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  1. thatoneiowan

    Positive Bought positive from wiseguys

    Bought a pair of amber Whelen 52/500 lenses for a Whelen Flatlighter from @wiseguys and the purchase went very smooth, and the lenses were packaged well and arrived quickly. Appreciated how easy it was!
  2. thatoneiowan

    Wanted Amber Whelen 52 Linear Strobe Lens

    Looking for two amber Whelen 52 linear strobe lens for a Flatlighter (FL220). Not really wanting to spend more than maybe $30 or so, but I don't know if that would be reasonable or not. Couple of pics of what I'm looking for specifically (except in amber)
  3. thatoneiowan

    Positive positive buy from Sparky_911

    I received a box of miscellaneous parts from Sparky. He shipped it quick and at a fair price. Thanks!
  4. thatoneiowan

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    Wondering if anyone here has worked on the Ecco 5280. I got one dirt cheap but the wires were cut at the bar. I can't seem to figure out how to take it apart to add more wire. I was hoping to just push the factory wiring into the bar and run my own wire out of the hole. There is one screw on the...
  5. thatoneiowan

    Positive Purchased positive from shues

    Bought a Code 3 Dashlaser mirror from him recently. Shipped quick and at a good price, thanks again!
  6. thatoneiowan

    Positive (+) Bought from tsquale

    Tony was great to work with and responded quickly! (Almost too quickly... haha) I bought a few lights off of him and received them within just a couple of days. They were packaged carefully. I thought it was nice of him to offer a deal to me for buying a few things from him. I usually just lurk...
  7. thatoneiowan

    Positive Bought positive from Phoenix_Rising

    Purchased a Whelen Dominator D6 amber and controller from him. Packed well, arrived sooner than expected (damn USPS can't get anything right... :P) and received in the condition advertised. Good buy!
  8. thatoneiowan

    Positive Bought positive from Sparky_911

    Transaction went smooth. The FedSig Jetstream I bought from him arrived very quickly and in the condition advertised. He even answered some extra questions I had. Great buy!
  9. thatoneiowan

    Positive Bought from SBFD-E-9

    Purchased a Whelen Flatlighter from Dan not too long ago. Product was as advertised, packaged very well, and Dan seems to be a great guy.

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