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  1. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Red F1 beacon ray dome

    Looking for a red beacon ray dome F1. Would like New or NOS or very good shape. Thank you.
  2. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Jetsonic jetstream amber endcap filter

    Looking for a solid amber jet series endcap filter, no alley cutout. Thank you!
  3. empire5150

    Wanted Fast speed aerodynic aerohawk rotator assy

    Looking for a NEW / NOS / LIKE NEW, fast speed rotator assy for an independent model aerodynic. Thank you!
  4. empire5150

    Negative with THIEF J.M.Rife (MATT RIFE)

    This thief contacted me asking to trade a red Tripp light and a mini aerodynic I have for his whelen rotabeam led beacon. I agreed to the trade and we agreed we would both ship on a certain day last week. I shipped out my 2 lights and sent him the tracking number. Then he became busy all of a...
  5. empire5150

    Wanted Federal Signal Streethawk top speaker cover

    Looking for the longer version streethawk top speaker cover. Thank you.
  6. empire5150

    Positive purchase from tsquale

    Bought aerodynic parts from Tony. Transaction went well, no issues!
  7. empire5150

    Positive Positive Sale to tsquale

    Sold Tony a Jet series endcap. Perfect as always!
  8. empire5150

    Anyone see the NOS ADL NYPD spec aero on ebay?

    Saw this on ebay and was wondering what the story was on it. Its basically NYPD spec but in the newer ADL independent version. I don't know much about the later independent aero stuff so I thought Id see what everyone knows in general or might know about this bar in particular?
  9. empire5150

    Federal Signal question

    Can anyone tell me if the federal signal arjent LED modules are the same as the vision SL LED modules? Thanks......
  10. empire5150

    Wanted Red TwinSonic dome

    Standard used red twinsonic dome needed. No cracks. Thank you!
  11. empire5150

    Federal Signal JetSonic question

    I was wondering about the filters in a JetSonic. When the bar was new and if it came with the 1 or 2 strobe option, did it have the fluted filters over the strobe light(s) or were they the normal non fluted ones? I didn't know if the fluted style filter was even in production yet or if they were...
  12. empire5150

    Whelen dealer needed

    Looking to order a R316 beacon. Need a dealer to contact me please. Would like clear dome, amber LEDS, magnet/suction mount. Ready to order. Thanks.
  13. empire5150

    Wanted Whelen RB316 NEW or USED

    Looking for a whelen rb 316 rota beam led beacon. New or used. Id prefer clear dome with amber leds. Magnet/suction mount.
  14. empire5150

    Positive for PETE L.

    What can I say about this guy that already hasn't already been said a million times?? Great to deal with, YES. Great prices, YES. Fast shipping, YES. Great packaging, YES. Pete needs to become a teacher with selling stuff! I got some H1 bulb clips for an aerodynic from this amazing guy. Always a...
  15. empire5150

    Wanted AeroDynic flasher assy

    ISO aerodynic flasher assy. Meaning the reflector with bulb. This is for the newer style aerodynic. Looking for the rough finish, not the smooth finish. Thanks.
  16. empire5150

    Wanted FS TwinSonic domes

    Looking for a set of 2 (nice) amber or clear twinsonic domes. Thank you.
  17. empire5150

    Federal Signal flash ball / fireball question in LETHAL WEAPON 2

    Was watching Lethal Weapon 2 just now and just after the toilet exploded in Rogers house there is a police car outside with a fireball type light on the roof but it didn't rotate and it didn't flash, it oscillated. I have never seen or heard of that model. Anyone know of it?
  18. empire5150

    Wanted Whelen EDGE 9000 lens sections

    Just picked up an older edge 9000 and it has some wrong length lens sections. They don't jive with the lights behind them. I need 4 sections. 1 red 5 inch, 1 blue 5 inch, 1 red 7.5 inch and 1 blue 7.5 inch. I have 2 red 6.25 inch and 2 blue 6.25 inch sections (plus I have 1 red and 1 blue endcap...
  19. empire5150

    Wanted Code 3 XL MINI sealed beam

    Looking for a mini XL sealed beam bar. Shipping to NH. Thank you.
  20. empire5150

    Aerodynic independent rotator assy

    Looking for a complete independent rotator assy for an aerodynic. Prefer standard speed but will consider fast speed. Thank you.!
  21. empire5150

    Positive tsquale

    Bought an aerodynic a while back. Perfect transaction! Thanks Tony! (Sorry for the late FB)
  22. empire5150

    Positive (+) purchase from tsquale

    Another (+) purchase from Tony. Bought some H1 bulb hold down clips for an aerodynic. Thanks bud!
  23. empire5150

    Code 3 SD experts

    Looking for some help with this SD bar I have. It's the Cal spec model that has rear Amber flash. Need to know what these little round black things are inline on the power wires on the rotator. One is bad. Power in, but no power out. Can I just bypass it or is it necessary? Anyone have a...
  24. empire5150

    Federal Signal StrobeHawk

    Whats the value of these, these days?
  25. empire5150

    Wanted Whelen ISP4HS (or ISP8HS) power supply

    Looking for a whelen ISP4HS power supply. A ISP8HS will work also. Please PM for fastest response. Thank you.
  26. empire5150

    Whelen edge strobe specialists

    Wondering what the deal is on this bar. Its a Mini Edge 9000 Lightbar SSNMFEDP. I'm told its a "snow plow" model right from whelen. What makes it a snow plow model? What was the specifics? Is it the DOT model? I know that one had the flashers flash with the corresponding strobe and not...
  27. empire5150

    Federal Signal JetSonic Security bar GREEN

    My green JetSonic. All green with new clear domes, amber endcaps and rear end panels. Clear takedowns and alleys.
  28. empire5150

    For Sale Monster Code 3 XL (whole or parting out)

    Selling this code 3 XL. Will sell complete but I'm sure the shipping will be crazy high. I'm also willing to part it out. Has 8 standard speed rotators, 2 smaller fast rotators (MX?), 2 oscillators (that work but need some work also) 2 all red domes with clear center window, 2 all clear domes...
  29. empire5150

    For Sale Blue Federal Signal signalmaster SML4

    Middle light in pic. Selling this blue FS signalmaster. Has 3 (of the 4) brand new blue lenses. Comes as shown. Works well. No controller. 99.99 OBO.
  30. empire5150

    For Sale Whelen PAR 46 blue strobes with aluminum housings

    Bottom lights in pic. Selling these whelen blue strobes. PAR 46. Unable to test them because I don't do strobes and don't have a supply. The bulbs look like new in the back and I was told they are new from the person I got them from. Aluminum housings have 1 broken bolt each, in the base of each...

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