization. We took a night video last night and going to try to get a day one today.
  5. J

    2011 Jeep JK Offroad build

    Here is a fun build we worked on this weekend. 2011 Jeep Jk Custom MnStar Harness 4 pre existing chinese spot lights 4 pre existing chinese flood lights dual 50" lifetime led lights brackets 1 50" rigid industries radiance lightbar with amber backlight (another will soon be added once he gets...
  6. J

    NNE Public Safety

    Hi, Welcome to the NNE Public Safety Section. We are located in Ocoee Florida which is west of Orlando. We offer equipment and installation as well as a long list of Truck accessories and computer equipment. Some of our lineup includes: Feniex Industries Star Signal Go...
  7. J

    Recent Fire Dept builds

    We dont usually post builds but this customer wanted us to show it off and for good reason. the first vehicle was a 2004 Expedition that got handed down to them. we competely removed all the old equipment and rewired the whole truck. we also added a switch in the back to turn off the rear bar...
  8. J

    NNE Cyber Monday

    till monday night we are running specials. all rammount products are discounted Use code 4200 on the feniex 4200 and all orders over $200 are 15% off! (this includes everything on our site even rigid industries!) Discounts are shown in cart
  9. J

    NNE Public Safety Store (11-21-15) added Feniex runners

    We also added a bunch of new stuff to our website and this month use code TURKEYDAY Cleaning up shop and getting rid of some stock and leftover parts. Will be adding more as it is found. On the star beacons we do have white domes in stock so we can swap a beacon to white if needed. feniex...
  10. J

    Star 7100 Mini Bar

    Product Features: Star Lineum X™ LED technology Featuring 72 Star Generation IV high power LEDs Dual-Color (7100DLED) available “go from amber to blue with the flip of a switch” Permanent mount: 35 customer selectable flash patterns via pattern select wire Durable...
  11. J

    ULB28 and ULB48 Lineum X Phantom Interior bars

    Product Features: The New Lineum X™ technology offers an all Dual-Color interior undercover bar 96 High-Intensity, Star Generation IV LEDs 31 Customer selectable flash patterns, 5 phases, and 13 head enable settings Clone: Duplicate settings for a fleet from 1 unit...
  12. J

    Need some help with ideas

    My other half's grandpa has a 67 Plymouth valiant he is restoring and we have Decided to maybe go another route with it. He is a retired fire chief and we are thinking about making it like an old fire chiefs car only problem being it is off white. So I was thinking some red stripes and a twin...
  13. J

    NNE January Sales

    This week use January20 on the site for a special discount!
  14. J

    NNE Public Safety Sales

    We are offering 18% site wide and $12 shipping for Friday and will be adding other deals threw out the weekend. Stay tuned for some great deals that will get better as the weekend passes!!! NNEPUBLICSAFETY.COM Feel free to pm me with questions or problems. This is a brand new site so there...
  15. J

    Code 3 MR6

    Features • (6) High Powered LEDs in Red, Blue, Amber, or White • TIR Optical LED Technology Lightheads • 23 User Selectable Flash Patterns including Steady Burn • Sychronous capabilities Options • Available in Surface, Hood or Flush (grommet) Mount Configurations • (2) screw...
  16. J

    Feniex Rocker Panel Light Kit

    Here is some videos of the Feniex Cobra Extreme Rocker Panel Light Kit. Install was easy on the lift.
  17. J

    Cops N Cars

    Here are some pics from today. Amazing show. More here Oviedo Mall Photos by NotNormalEnterprisesLLC | Photobucket
  18. J

    Little Change NotNormalEnterprisesLLC....

    NotNormalEnterprisesLLC is now Jamey@NNE to be a little more personal...
  19. J

    The no crazy jacked up Hi cap mag price sale!

    Send payment to on paypal or shoot me an email to arrange other payment. You will be added to the backorder list. they are being sent out first come first serve. If for some reason the mag you choose cannot be sent to you a refund will be issued. Place in notes...
  20. J

    Funeral "escort"

    Saw this while sitting at a traffic light. I heard dual airhorns and from time they blocked the intersection on state rd 50 I had enough time to pull my phone out of my back pocket, unlock it and put it on video before the funeral got there.... lights are all white.
  21. J

    Updated pics of NNE Demo

    Got some updated pics of the NNE demo. some things have changed since last pics and more changes soon but thought these where cool.
  22. J

    Orlando Fire responding

    Love the new rams with air horns... videos I found on youtube not mine.
  23. J

    Need Feedback on a new product...

    Feniex is thinking about making this into production and is looking for your feedback...... It is a new side runner system using the 6 led modules as in the avatar. It will be capable of having dimming, alley lights, directional arrow...
  24. J

    Can someone help with a picture please??

    I have a customer trying to install 2 T4's in the grille of an 04 impala. does anyone have any pictures of some installed showing how it was done? I never took any pictures of the last one we did and im having a hard time explaining it to him. Thanks alot!
  25. J

    Rigid Dually Demo Update 8/22

    Ive been getting alot of questions on the rigid duallys, and requests for pictures. Well I was finally able to get one put together. This is a comparison of the Rigid Dually in flood pattern Vs a Dually D2 in wide pattern. Headlights Pair of Duallys Pair of Dually D2's And...
  26. J

    NNE's New toy......

    Here are the Pictures of the avatar. Videos to come. Here is to show the distance for the following 2 pictures.About 100 Yards Avatar pictures by NotNormalEnterprisesLLC - Photobucket Videos:
  27. J

    New body ram 3500

    Anybody find a good place to mount speakers on one? The truck has a full metal bumper no fog light holes and no room in grill. I don't like facing speakers into the back of a bumper or facing down but running out of options.
  28. J

    Looking for pictures of old patrol cars

    Dont know if this is the right section or not but I'm looking for some pictures of the old green and white orange county florida cars. Been looking threw old pictures for some of my dad's old cars but haven't found them yet. Thanks.
  29. J

    This kid just wont stop impersonating

    Matthew Scheidt teen impostor arrested: Judge revokes bond for accused teen impostor Matthew Scheidt -
  30. J

    Crown Vic overkill

    All I can say is wow..... I hope they have it where not all has to be on at same time to demo. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk

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