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    Wanted Amber slimlighter

    Looking for an amber whelen slimlighter
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    Wanted Nova preemption dash strobe

    Looking for a nova preemption dash strobe new or used.
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    Whelen inner edge brackets for Chevy Colorado

    Just curious if anyone has modified stock brackets or is certain ones come close with minimal modification to fit a 2015-2018 colorado/canyon
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    Tomar strobecom 3060 emitter programming

    Just bought a tomar strobecom 3060 NOS for an ambulance at my department. From what I heard talking to another department the emitter needs to be programmed? On the instructions theres a wire for programming but it doesnt say anything other than that. I just wanted to see if anyone has...
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    Thoughts on the Motorola SL3500e ?

    So, I am in the market for a new portable and wanted to see if people have used the Motorola SL3500e in the public safety field and how it held up. Specifically I would be buying the VHF model and do not know if it would be enough to reach the repeaters in my area (North East PA a lot of...
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    Wanted Whelen dual avenger 2 solo

    Looking for a new or used dual avenger 2 in blue or amber
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    Wanted Whelen dual avenger 2 duo

    Looking for a dual avenger 2 in duo blue amber or blue white. No preference used or new
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    Wanted Blue whelen responder dome

    Looking for a whelen responder dome in Blue for the led version. Used is fine to keep it as cheap as possible
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    Wanted 5mm slimlighter in blue

    Looking for a 5mm style slimlighter in B/B
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    Whelen flashing halogen beacon help

    So I bought a couple of these beacons in red years ago. I want to mount one to my utv but i want to switch over to an amber dome. Does anyone know how to remove the dome from this model?
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    Wanted Whelen cadet dome

    Looking for a blue whelen cadet dome.
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    Wanted Dashlaser blue lense/dome

    Looking for a blue lense/dome for a code 3 dashlaser
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    Wanted Deckblaster visor mount

    Looking for a visor mount for a code3 deckblaster
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    New version chevy colorado lightbar mount

    Has anyone ever used the whelen strap mounts to mount a 50” justice bar to a newer version chevy colorado/canyon? According to whelen the straps will only work with a 55” bar. pictures are appreciated Thanks
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    For Sale Fed sig PA300

    Fed sig PA300. Was working when removed, not sure about pa mic. Missing connector. Sold as is. Paypal only $55 shipped CONUS
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    For Sale Viper s2 R/W

    Fed sig viper s2 in R/W with headliner bracket. Cut cord about 5”. Sold as is. Paypal only. $55 shipped CONUS
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    Wanted Tir6 slimlighter in amber.

    Looking for a tir6 slimlighter in amber
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    Wanted Edge/mini edge : FOUND

    Looking for a whelen edge or mini edge. Looking to spend less than $150 shipped
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    For Sale Soundoff ghosts red

    Pair of soundoff ghosts in red. Working when removed from vehicle. Sold as is. $50 shipped
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    For Sale Federal signal firebeam amber

    I have a federal signal firebeam with switch to select the speeds. Good condition with uncut cord. $50 shipped obo
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    For Sale SVP siren

    SVP siren working when removed from vehicle. Short wires on connector. Sold as is. $40 shipped
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    For Sale Star hotshot with mirror

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Star hotshot with mirror - Star hotshot II Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Sho me flashpoint beacon [No Longer Available]

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Sho me flashpoint beacon - Sho me Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Whelen flatlighter lens

    Looking for a pair of amber or one amber one clear flatlighter lenses new or used.
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    Wanted Whelen V23 amber

    Looking for a whelen v23 series in amber or white preferably used
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    For Sale Pair of whelen grommet mounts for tir3, linz6 and lin3

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Pair of whelen grommet mounts for tir3, linz6 and lin3 - Whelen Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen uhf2150a NIP [No Longer Available]

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Whelen uhf2150a NIP - Whelen Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen responder con3 modules pair

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Whelen responder con3 modules pair - Whelen Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Soundoff gen 3 visor light [No Longer Available]

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Soundoff gen 3 visor light - Soundoff Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Nova sd24 red

    hoj1192 submitted a new listing: Nova sd24 red - Nova sd24 Read more about this listing...

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