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  1. ffjwhite

    HHS4200 wecan help

    ok, this one has me stumped big time. I just bought the hhs4200 with the wecan build in. Now I have imported the file from my wecan freedom and I can not get any kind of function out of it. I can not get one module or function on the light bar. Will the hhs4200 be able to run a freedom with a...
  2. ffjwhite

    For Sale Feniex 4 Channel LED Flasher

    Bought this new in Nov of 2019. This is a great flasher and no longer need it. Can do both positive or negative side flashing. Has 20 flash patterns with 3 modes and can sync with other V2 lightheads or flashers. Asking $35 Shipped USPS Priority.
  3. ffjwhite

    For Sale Feniex 4200DL with Storm 100 Pro

    I am looking to sell my like new Feniex 4200DL with Storm Pro 100. These were bought brand new in January. They all work flawlessly and will be removed and shipped with original boxes. Will include the extra labels as well. It is currently installed until this weekend when I install my new...
  4. ffjwhite

    For Sale 4 Whelen 400 Series Single Level Super-LED

    I have 4 of these for sale. They came out of a Freedom bar and have a DOM of 2010. All are in working order. These are steady burn and will require a flasher. I have the following 2 Amber 1 Red 1 Blue They are $15 each plus $7 for USPS Priority Or all 4 for $45 Shipped with USPS Priority...
  5. ffjwhite

    Wanted Trade Feniex 4200DL for Sound Off nERGY 400 Series Handheld.

    I know this might be a long shot, but I am looking to trade my Feniex 4200DL for a Sound Off nERGY Handheld controller. I dont have a whole lot of room in my F150. I Think it would be a better fit for me. I do have some other stuff to trade but want to see what the availability is for the nERGY...
  6. ffjwhite

    Positive Awesome Deal with tsquale

    Well, this is alittle late, but I had an awesome deal and buy from @tsquale. Purchased a Freedom from him and he shipped quickly and the packaging was great. Hell, I had a hard time unboxing the lightbar it was packaged that well. Will deal with him again for sure.
  7. ffjwhite

    Positive Very Positive with Phoenix_Rising

    Bought a pair of Feniex Fusions and was awesome from the beginning. Paid quick and great communication. A +
  8. ffjwhite

    For Sale 2 Feniex Fusion Dual Color Surface Mount 180 degree B/W

    I have 2 Feniex Fusion Dual Color surface mounts. They are Blue/White and have the 180 Degree optics. I bought these brand new about 2 years ago. No longer need the Blue any more. They have the Metal Flanges and come with about 5-6 inches of wire. These still have some warranty left on it...
  9. ffjwhite

    For Sale Federal Signal XStreme Tri Color Dash light R/B/W

    I have a Like new Federal Signal XStreme Tri-color dash light.The light is Red/Blue/White It was bought in November and has about 10 hours of run time on it. I am asking $150 Shipped USPS Priority. It comes with the suction cup mounts as well as the 3 different flashback shields. The only thing...
  10. ffjwhite

    Wanted Code 3 RX2700 Lenses - New Complete

    As the title says, I am looking for a New complete set of Code 3 RX2700 lenses. I have been trying to contact a few Code 3 Delears and no response. This was before the crap hit the fan with the Gov. Maybe hoping someone here has a lead. If you have any info please PM me. Thanks
  11. ffjwhite

    Wanted Motorola APX6500 Remote mount kit

    Hey there. My department is looking for 2 Remote Mount kits for a Motorola APX6500 with the O5 heads. Would like them new if possible, but please let me know what you have with prices please. Thanks
  12. ffjwhite

    Code 3 dealer, need prices please.

    Looking for a new lenses for a code 3 rx2700 lightbar. Need lower and top domes. Please pm me with a price. Thanks in advance.
  13. ffjwhite

    Wanted Red led lightbar

    I am looking for an all red led lightbar. I would like it to be red blue and amber to the rear but if it's a new bar I could take all red and change out the colors myself. Would like to see what everyone has for sale. Nambe brand only please. Thanks
  14. ffjwhite

    Positive Positive buy from Fever, Inc

    Bought 4 used T6 Dummy light heads from Fever, Inc. Transaction took a couple of months to complete because of me but he was patient with me during the whole process. I will be dealing with him again for sure in the future.
  15. ffjwhite

    Wanted 4 Feniex T6 Dummy Lightheads

    As the title says, I am looking for 4 Feniex T6 dummy lightheads. Would like 1 red, 1 blue and 2 amber. Doesn't matter if they are new or used just like them to be functioning properly please. Thanks.
  16. ffjwhite

    Kenwood TK-7180 to work with magnetic mic.

