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  1. dcb

    SOLD- Valor 6-Button Controller - Free

    Valor 6-Button Controller - Free will work with Valor only, PM me for more info
  2. dcb

    Wanted Federal Signal DeltaRay - Amber

    Any one have an amber DeltaRay in stock? New or used?
  3. dcb

    Positive Sold Positive to Mars Light

    Sold a Unity Beacon to Mars Light. Overall, it was Great Transaction and shipment to Germany. Buyer was responsive to email communications. Enjoy!
  4. dcb

    FleetWorks clearance sale

    We've been cleaning out the stockroom: MX7000/Excalibur domes, Blue only, no hardware, (NOS) $35 SOLD Impaxx lights, amber, blue, red, or white (NOS) $39 each or 2+ $35/each 6+ $30 each NOS Jet series filters: endcap filter - with left, right or universal/center cutout, red or blue $3...
  5. dcb

    Stinger Spike Systems

    Anyone have any info about Stinger Spike Systems, please PM me. I have some older models and looking for information.
  6. dcb

    New MX7000, Excalibur domes (end) - No Longer Available

    New MX7000, Excalibur domes (end) New, old stock MX7000 domes. Choose Red or Blue. Great condition, 9/10, never installed on a vehicle but may be shopworn from being moved around the stock room over the years. List Date: 2/14/2017 For more info, click here to view the original...
  7. dcb

    For Sale NOS Impaxx - White (pair)

    NOS Impaxx AOA lights, White #IPX300-5 $90/pair, shipped [Broken External Image]:
  8. dcb

    For Sale Patrol Power

    complete Patrol Power, for Crown Vic former customer demo, never installed no instructions, what you see is what is what will ship These were like $700, I'm asking $250 OBO[Broken External Image]:
  9. dcb

    SOLD - FedSig MS4000U Siren

    NOS Federal Signal MS4000U Remote Siren New in box, purchased from FS in April 2010. The last FS catalog I found the MS4000U listed in was the 2013 catalog.... $285. SOLD [Broken External Image]:
  10. dcb

    For Sale FedSig HAW Kit

    For Sale Federal Signal HAW Kit #416200, these are the imported kits NOS, mfg date ~2010 [Broken External Image]: white/white (several available) red/red blue/blue amber/white $125 shipped
  11. dcb

    For Sale Conspicuity Tape | Red/White/Blue

    here is something unique I found in the stockroom: Reflexite conspicuity tape in Red/White/Blue [Broken External Image]: 18" long strips, 6" each color very visible, perfect for vehicles and equipment package of 4 for $16, free shipping several available
  12. dcb

    For Sale Kustom HR12

    For Sale Kustom HR12, Very Nice, like new I purchased this re-furbished unit from a local dealer in 2010, unit has been in the box since then except for an occasional use at the ballpark. I dont think this unit has ever seen patrol use. Includes what you see in the photos, plus tuning fork...
  13. dcb

    Federal Signal 3K lights, blue

    For Sale - pair of used Fed Sig 3K Series warning lights Clear lens, narrow prescription, built-in flasher, Blue LEDs includes rubber mounting grommet FS #360510-03 MFG Date 11/07 price lowered to $20 shipped
  14. dcb

    Corvette Pace Car

    Spent some time at the National Corvette Museum last weekend and found this on display. I'm assuming Whelen...
  15. dcb

    color configurations

    I was reading another thread and someone mentioned "crappy" color configurations that create the dreaded purple blur, specifically citing b/r/w/b/r/w/b/r. I realize that choosing the right flash pattern can make a huge difference, and that multi-color bars with flood features are a game...
  16. dcb

    UK Supplier

    Can anyone recommend a quality lighting supplier in the UK? Obviously, I see a lot of websites but would prefer a personal recommendation from someone who has done some business with that supplier before I try to place an order.
  17. dcb

    SOLD - SSI Mini-Lightbar, Amber

    SOLD SSI Mini-Lightbar, Amber w/ Cigar Cord/Switch Permament Mount, no hardware included but there are 6 threaded holes for mounting Former Demo Model, never installed on a vehicle, lens is a little scratched 8.5/10 LEDs are linear, 2 small 4-diode heads in both front & rear, longer 6-diode...
  18. dcb

    HighLighter LED mini bar

    Looking for a really aggressive price on a NEW HighLighter LED. Trying to match the rest of the customer's fleet so I prefer to use the original Highlighter model, not the Economy. Acceptable PN: 454200-02 454200-25 454202-02 454202-25 Please PM with info if you can help me out. Thx.
  19. dcb

    Federal Signal PA650 Remote Siren

    Federal Signal PA650 Remote Siren w/ Wail and Priority plus lighting controls Eight 10-amp light and auxiliary relay positions Full featured 100-Watt remote siren with Wail, Priority & Airhorn Microphone and switch controls in handset Federal Signal #650003 New, Old Stock in original packaging...
  20. dcb

    lots of Streethawks

    Holy StreetHawks, Batman! Or maybe knock-offs? Check out 1:31... Malaysia Airlines plane: Missing jet may have turned back, officials say - CBS News
  21. dcb

    NEW 2012 Federal Signal catalog

    NEW 2012 Federal Signal police market catalog:
  22. dcb

    beacon question

    Many years ago, my father had a halogen beacon - I believe it was a Signal Stat model. Unlike most of the beacons that I am familiar with, this beacon had a single automotive style bulb (like a turn signal bulb) but had 4 glass lenses that rotated around the single bulb. Anyone familiar with...
  23. dcb

    new In-Car Video System from FedSig

    new In-Car Video System from FedSig: I don't have any info more specific that what is posted on the website, but I'm told the first systems are shipping and can be configured in some very affordable packages. And I'm glad I beat LeftCoastMark by posting new info...

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