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  1. Andrewscounty82

    2013 Silverado finally done

    Here is a list of equipment video will follow this afternoon. Thanks to everyone here for their help and insight. The install went very well for my first time and hope you will all critic it when I get the video posted thanks Front: License plate - AWL AP4 R/W Grill - AWL AP6 R ILB - AWL...
  2. Andrewscounty82

    Federal signal TA wiring

    Can someone give me insight on what each wire in the nine wire TA's function is please. I have searched to no avail White: Brown: Green: Orange: Purple: Gray: Yellow: Blue: Red:
  3. Andrewscounty82

    Smart siren SM

    Where did you guys wire in the power for the brain? The manual says to use a source on the fuse block that powers up in the start and run with a +20 amp draw. This is on a 2013 silverado any help please
  4. Andrewscounty82

    Smart Siren SM TA help

    I am going to be wiring up a SM this weekend and my question is do I have to use a Federal Signal TA in order for the TA function to work? If not does any one know the wiring color for one so I can know where I need to wire in my TA into the 11 position plug
  5. Andrewscounty82

    Speker wiring help

    I have two AS124 wired in parallel to a LCS 880 siren my question is when the siren is on it sounds like it has a loose wire connection somewhere. Speakers are new and wiring is checked and is good. The instructions says that the wiring from me siren does not matter + or - as long as the speaker...
  6. Andrewscounty82

    Fed signal AS 124

    I installed the speaker to a star unitrol 880 siren per instructions my question is the speaker sounds good on all the functions except wail. When in wail mode it crackles like a bad connection so I checked and redid connections with the same result any suggestions on what could be the problem?
  7. Andrewscounty82

    SVP LCS880

    What can you tell me about it is it a good siren system? Planning on running my lights through it as well all LED
  8. Andrewscounty82

    AS124 speaker mounting in a 2013 Silverado

    I am going to mount my speaker this weekend what is a good place to put it I was thinking behind the front grill but I am afraid it will hinder airflow to the radiator. Any suggestins on what you guys have done thanks
  9. Andrewscounty82

    Thoughts on star SVP DLP ULB 24

    Are they a good lighhtbar thinking all red with white takedowns for my pov thoughts??
  10. Andrewscounty82

    WTB ILB in red/white

    What do you guys have it will be for a 2013 silverado I dont need anything expensive looking to spend $300 or less thanks
  11. Andrewscounty82

    My wiring diagram

    Can you guys look over this and tell me what I need to do, dont do, overkill etc. I will be running all LED lights and a whelen siren thanks Also could I do one relay to cut the power with the ignition to everything or should I do a relay on every circuit?
  12. Andrewscounty82

    2013 Silverado advise

    Hi guys new to the forum and hope to learn a lot I am setting up a pov for my FD and need your advise. We can run red/white lights here and that is what I am looking to run. I have the following already bought. Wheelen siren and speaker, Wheelen traffic advisor, Wheelen ULF 44, and Wheelen 6...

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