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  1. Black Hoe

    Unitrol Sirens

    Regarding the Touchmaster sirens except for the Delta models, the pitch and rise and fall rate of the wail changed around the year 2000. The yelp pitch and rate did not change. Regarding the 80K sirens, yes they can be used with any Unitrol brand controller or even an aftermarket. The 80K is...
  2. Black Hoe

    Which of the Low Frequency Siren Systems is your favorite?

    Have to agree with Wailer on this. The older Federal Interceptor series 2D or Director series 1D have the nostalgic slower lower pitched wail and yelp sounds. Also the old SP and Dietz brand sirens had great low tones.
  3. Black Hoe

    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    My favorite is still the Unitrol Omega 90 dual mode.
  4. Black Hoe

    Restoring Hi-Lo On Touchmaster w/ OP 9

    You need to access the area behind the red siren switch and cut the metal jumper that is giving you wail and wail.
  5. Black Hoe

    Federal FIRE BALL Family History

    The vinyl eye shields were made very well but they did retain the heat generated by the bulb during extended interior usage.
  6. Black Hoe

    2019 Dodge Durango R/T. POV

    Any photos or videos? I have a new Durango R/T ready to be outfitted and looking for interior and exterior pics and videos.
  7. Black Hoe

    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    I've always been partial to my original vintage Federal Fireball FB-1. The halogen version is obviously brighter but it rotates much slower than the old gear driven model.
  8. Black Hoe

    nypd aerodynic

    Possibly FDNY or NYC-EMS?
  9. Black Hoe

    Just IN!!! My New in Box Federal Signal Streethawk N.Y.P.D. Spec.

    Being a New Yorker, it is definitely NYPD specs. Great find! Great deal!
  10. Black Hoe

    NYPD Aerodynic Restauration

    Looks Breathtaking! Great Job!
  11. Black Hoe

    Unitrol Omega to be Discontinued May 2016

    I've been running Unitrol sirens for 30+ years. They are best sounding sirens out there in my opinion and the original Touchmasters, Omegas and 80K's are extremely reliable. Sorry to hear that Federal is doing this but I wasn't a big fan of Unitrol being bought out by them years ago.
  12. Black Hoe

    2010 Tahoe Fire pov

    Too Many LIGHTS!
  13. Black Hoe

    Spit-Polish of my 2013 Tahoe PPV POV

    Excellent! I like it ALOT!
  14. Black Hoe


    Purchased a Whelen 12Q Siren. Great Communication, Packaged Well and Fast Shipping! AAA+++
  15. Black Hoe

    Interesting garage sale save

    The old Heathkit sirens sound great and were very reliable back in the day. We had one which was built by one of our old ex-chiefs (now deceased) in a 1967 Cadillac Superior Ambulance. They were 58-watt rated but hooked up to a Federal CP-25 speaker, the siren was LOUD!
  16. Black Hoe

    25H acquisition with NEW flash pattern video!

    The second video is breath-taking!
  17. Black Hoe

    My Federal Sign and Signal Beacon Ray 174-A California Special

    Another Great Job Eric! It Looks Fantastic!
  18. Black Hoe

    My new aerotwinsonic model 23 NYPD custom bar Video added!

    Absolutely breathtaking! Great Job! Can't wait to see the video! :popcorn:
  19. Black Hoe

    2014 Silverado 2500 Fire POV

    Looks good but you definitely need some more LED warning power in the rear window.
  20. Black Hoe

    Replace Whelen 64 Series Strobes with LEDs?

    I would strongly recommend sticking with Whelen too. I would go with the largest Whelen LED lighthead model possible that will properly fit the existing 64 series openings, use the existing strobe power cables and connect them to a Whelen external synchronized LED flasher unit. Good Luck!
  21. Black Hoe

    My newest Twinsonic....12SF

    A definite rare find! I can't wait to see it all cleaned up and a video posted!
  22. Black Hoe

    Unity collection

    I always loved the Unity Beacons. The local county PD used to run a Unity "Visibar" styled bar with twin 2 bulb beacons (not synched) using Red Spitfire domes which gave off a very distinct visual back in the 70's. The center of the bar had a Unity chrome plated speaker similar to a CP-25 and...
  23. Black Hoe

    2014 GMC Yukon

    Looks good except for that monstrosity on the top! Too bad the siren isn't a Unitrol Omega 90 Dual-Mode system but the Delta is OK.
  24. Black Hoe

    Ultimate Siren demo thread

    My current Unitrol Omega 90 Dual-Mode Siren in my POV.
  25. Black Hoe

    unitrol Omega siren

    Forum member EV Modules makes the Unitrol cables up and they are better made than the originals. I suggest you private message him.
  26. Black Hoe

    Just picked up this GREEN Federal 184 POWER LIGHT

    Awesome looking! I always loved the rare Green Domed Beacons!
  27. Black Hoe

    2015 Suburban Install

    Another overdone Hatzolah responder! The exterior mounted ION on the hood looks ridiculous! To answer Surgical, yes Blue is only legal to display on the rear of an authorized emergency vehicle in New York State as per the recently updated vehicle and traffic laws. As a side note, I think GM...

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