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    Finding old manuals or wiring diagrams

    I saw something about a "sync wire", a "fast pattern wire", and now a "low power control wire". Could be a lot of things but either way I don't think my controller is going to work with the XT308AS. Its for my Man-Cave so guess I'll just make my own, or I could just hard wire it to a single...
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    Finding old manuals or wiring diagrams

    So after some inspired testing of the XT308AS I figured out what most of the wires do. Now I just have to take apart the controller to see how it is wired so I can power the correct wires. I'm attaching a rough diagram so maybe the next guy doesn't have to go though what I did. Thanks shues...
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    Finding old manuals or wiring diagrams

    Thank you! I don't know why I couldn't find it before. It doesn't tell me what each color wire does, but I feel like I'm a little closer to having a fully functional traffic advisor.
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    Finding old manuals or wiring diagrams

    I had the opportunity to pick up a Code 3 XT308AS Arrowstik and an Arrowstik controller (part 020667) for next to nothing and I thought it would be a simple project; The only catch was, no documentation included. I thought Google-dorking and YouTube would help me get this stuff setup in an...

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