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  1. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Wanted Whelen 8000

    Whelen 8000 strobe bar, preferably Maine state police style.would even consider the shell with base, lenses and grill.
  2. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Feniex Python 4X

    Looking specifically for the Python 4x dash light, preferably red or amber. I had one when they first came out, always regretted getting rid of it.
  3. DefianceEngineCompany

    New controller has a name... Feniex 5200 / Feniex One

    I was hoping it would come out more like the original sneak peek
  4. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Federal Vama Mini Vector

    Looking for a Federal Vama Mini Vector with dark blue domes and belt driven rotators. CIE spec I believe. Will work with international sellers if you have what I need !! Please move thread if not in the right section.
  5. DefianceEngineCompany

    Vintage Catalogs:Whelen

    Curious if anyone is going to fix the links, i would like to see all the catalogs again.
  6. DefianceEngineCompany

    Whelen 88, 5000 series lights

    I can’t see any of the photos anymore?
  7. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Blue Code 3 550 and FS sentry domes

    Just like the title says my fire Dept is in needn’t of a blue Code 3 550 dome and a blue Federal Signal Sentry dome
  8. DefianceEngineCompany

    Vintage Catalogs:Whelen

    There are no photos on what john posted
  9. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Wanted: Jetsonic Series A

    Looking for a Federal Signal Jetsonic Series A or A1 with the front and rear divider mirrors and smart rotators.
  10. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Cobra 800

    Sent back a cobra 800 bar to Feniex and they wouldn’t warrenty it because it was a month or two past the warranty apparently it sat in stock to long so now I need a cobra 800 all red asap to replace for my customer please let me know what you have
  11. DefianceEngineCompany

    FD Ram 3500 Untility all Feniex

    It's been long time since I have posted, so I'll start off again with this all Feniex 2017 Ram 3500 Utility Build I just completed. 1 - Signel Color 49" Fusion Lightbar 6 - Dual Color Fusions 4 - Dual Color Cannons 1 - Typhoon Full Function Siren 1 - Triton Speaker
  12. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Star SVP Visor FIRE led flasher

    Need a flasher for the star svp visor light that spells FIRE or if any one knows of one that will work with it
  13. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Teardrops and vision

    I am on the market for the following items reasonably priced and no color preference. -Federal Signal Vision or Smart Vector with controller. -Federal Signal Flashball teardrop -Smith & Wesson Volunteer I teardrop -Signal Stat 384 Teardrop
  14. DefianceEngineCompany

    D.E.C Collection Sale

    Updated with more to come !
  15. DefianceEngineCompany

    Beacon Ray 176

    Bump still searching
  16. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted Code 3 Parts

    Need the following 2 - Code 3 Excalibur/MX7000 New style high speed rotators 1- Code 3 Excalibur Diamond Mirror 1- Set of Code 3 Clear Javelin Domes
  17. DefianceEngineCompany

    Beacon Ray 176

    Bu.p, still looking
  18. DefianceEngineCompany

    does the market really need another beacon?

    If are going to do rotating patterns, please make the light so it pops like a true rotator and not just brightens up and fades away.
  19. DefianceEngineCompany

    D.E.C Collection Sale

    1,2,3 all are sold, 4 was hoping to sell as a unit, pm's have been replied too
  20. DefianceEngineCompany

    D.E.C Collection Sale

    Updated, added, price drops
  21. DefianceEngineCompany

    D.E.C Collection Sale

    ~ Defiance Engine Company's ~ For Sale or Trade List _______________________________________________ 1- Feniex Cobra 600 A/R/R/R/R/A, unit was custom built with 2 flashers, the reds are separate switching from the ambers. $199.99 1- Feniex Cobra 2X R/R cord cut but with it. $89.99 1- Feniex...
  22. DefianceEngineCompany

    Beacon Ray 176

    Found !!!!!
  23. DefianceEngineCompany

    Wanted NYPD Aero parts

    I need the following to covert my 55" Aerotwin to a 55" nypd bar 2 Aero V mirrors 4 PAR36 Bulb Holders 4 PAR36 Bulbs 2 4 panel domes in the NYPD configuration  Trying to make this
  24. DefianceEngineCompany

    Stealth Full size bar Video Added

    where the heck did you find that beauty
  25. DefianceEngineCompany

    Any one herd these beacons

    Damn my shitty high school for not teaching how to spell

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