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  1. deelony

    Wanted Vision SLR Pods R/W/B/A (new)

    Looking for New fedsig Vision SLR pods in full multicolor R/W/B/A.
  2. deelony

    Port Authority Of NY/NJ Wrecker Vision SLR

    Picked this up recently as some of you may have already seen on facebook. Rare Port Authority of NY/NJ vision slr From a a wrecker. Bar was never installed or put into service but was sitting around an upfitter for years. Whats interesting about this bar is that it is not serial controlled...
  3. deelony

    Wanted FedSig Outer upper vista domes clear

    ISO 2 outer upper vista domes in clear. Should be in very good condition or NOS.
  4. deelony

    NOS Port Authority of NY/NJ Federal Signal Vision SL with viper signalmaster.

    Picked This up recently it was BNIB.
  5. deelony

    NIB Whelen edge 9428 Lexington-Fayette KY police

    Scored this nib edge bar recently. Manufactured 1-02. Bar has 8 strobe, alleys and takedowns. Property tag says Owner was Lexington-Fayette urban city government. Just thought i'd share this because i don't often find nib stuff.
  6. deelony

    Wanted Red & blue Twinsonic domes

    Looking for good condition Red & blue twinsonic domes
  7. deelony

    A big apple haul

    Found someone selling a lot of some nice genuine NYC stuff. Mostly arjents and visions. The visions are dated 2005 and have led signalmasters and the arjents are a mixture of cuda,s1 and s2. some of the arjents appear to be off TLC enforcement vehicles. Some fedsig gen1 deck lights and a...
  8. deelony

    Wanted CTS red dome

    looking for cts red dome with amber cutout. will consider any condition. pm me what you have
  9. deelony

    Wanted California special lightbars

    Looking for mostly california used bars. Preferably Federal signal but will consider all makes. arjents/legends/liberties. etc
  10. deelony

    Wanted CAL SPEC Lightbars

    preferably federal signal but also looking for a sigstat dual comm. Let me know what you have shipping to ny
  11. deelony

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E/H Preferably a California one.

    Looking for Aerodynic 24E/H. Preferably a California one.
  12. deelony

    Wanted Federal Signal 3600 led TIR style surface mounted wanted

    Need red amber and blue lightheads
  13. deelony

    McDermott Multi Level bar With manual raising arms

    Traded for this recently and is pretty cool. It has The old mechanical flasher attached to one of the arms and it still works. the cans are Signal Stat "sigstat" cans. The dampers are still working good also considering the date i found in the flasher says 9/72. Once the arms are fully raised...
  14. deelony

    Wanted Vector SL & Vision SL Endcap labels

    In need of 2 sets of vision sl endcap decals and 1 set of vector sl endcap decals
  15. deelony

    Coming soon to a New York State police cruiser near you!

    Mcdermott's! with rear lighting only <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. deelony

    Whelen patriot question

    I just acquired a LC whelen patriot recently. Finding the manual online I was trying to get the takedowns and alleys to flash and in place of the two wires is a left and right traffic adviser motion to the rear 4 inner light heads. The rear 4 inner layout isbstrobe/led/led/strobe. I've never...
  17. deelony

    For Sale 4 NIB streethawks Johnson City, TN

    4 NIB streethawks Johnson City, TN
  18. deelony

    East New York, Brooklyn roadside find

    So I was driving down Flatlands ave approaching fountain avenue the other day when i stumbled across this milk crate full of miscellaneous lights. Tipped over on the side of the road I went in for a closer inspection and noticed it was full of old mcdermott grill lights and various lollipop...
  19. deelony

    Federal Signal AeroTwinsonic RVF-1Z

    Picked this up off eBay recently. guy was local so I went and picked it up. Unsure of history on it but im thinking it was on a tow truck/maintenance/service vehicle judging buy the flat mount kit squares faded in the base of the bar from sunlight. Has a heavy duty signal stat flasher in place...
  20. deelony

    Wanted New Federal signal streethawk clear dome set

    Looking for a new set of Federal signal streethawk clear domes.Left right and center Looking to see if anyone has them here before i order them from federal.
  21. deelony

    McDermott High-rise lightbar

    Picked up another McDermott lightbar recently. Overall it is in poor condition but all the parts are there and the arms are not bent like they usually are. The Cans needs minor bodywork and the motor is completely shot. The inside of the lift mechanism is totally rotted and it does not go up or...
  22. deelony

    NYPD streethawk lightbar

    Got this off eBay recently and picked up in Brooklyn. standard nypd setup with 2 slow outer rotators,2 hi-speed inners with red filters, front meteor light, alleys and front and rear flashers. Previous owner acquired from NYC surplus auction on kent ave 15 plus years ago. It doesn't have nypd...
  23. deelony

    Dual NYPD Federal Signal Jetstreams

    Came across these bad boys not too long ago. Got them from a guy who had them in storage after he purchased them 15 plus years ago at the NYC DCAS auction on Kent ave in Brooklyn. Both bars have motors stamped 5-93 . Inside is immaculate as well as the filters. Outer domes are shot. When I get...
  24. deelony

    Wanted Motorola Minitor 6

    Looking for a new MOTOROLA MINITOR VI (6) - UHF 450-486 MHZ, 5 CHANNEL PAGER. seller must be a able to program for me. pm me with any offers/questons
  25. deelony

    My McDermott bars & Fedsig Streetheat

    Here are all of my high rise bars together deployed. Three Mcdermott bars and one federal signal streetheat. The two to the right are my newest additions.   From left to right    1. A standard NYPD mcdermott bar i acquired and fixed up years ago.   2. NYPD federal signal streetheat with...
  26. deelony

    ***Federal signal Dealers*** Need Vision SLR price quote

    Looking for a price quote for a 60 Inch vision SLR lightbar. All domes clear All pods multicolored R/W/B/A Permanent mount No end cap alleys no hotfoot takedowns No signalmaster pm me with any other questions
  27. deelony

    Whelen messenenger

    looking for a exterior mount whelen messeneger bar. preferably amber or red
  28. deelony

    Federal Signal SLR led beacon Amber/blue Engineering sample

    Bought this light on ebay  about a week ago. I was expecting it to be a amber only beacon but it has blue as a secondary color. It has 3 rotation speeds of 75,90 and 120 FPM. Also where the model number would be it states "This unit is an engineering sample intended to be representative of...
  29. deelony

    Federal Signal Vision SL

    Picked up a vision sl today. though id share some pictures and a few vids.
  30. deelony

    NYPD McDermott refurb

    Picked up this McDermott bar years ago and just got around to fixing it up. The bar was in pretty rough shape all around. All the bulbs were burnt out,spotlights missing, and the arms and frame were bent. Someone also decided to spray paint it with some crappy yellow tinted white paint. Being...

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