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    Will this TA housing hold lin6 light heads? I'm looking to convert something like this into an exterior lightbar filled w/ 8 linear 500 series lightheads. Does anyone know if the modules will simply slide into...
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    Outer edge type bracket?

    Does anyone know of anyone other than Whelen and Lone Star that makes an outer edge style light for the 11-16 Ford Explorer/interceptor? I'm looking to get one and mount my own lights to it. Whelen only sells a blank bracket specifically for the ions, and Lone Star won't sell just the bracket...
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    Outer edge question

    Did Whelen ever make the outer edges with 500 series LEDs? I could have sworn I have seen them but through searching I've only found the ION series. I'm looking to build one for a 2014 Ford Explorer so I was looking for ideas.
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    Custom lightbar brackets?

    For cars that the manufacturers didn't create a bracket for, what do you use to create a bracket? Is there a way to re-form a bracket that the lightbar came with or do you just create a new one from scratch?
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    Whelen Liberty magnet mount

    How do you mount magnets to a Whelen liberty? Do you need a special mount for the magnets or do the bolts just slide into the frame rails?
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    For Sale WTT: 2 blue Tir3s for amber

    Hey everyone. I have 2 galls branded Whelen Tir3s in blue that I would like to trade for 2 amber whelen or galls Tir3s. They are essentially brand new, they were mounted and wired but never used for more than 5 minutes.
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    Strobes N' More intersector bracket

    Does anyone know if this will work w/ Whelen Tir3s? I want to buy it but I want to make sure it's going to work first.
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    CISM courses?

    Does anyone know of any places, preferably online, that offer training for fire/ems/pd for Critical Incident Stress Management? Specifically how to help fellow responders that have been involved in a traumatic incident?
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    Tir6 vs Lin6

    Hey everyone. Does the Tir6 need as much rear clearance to be surface mounted as the lin6 does? What I mean by that is, w/ the Lin6s if you want to surface mount them they stick out 2-3". Is it the same w/ the tir6? or does it sit a little closer to the surface?
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    These helmet fronts are amazing

    This guy is a true artist, some of the shields that he paints are truly amazing. And they're only $110 for a 100% custom painted one. If I'm ever in the market for a new shield, or if I think of something creative to put on mine, I'm going to Bob Stella.
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    Show me your board mounted equipment

    Exactly what the thread title says. I know a bunch of people on here will use a pierce of plywood and either paint it or cover it w/ some sort of material and use it to mount siren control boxes, radios, etc... Anyone have any pictures?
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    Cencom ?

    Does the secondary power wire (not the 2 8g leads) need to be connected to an ignition powered source? Or can it be put on battery power? The reason being I don't think the car that it is going in has any open 20amp ports that I can connect it to.
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    Whelen 500 linear leds wont sync

    Hey everyone, I've got 2 syncable 500 series linear leds that I can't get to sync. I tried putting them on the same pattern before hitting the pattern change wire and connecting the pattern change wires on both leds together but they won't alternate. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is...
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    Standalone fire sprinkler heads?

    I saw something similar to this a long time ago except instead of being filled with either dry chem or a halon alternative it was filled with water, similar to a 2 1/2 gallon extinguisher. I haven't been able to find one since. Does anyone know if anyone still makes them? Noncorrosive Fire...
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    York, ME fire explorer has N5A stolen

    Thought I would share this, I know it's a long shot but maybe this kid will get his helmet back.
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    Armchair firefighters on youtube

    Anyone else hate the armchair firefighters on youtube? It seems like no matter what type of fire it is, or how quickly it is knocked down. There is always someone who knows of a better way it should have been done. I swear that a company could show up at a fully involved house fire and throw a...
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    Chelsea, MA conflagration - 39 years later

    10/14/1973 a conflagration took out 18 blocks of Chelsea, MA. Here is a good documentary about it. If you ask me, Chelsea needs another one. But that's a story for another day.
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    Realtree fire helmets... ugh

    Yes, these are real and they're made by Bullard. I would hope that nobody would wear one of these, but I know someone will. As if vollies didn't have enough stereotypes to live up to:
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    Tell me about Kustom Eyewitness systems

    Does anyone have them in their vehicles? If so, how do you like them, and how easy are they to install? I've wanted to get a dash cam for awhile just because of the amount of insurance fraud accidents happen. And with all of the terrible drivers out there. I've thought of getting just a regular...
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    New, Boston, MA police graphics

    Personally, I hate it. Thoughts?
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    Best FF sticker ever

    I forgot that I had this in with a bunch of other stuff. You can't not love this sticker. Unless you're a prude.
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    Installing HAWs in the rear of a 2000-2006 tahoe

    Does anyone know of any holes or spots where I could run the strobe cables for hideaways in thr tail lights of a 2000-2006 body style tahoe?
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    Anyone have pictures of 2000-2006 NYSP tahoes?

    I've found plenty of exterior pictures of them however I haven't found any interior ones. Does anyone have any? My truck is an old NYSP Tahoe and I'm curious about what the setup is on the inside.
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    Unity spotlight question

    Just out of curiosity, I know there are different models of unity spotlights depending on the vehicle. However is that just for the mount it comes with or are there different sized spotlights for different applications? I.E will a spotlight for a Crown Vic work in say like a Tahoe, Impala, etc...
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    2000-2006 Tahoe install question

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the auxiliary fuse block that is located behind the glove box? All the leads on mine are dead and im trying to figure out how to power them. I tried the fuse block under the hood but it didn't help.
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    HT1000 battery question

    Does anyone know if you can use a NiMH battery in a rapid charger? I thought I heard somewhere that you can only use them in slow chargers.
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    Any grant writers here?

    My PD has a couple of cars used by the auxiliary department that are in dire need of replacement, however there is not enough money in the budget to fund it. I was wondering if there are any volunteers in police service or other types of grants that might be able to be obtained to replace them...
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    Badge display cases?

    Anyone have one, or know of some good ones to get? I've got a few I'd like to put on the wall.
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    Any Arizona EMTs?

    I've been thinking about moving out there but I would need to transfer my EMT cert. However there are different answers on different parts of Bureau of EMS's website. Some say that you can transfer an out of state cert if you take an AZ refresher, and some say you need an out of state cert, an...
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    Iraq vet accused of posing as police officer

    This is one for the record books, found it on another forum. Iraq veteran accused of posing as policeman - Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Times Check out his facebook too, it looks like he went to an officer's funeral posing as a cop:

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