    Well as the title say, I have a Kenwood TK 7180 and I am trying to get the magnetic mic to work for it. However the mic scans through the grounding of the standard mic clip. I need to get this to work with the magnetic mic by ground it out through that instead. Does anyone know of a way around...
  17. ffjwhite

    Feniex 4200 Controller

    have a like New but used Feniex 4200 controller for sale. Took it in on a trade from an install. This was bought last year and still works flawlessly. Does come with everything including the extra labels, which is not pictured. Looking to get $225 shipped USPS or BRO.
  18. ffjwhite

    Wanted EPL 9000 LED Boards`

    I am looking for 4 PCB LED boards for the corner modules of an EPL 9000 Lightbar. I bought one off of ebay and they only have 1 board in each corner and centered the module which did nothing other than looks. Looking for them to be amber in color but will take what ever you have. Need to fix...
  19. ffjwhite

    Whelen Dual Avenger B/B - No Longer Available

    Whelen Dual Avenger B/B I have a Like New Whelen Dual Avenger. It is Blue/Blue. The MFG date on it is 5/17. Thats how new it is. I bought this for a slick top look, but didnt end up liking it. It comes with everything pictured. I am looking for $150 via paypal, i do not sell items on panjo...
  20. ffjwhite

    Wanted Whelen 500 series traffic advisor frame

    Looking for a used whelen traffic advisor frame that will fit 500 series lightheads. Looking for just the frame. No lights. Wiring would be a plus but not essential. If you have anything please let me know. Thanks
  21. ffjwhite

    Whelen Liberty Wecan DUO Questions

    Ok, I have a Whelen Liberty Wecan model and I am wondering if I can use the IO board that comes with it to use duo heads? I think I have to get another harness but I was wondering if the standard IO board can be used for Duo heads. Was gonna slowly upgrade some modules to dual colors. I do have...
  22. ffjwhite

    Whelen Freedom Lens Kit question

    Well I am trying to order a new lens kit for a customer of mine, and I can not find a freedom kit online, just the 9m. Now are they the same as the freedom. I would think so but I just wanted to make sure before I order otherwise I am out $180. I cant find specs on it and the only difference I...
  23. ffjwhite

    Wanted Need asap. Whelen freedom lens and corner module

    Well as the title says, I am looking for a clear end cap and a short and long clear inner lens. Also looking for a amber corner module. If you have anything please let me know asap as my customer needs it. Thanks.
  24. ffjwhite

    Whelen PCCS9RW Switch box (SOLD)

    I have a used whelen PCCS9RW switch box for sale. It is only a year and 2 months old. Selling this cause I upgraded to a 4200 controller. Bought it brand new from Strobesnmore. The only issue with this is the MFG tag came off when I used double sided mounting tape to mount it to the car. I can...
  25. ffjwhite

    TRADED - Whelen Liberty LIN6 (Newer Style)

    I have for sale 3 Whelen Liberty LIN6 in blue. These have the new difuser in them and have a MFG Date of 12/11. So there is a few months left of the 5 year warranty. All have been tested and still works. Even when they were pulled from the lightbar. They were pulled to replace with different...
  26. ffjwhite

    Feniex 4200 Problem

    Well First of all I am not sure if this is in the right place or not, so if not Please dont castrate me as things have changed from when they used to be lol. I just bought a 4200 controller and I am having an issue programming it. I have tried 2 different computers as well as 2 different cables...
  27. ffjwhite

    Wanted Feniex 4200 Controller

    Well as the title says, I am looking for a Feniex 4200 controller. Would like something used but will take new if else fails. Let me know what you have with pictures please. Android Bluetooth optional but not needed. Thanks
  28. ffjwhite

    Wecan Programming Question

    Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone knew how to set up 1 button push for Alleys and tds to cycle. I know on the Wecan 5 version you could set that up so where 1 push would turn on left alley, 2nd push would turn on TD's and 3rd push would turn on right alley. I was looking to do this and...
  29. ffjwhite

    Wanted Need NMO Mount Scanner Antenna

    I am looking for a NMO style scanner antenna. Would like to be able to receive VHF as well as low band. Let me know with what you have. Paypal ready for the right price. Thanks
  30. ffjwhite

    For Sale Whelen Liberty Parts

    Decided to make a custom light out of my liberty so I am selling off the remaining parts. All prices are without shipping unless otherwise stated. I will consider all offers. Paypal is preferred. First come first served. Thanks All blue Liberty Lens Kit with Alley cutt outs $50 4 Blue Corners...

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