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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    I bow to the mighty knowledge of the equipment gurus of ELB I'm doing an install with a police officer in town. He wants to add two round LED spotlights to his PB, these will flash and also do takedown function. We have ordered the lights he wants from Lifetime LED, and a HLF from a member...
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    For Sale NIB Feniex Wide-Lux 7X3 R/W

    I have a NIB Feniex Wide-Lux in red/white split. This light was taken out of the bag and tested, then put back in the bag. Still contains all wires, mounting hardware, and the bag of course! Asking $85 shipped for this light.
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    Hatzolah Circus

    The video speaks for itself...
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    For Sale Feniex Cobra T6s Amber/White

    I have a pair of amber/white split T6s mounted to an LP bracket. These have been mounted since June 2015 with less than 5 hours runtime. The red epoxy on the flange should come off, previous installer used it for some reason... These are the generation with the plastic flange, not metal...
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    SOLD Feniex Apollo F6 Amber/White

    I have 4 amber/white Apollo F6s with all the hardware for sale. These have been mounted for about 6 months and have less than 5 hours of total run time. Lenses are 9.5/10. In the video they are only flashing amber, these are currently installed and set that way by the customer. Please allow an...
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    Gethru Technology

    Has anyone heard of these guys? The handheld sirens look pretty cheap but the tones are nice and the cheaper unit claims to be 200 watt.
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    For Sale Feniex Storm Pro Siren 100W

    SOLD I have a slightly used Storm Pro 100W siren. This was installed in my truck for about a month and has a total siren runtime of less than 3 minutes. Siren comes with everything in the box. PA mic in perfect condition (cable still wrapped up from Feniex) PA mic clip (never used) Siren amp...
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    I have a custom light for sale. It is a SoundOff Ultralite 8. It is the frame of a UL8 but it was sold to me with 10 heads. I took two of those out and made it a dummy bar to use with an external flasher. I have the original I/O board and the other two heads for this so it can be put back to...
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    For Sale Slightly Used Feniex 4200

    I switched vehicles and no longer need all the functions of a 4200. This was installed in my truck for about 3 months and has less than 5 hours total run time. Comes with all the labels (4 sheets plus what is on the controller) and everything that comes in the box. I bought this new and it...
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    Wanted Feniex Cobra 100 Blue/Dummy T6s

    Looking for two blue Cobra 100s (or two blue 200s for the right price) with shroud. These will be mounted and hardwired in a Tahoe and will be controlled with an ERM flasher. I would prefer ones that have been converted to dummy flash, but I can do that if needed. Also looking for two blue...
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    For Sale Whelen Freedom with Feniex TDs

    I have a converted Edge 9000 bar with Whelen 400s. All blue front with custom made Feniex T6 Spot dual takedowns, Whelen 400 halogen alleys and a red/blue split rear. The rear 6 have been wired to a separate harness for control from a separate flasher, or the wires can be put back to the Whelen...
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    Crazy idea? I/O board to flash entire vehicle

    So I had a thought... I will be upfitting a Tahoe in the next few months and want to make it exactly how I want it. It will be a slick-top used for traffic control mostly. I plan to have 2 T6s in the grille, 2 T6 spots (white) in the grille, HLF, 2 T3s on each running board, a T6 spot on each...
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    ERM Flasher

    I came across this on the Sirenworld page yesterday and have been pretty excited looking at it. FEVER seems to like them and I've found a couple other threads where people have used them, but why are these not as hot as the ULF44? Full control over flash rate, pattern, and two modes. These...
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    Cencom Gold with full cables and labels

    I have a Cencom Gold for sale. Bought this a few weeks ago and decided I wanted something different. Comes with full set of new cables. I cut the primary power and ground wire during the install but those will be spliced back to the factory length. Comes with the mic extension cable, full...
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    Wanted Havis Cencom COnsole Bracket

    Looking for a Havis console bracket for a Cencom Gold (C-EB40-CCS-1P). New or Used Thanks!
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    Federal Signal SmartSiren Signalmaster/Whelen Freedom Corner (B)

    EDIT: Change of plans, I am keeping both items for now. Thanks everyone!
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    Freedom RED Corner (Have blue, will trade)

    Like the title says, I have a blue corner and I'm looking to trade for a red corner or buy one. Thanks!
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    (NIB) Lifetime 3" Flush Mount

    I have for sale a pair of Lifetime 3" FLUSH MOUNT 20W LED lights. These are very bright (1236 Lumens) and have two mounting options. You can use the surface mounting holes around the light, or the cradle mount attached to the bottom of the light. These were removed from the box, tested for...
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    Officer in Coma After CVPI Struck by Garbage Truck

    Hey guys and gals, one of our brothers-in-blue is in need of some help this holiday season. Officer Alan Smith was patrolling when his CVPI was T-boned by a trash truck. Officer Smith was pinned for about 45 minutes, then airlifted to a local ER where he was placed in a medically educed coma...
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    Lifetime LED Bi-color Light Bars

    Lifetime LED has announced the addition of bi-color LED light bars to their lineup. These bars are dual level bars with amber and white options. Sizes range from 7.5 inches (36w) to 50 inches (120w) Here are the specs from the website (21.5 inch bar): LIFETIME warranty A DPDT (double...
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    Glendale Arizona Deputy Faces Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

    PHOENIX (CBS5) - Glendale police released video of a deadly crash involving a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy that took place last December. Glendale police have released investigation photos of a fatal crash in December involving a Maricopa County sheriff's deputy.More > The crash killed...
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    Will this fit?

    I want to get a console for my 2012 F150 but don't want to pay for a brand new one. I found a few on eBay but they are all CVPI angled consoles. From what I can tell they should work, has anyone done something like this? Do I NEED to buy the base as well or can I make something to anchor it...
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    Wearable LED light to improve officer safety

    Came across this today... SHOT Show 2014: Guardian Angel shoulder light Good idea in theory, but what would this do to the officer's night vision and peripheral vision?
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    Police: 3 Dead, Including 2 Lawmen, In Oklahoma Chase

    WASHITA COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says two law officers and a suspect died during a pursuit in western Oklahoma. Lieutenant Brian Orr said Thursday he had no details about the deaths other than that they occurred near Dill City in Washita County -- about 110 miles west of...
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    Burning Winnebago Smashes Fire Truck

    Action starts around 1:45
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    OKC FD Working 4 alarm condo fire

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A four-alarm fire has destroyed part of a condominium complex in the 14400 block of N. Pennsylvania near Quail Springs Mall. The fire started just before 3 p.m. on the balcony of a condo at Quail Springs Condominium Complex. That's just east of the mall. The fire then spread...
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    Speedtech Upfit to Feniex?

    I got my order of T6's from FEVER yesterday and had a crazy thought! What if I took out all the modules from my STL Raptor and replace them with the T6's? There's nothing wrong with the housing from STL, and as far as I can see the T6's will fit. I've been wanting a mini bar that I could...
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    Oklahoma Highway Patrol, OCFD, and Tow Truck on scene of accidents

    Some quick videos I shot while at an accident scene yesterday and Friday.
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    Wiring Advice 2012 F150

    Hey guys and gals, I need some help. I'm going to be re-wiring everything in my truck this weekend and am not really sure what the best way to do that is. Everything as far as lights and sirens go is already mounted and installed using a different switch (going away) I have: 2 Grill...
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    Anyone know what console this is?

    I sent them a message but they haven't gotten back to me. Anyone know which console this is?

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