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  1. OliverD

    Whelen Mini Century 16" MC16VF

    I have buy a new Whelen Mini Century 16" from Sirennet. It's initialy the Amber / White version with clear dome.
  2. OliverD

    Wanted Whelen VI Pod

    Looking for a new or used in good conditions VI Pod Whelen (Magnetic mount & cig.plug). Color : All Amber or Amber/White or Amber/Red or Amber/Red/White. Shipping for Belgium (Europe). Thanks for your answers.
  3. OliverD

    NOS Combined revolving light / horn (2 tones) "Feldjäger"

    Feldjäger is a combined revolving light / 2 tones horn ; it was built in 1986, at the time of the cold war, by In. Weidelt GmbH at the request of the German armed forces. The objective was to be able to, in case of war, convert quickly an unmarked car into military police cars.
  4. OliverD

    The different lights in my collection (new : Signal Stat 374)

    US Lights : Federal Fire Ball : - FB1 blue ; - FBH 11 blue ; - FBH 11 amber. Vitalite 121 amber (45 W) Vitalite 121 H blue US (H1 55 W) Whelen Responder amber ; Whelen Deputy amber ; Model 14 light amber ; Model 184 "Power Light" amber ; Model 16 amber (24 V) ; 2 Super Beacon Ray 174 amber ; 1...
  5. OliverD

    2013 Dodge RAM 5,7 V8 Laramie

    For my business, I have bought on December 2013 a new RAM crew cab. I have decided to equip my truck with 3 pairs of Whelen IONs. One pair (clear - clear) on the front hood near the windscreen ; one pair (red - red) on the rear bumper ; the other pair (amber - amber) inside the truck, facing...
  6. OliverD

    Hello from Belgium !

    Hello, hope everyone had a great Christmas this year. My name is Oliver, 53 years old on December 30; I read a whole range different of topics on Elightbars since more than one year. I live in Belgium located 60 Km (37 Miles) in the south-east of Brussel. I am a vintage emergency and safety...

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