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  1. deelony

    Wanted Vision SLR Pods R/W/B/A (new)

    Looking for New fedsig Vision SLR pods in full multicolor R/W/B/A.
  2. deelony


    Yeah thats a chicago police jetstrobe. They sold alot them at auction within the last 5 years. there are alot of them out there.
  3. deelony

    First Vision SLR failure. Here it is, folks.

    I own a few vision slr's and one has the same program as yours. I'm gonna have to check the seals. Haven't had any other problems other than the occasional condensation on a pod
  4. deelony

    Twinsonic 12F Craigslist find

    Model 528 is a type of No-Mar brand wrecker (E.R Buske mfg). They were based out of Pochantas Iowa and have been defunct since around 2003. They were a very popular brand in the 70' and 80's and into the early 90s.
  5. deelony

    Port Authority Of NY/NJ Wrecker Vision SLR

    Picked this up recently as some of you may have already seen on facebook. Rare Port Authority of NY/NJ vision slr From a a wrecker. Bar was never installed or put into service but was sitting around an upfitter for years. Whats interesting about this bar is that it is not serial controlled...
  6. deelony

    NYPD Signal Star Bar authentication

    they are indeed signal stat cans, here is a photo of the same ones on my manual mcdermott
  7. deelony

    Wanted Federal Signal lightbar mount

    Try contacting this seller, He always is selling them
  8. deelony

    NYPD Signal Star Bar authentication

    Its an Authentic signal stat crossbar,beacons and flasher cans. The domes are incorrect and it is not a nypd bar. Nypd used trio cans rebranded as signal stat #672 i believe?
  9. deelony

    Wanted FedSig Outer upper vista domes clear

    ISO 2 outer upper vista domes in clear. Should be in very good condition or NOS.
  10. deelony

    LAPD Aerodynic on the bay

    Neither did I, CONGRATS MISTER!
  11. deelony

    LAPD Aerodynic on the bay

    I hear you but these are about as rare as it gets and unfortunately the price is going to reflect that. You have knuckleheads buying basic geared aeros for 599-649-699 plus 150 shipping on ebay constantly.
  12. deelony

    LAPD Aerodynic on the bay

    All light LAPD aeros have been floating above 1k on the last few posted on ebay. I see this going a little bit higher.
  13. deelony

    FDNY PA300 - Finally got one

    Here is a good video of a NYPD pa300 in a nypd highway caprice.
  14. deelony

    LAPD Aerodynic on the bay

    Those would be the correct first version exterior alley lights. Even has the LAPD Shop authentic wire nuts connecting them lol.
  15. deelony

    NOS Port Authority of NY/NJ Federal Signal Vision SL with viper signalmaster.

    Picked This up recently it was BNIB.
  16. deelony

    FS Firehawk labels

    I would do a spell check before you have anymore printed. Corporation is spelled wrong.
  17. deelony

    Anyone see the NOS ADL NYPD spec aero on ebay?

    Something is telling me that well be seeing this bar back on ebay for alot more than the $1000 paid. ...correct
  18. deelony

    Federal Signal JetSonic question

    non fluted on the jetsonic twistlock type. Fluted on the jetstrobe linear head type. Compare a jetstrobe head with fluted filter vs no filter and it's like night and day. The filter really helps to disperse the flash.
  19. deelony

    Whelen Crossbar strobe light bar(1-5000, 2-1200s, 2- Solo Strobes)

    Looks great....those old power supplies sounding like a air raid siren lol.
  20. deelony

    Federal Signal Vision SLR 53”

    Good price. $3250 is what i paid for mine from federal. What is the programming on this bar?
  21. deelony

    Federal Signal Arjent S2 Series A

    what you are describing sounds like an original arjent lightbar and not a s2 roc bar. An s2 ROC bar would have a power, ground and cat5 cable to plug into a interface module. What you have does not require any special boxes. Just ground the large black wire and apply 12v to the others.
  22. deelony

    NIB Whelen edge 9428 Lexington-Fayette KY police

    Scored this nib edge bar recently. Manufactured 1-02. Bar has 8 strobe, alleys and takedowns. Property tag says Owner was Lexington-Fayette urban city government. Just thought i'd share this because i don't often find nib stuff.
  23. deelony

    For Sale Federal Signal Solaris ILS R/B/A CVPI

    Yes, first generation solaris modules are usually interchangeable.
  24. deelony

    For Sale Federal Signal Solaris ILS R/B/A CVPI

    This is a first version ILS and requires no serial interface box (breakout box). It runs on a regular FS intelliflash flasher
  25. deelony

    Wanted Red & blue Twinsonic domes

    do you have any ryan?
  26. deelony

    Wanted Red & blue Twinsonic domes

    Pm me with what you got and what you want

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