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  1. memorex

    For Sale Multiple Lights - Whelen - Federal - Star

    Pair of red linz6 still available?
  2. memorex

    For Sale 2010 Chevy Tahoe SSV 4WD

    2010 Chevrolet Tahoe $7500 Driven 189,600 miles Located in San Antonio, TX. Former Border Patrol SSV 4WD Tahoe. 2nd owner, used for lane closure/traffic control for about 3years. Only main issue was a ground problem and throttle position sensor, both fixed. Very regular oil change with full syn...
  3. memorex

    Wanted Mirror beams 1999 Tahoe

    Thanks for checking
  4. memorex

    Wanted Mirror beams 1999 Tahoe

    Anyone have mirror beams for 97-99 chevy tahoe for sale?
  5. memorex

    1992 Caprice 9C1 SAPD Replica

    I'm here in San Antonio, TX and took a stab at making an SAPD replica with an original 1992 Caprice 9C1 from WA. I had the exact lightbar and siren but was missing graphics. The guys at Southwest Public Safety helped recreate the graphics and installed the emergency equipment. That 100w speaker...
  6. memorex

    For Sale Code 3 MX7000 All Blue

    Can you send video please. Pm sent
  7. memorex

    For Sale Whelen Charger Inner Edge TA (8 Head R A A A A A A B)

    Lower for chargers, upper for crown vics
  8. memorex

    Wanted Sho Me Controller 11.1000CH

    I have the chameleon sticks and looking to buy the controller if anyone has extra. Shoot me a price.
  9. memorex

    For Sale Whelen Howler Low Frequency Tone Siren w/ 2 speakers

    $330 and that includes free shipping to the US only.
  10. memorex

    ---SOLD---Federal Signal Rumbler w/two speakers

    These speakers were bought from a private party who pulled it from a working environment. I had purchased these because I couldn't find the whelen howler but before install I got lucky and found a pair off howlers. I have not tested these speakers but looks like its got everything to function...

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