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  1. OliverD

    Whelen Mini Century 16" MC16VF

    I switched the amber led and replaced a white TIR 6 and a corner light by a red TIR 6 and a red corner to get this configuration : Video YouTube
  2. OliverD

    Whelen Mini Century 16" MC16VF

    I have buy a new Whelen Mini Century 16" from Sirennet. It's initialy the Amber / White version with clear dome.
  3. OliverD

    Wanted Whelen VI Pod

    Looking for a new or used in good conditions VI Pod Whelen (Magnetic mount & cig.plug). Color : All Amber or Amber/White or Amber/Red or Amber/Red/White. Shipping for Belgium (Europe). Thanks for your answers.
  4. OliverD

    Hello from the Uk

    Hi from Belgium ! Welcome to Elb !
  5. OliverD

    SEV Marchal Beacon

    In France on "Le bon coin" 2 Marchal to buy 450 Euros...
  6. OliverD

    SEV Marchal Beacon

    It's not mine. On these pics you can see the lamp holder. ;-)
  7. OliverD

    SEV Marchal Beacon

    Let's see this vid.
  8. OliverD

    Hello from Paris

    Welcome to Elb. Sois le bienvenu sur le forum.
  9. OliverD

    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    It's not mine
  10. OliverD

    The different lights in my collection (new : Signal Stat 374)

    Federal Signal Vama LR 130 Amber NOS
  11. OliverD

    The different lights in my collection (new : Signal Stat 374)

    An other find : FB12 RED dome
  12. OliverD

    The different lights in my collection (new : Signal Stat 374)

    Have found these two "Cycle Signal" they are very nice ;-)
  13. OliverD

    Federal Signal Motor Restoration

    Like a new one :cool:o_O;)
  14. OliverD

    Hello from France

    Welcome to ELB ! Bonjour de Belgique ;-)
  15. OliverD

    Hello from Belgium

    You are welcome, Belgian guy ! Sois le bienvenu sur Elb, cher compatriote !
  16. OliverD

    Best light setup

    Blue lights was only for POLICE.
  17. OliverD

    New from CO

    Welcome to eLB ;)
  18. OliverD

    Hello from Louisville.

    Welcome to eLB ;)
  19. OliverD

    NOS Combined revolving light / horn (2 tones) "Feldjäger"

    Feldjäger is a combined revolving light / 2 tones horn ; it was built in 1986, at the time of the cold war, by In. Weidelt GmbH at the request of the German armed forces. The objective was to be able to, in case of war, convert quickly an unmarked car into military police cars.
  20. OliverD

    Whelen ROTA-BEAM Family History

    So nice ; like a diamond :p
  21. OliverD

    New Guy!

    Welcome to eLB ! ;)
  22. OliverD

    Been gone a long time

    Welcome back ;)
  23. OliverD

    Hello from over the pond in Southern Sweden.

    Welcome to ELB ;)
  24. OliverD

    Hola and hello from sunny New Mexico

    Welcome to eLB ;)
  25. OliverD

    Vintage Frankenstein-ed lights, beacons and light bars.

    Yes I have seen this car in Charleroi during the years 80'. They had also some VW Golf 1 each provided with one blue WHELEN PA 993.
  26. OliverD

    Greetings from Brussels, Belgium, Europe

    Welcome to eLB ! Sois le bienvenu sur eLB cher compatriote; moi je suis de Châtelet ;-)
  27. OliverD

    Hello from France

    Hello BICK, welcome to eLB ! Sois le bienvenu sur eLB. Olivier from Belgium, the land of french fries ;-)
  28. OliverD

    Hello from Calif.

    Welcome to eLB ;)

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