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    Pair of Whelen LED Par 46 spotlights in metal Par 46 fixed position housings

    Sorry if I missed it, what color are these? They might look perfect on MY Jeep!
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    New Siren/Control Heads and "Rumbler" type speaker

    This is all cool and stuff, but the tones still suck...
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    High-Rise (Multi-Level) lights

    All these pictures and no video???
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Its a SoundOff UltraLITE 8 frame. The specs from the SoundOff website are: 8 Module: 26” (66 cm) L x 1.5” (3.8 cm) H x 1.7” (4.3 cm) D
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    BUMP! I'd love to get this light to someone that wants to use it!
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    Weird NYPD ESU Truck

    That's pretty sweet! I'm loving the combo of LED, strobe and rotator. Its odd to see such old tech on a newer looking truck, but it works!
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    Uniform Patch Supplier

    We use these guys, they are local but ship everywhere. Don Rogers USA Industries of Oklahoma, Inc. 3126 S. Boulevard # 208 - Edmond Ok, 73013 800-297-2824 / 405-840-5577 |
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    For Sale NIB Feniex Wide-Lux 7X3 R/W

    I sent you a PM last week with the info.
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Not sure why I didn't get notifications on this thread, sorry all! I still have it, it is half red half blue. Not interested in trading at this time.
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    New Feniex Flasher

    Feniex says the MAP on these flashers is $49. I think I'll have to get one just to play with it!
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Prices slashed! This light is ready to move!
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    Strobes N More LED Rotator Beacon

    They should offer this in green if possible. This would be a handy "command" beacon for trailers and chiefs. A great alternative to spending tons of money on a Rotabeam...
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    Thanks Tony. We're actually using a Whelen HLF on some aftermarket spotlights. I only need to tap into the high beam for the flood override on the flasher.
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    So if I'm reading this correctly, I need to look for a Gray/Brown wire or a Violet/Orange wire coming out of the BCM to tap into for the high beams? The officer things it would be easier to just integrate the flood mode to the high beams.
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    New Feniex Flasher

    Looks like it will have 4 outputs and 3 modes. That is exciting! Hope it has the ability to sync with more than one flasher!
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    That is correct. The flashing white isn't really a big deal. We are going to tie the flashing to the front lights on the PB. They are already on a seperate "HLF" switch that comes on in slide 3 and has a separate activation button. The thing I really need advice on is, how do I get the flood...
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    Saginaw County Sheriff Goes Retro

    They should've synced the grille lights to the surface mounts on the bar... that would've made a huge difference!
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    I got the Whelen UHF2150A headlight flasher. My thinking was to put the new LEDs in place of the "headlight" (solid color wires). The "High Beam Override" wire (white/black & white/blue) to the flood switch. To flash, hook the orange wire to the Impaxx control wire for flashing. The white...
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    I understand that, the Valor is the primary "takedown" function. The officer would like additional "flood lighting" to the front.
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    Adding Takedown/Wig-Wag in '13 PI Sedan

    I bow to the mighty knowledge of the equipment gurus of ELB I'm doing an install with a police officer in town. He wants to add two round LED spotlights to his PB, these will flash and also do takedown function. We have ordered the lights he wants from Lifetime LED, and a HLF from a member...
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    For Sale NIB Feniex Wide-Lux 7X3 R/W

    I have a NIB Feniex Wide-Lux in red/white split. This light was taken out of the bag and tested, then put back in the bag. Still contains all wires, mounting hardware, and the bag of course! Asking $85 shipped for this light.
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    2008 Ford F-250 fender mounted Apollo

    You can mount the Apollo on the outside of this using some bolts and washers. Using the surface mount flange, run the bolts through the spaces in the plastic, use a black painted washer on the back side, lock washer and a nut. There ya go!
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    Feniex 4x6 pcb sneak peek

    I didn't notice a big difference either, I rather liked the light. If this is what the customer sees though, not sure how much of me telling them they're wrong they'll listen to. This is an example of "you can lead a horse to water..."
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    Feniex 4x6 pcb sneak peek

    Feedback from a customer on a red/white split 7X3 today. "...honestly I'm not very impressed. The red is more of a light red. And that Whelen (M6) is a dark red. And at different angles you can't even see the Feniex". "It is really bright at a certain angle but if you get away from that one...
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    Hatzolah Circus

    The video speaks for itself...
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    Saginaw County Sheriff Goes Retro

    I like it! Can't wait to see a video of those beacons in action! It's good to see they have some other lights and it's not just the beacons. Are the TIR3s on the bar synced with the beacons?
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    SOLD - Federal signal ms400 siren

    Do you have a shot of the back of the unit? Very interested!

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