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    NASig 4 flash beacon (not my auction)

    Rare non rotating North American Signal 4 bulb flashing beacon
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    Support Cant find member profile message

    Not sure where to post this... I need some switch boxes for a project going to my Installer next week. Spotted some on Carlos Spicy Weiners sale thread. When I click to message him I got the message user not avaliable. Anyone have a suggestion?
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    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma

    Posting to guage anyone's interest in a collection in Oklahoma. Federal 15,s. 17's. 175's 173,174, 184 twinsonic. A couple fireballs, a few fireball 2's Code 3 SD bar, a half dozen mini sd force four bars 4 xl mini bars. Whelen corporal, large 994 speaker light, responders and responder 2...
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    eBay Listing 5-0 light on the bay

    Not mine. Decent buy it now price
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    Wanted Skirt/base for Dominion Auto 357 round top beacon

    Anyone have a skirt for a Dominion Auto 357 Round top beacon ( like a beacon ray model 17) Any condition, stainless , painted thanks!
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    Yet another what is this?

    Spotted in an antique mall. Tag reads “old fire truck light” I didn’t see a brand or model numbers Front and rear glass lens. Anyone know anything about them?
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    Wanted Federal Signal propello ray housing

    Looking for a propello ray housing. New or used Thanks!
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    Wanted Clear Dome for Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Jr

    Looking for a clear dome for Federal Signal Model 15 Beacon Ray Jr. Will be for a display. Glass or Plastic welcome. A green or Blue would also be of interest! Thanks!
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    eBay Listing Red Dietz, Smith and Wesson Napa Omni Chief NOS Domes

    Spotted on the bay:
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    Another What’s it fit...

    Bought three of these lenses from a seller who said he had some Whelen Cadet domes. This is what showed up instead. Any ideas what they are for?
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    Wanted Federal Model 11 gear

    Looking for a gear for a model 11 beacon on a visibar. Need the Gear that meshes with the gear on the motor.
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    Wanted Federal Twin Beacon Ray band model 11

    Need a chrome band/ring with or without the tag for a Model 11 or 14 Federal Signal for a visibar setup. Thanks
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    Wanted Federal Fireball 2 Amber or Clear Dome

    Looking for a used or new dome in amber or clear for the Federal Fireball 2 dash light Thanks
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    Wanted disregard. Found one

    Looking for an Amber Snap on Filter for dashlaser Found.
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    Upgrade KC off road lights to led

    Has anyone converted the old style KC offroad lights to LED? I’m talking about the ones with H3 Halogen Bulbs. 55w or 100w. They sell new inserts that convert them but I would like to find an LED bulb that is H3 and will still throw a spot beam like the 100w halogen.
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    Sparton Mfg series 100 flashing light

    Ebay find. NOS Sparton LC-1 Series 100 flashing light. Came with a slip of paper that stated the product needed to be warmed up for 15 seconds before it would operate properly. The light isn’t working. I dissasembled it and found a paper/cardboard flasher or capacitor wired in line with the...
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    eBay Listing Not mine:Very large rectangle chunk of Green Jello
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    For Sale Seller on the bay with a large inventory

    I purchased some domes from this seller on ebay. In correspondence they mentioned that they have purchased 5 semi trailers full of lighting, lenses and mirrors. Over 1500 auctions currently and they were willing to accept an offer on my purchase.
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    eBay Listing Anyone need a $5.00 blue whelen Cadet filter?

    Spotted this while surfing
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    Mystery Beacon Ray?

    Picked this up on ebay for a $15 bid, listed as a Rooftop emergency light. The owner previous to the seller is no longer with us so they had no information about the beacon. No markings on the amber plastic dome No tag on the base but the holes are there. Base is painted grey inside from...
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    KD Lamps teardrop rotator find on Etsy

    Bought this on Etsy for $10 plus shipping. Scratched up and well worn. The extra loud mosquito attracting motor sound was no extra charge. Shot a video. Not sure how to load it.
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    Positive Bought Positive from ChargerLighting

    Mike sent me a couple of mini light bars. Packaged safe and a super good deal. Thanks Mike!
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    Positive Bought positive from Shawn L

    Super fast shipping and safe packing on a great quality part. Thank You Shawn!
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    For Sale Not mine... NIB beacon ray on ebay
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    Dietz/Yankee light bar and part avaliability

    I went to the First Monday trade days in Canton Texas today. I found a storage area full of junk and asked the guy if he had any lights or lightbars. He directed me to the general area of the location of a busted Police light bar. I dug around and found a bar that had a busted red dome. It is...
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    For Sale Tidal wave of Aerodynic Mini’s on the bay *not mine
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    Anyone bidding on this Signal stat 374 beacon?
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    Wanted Code3 SD or Force 4 Mini

    Anyone have a Code3 SD mini or Force 4 SD mini bar for sale? Also looking for a clear lens for the same
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    Positive Great transaction from Unlisted

    Made my first purchase on the forum. I bombed unlisted with questions on the Private messenger. He politely schooled me on the buy it button on the for sale thread. Paypal'd the funds and he let me know when he shipped the light. Air mail from Canada showed up today with a safely packed...

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