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  1. thatoneiowan

    SS200SM Configurator

    Here's the feedback I got when asking to share the old Whelen SC Programmer software for B-Link. I would assume you would be fine, but it can't hurt to wait for the official word.
  2. thatoneiowan

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    Yep this is how I got it too. They sent me a CD via FedEx and I got it like 2 days later or something really quick. Kinda cool I thought!
  3. thatoneiowan

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    Too large for the attachment system, but here is a link: OP also sent me a PM so I sent a link to him/her there as well :)
  4. thatoneiowan

    Whelen SC Programmer needed

    I also have the software but I am not sure if it is against site rules to upload and share here. If it is fine I will upload.
  5. thatoneiowan

    For Sale Aerodynic Model 24

    Where in Iowa is this roughly?
  6. thatoneiowan

    Positive Bought positive from wiseguys

    Bought a pair of amber Whelen 52/500 lenses for a Whelen Flatlighter from @wiseguys and the purchase went very smooth, and the lenses were packaged well and arrived quickly. Appreciated how easy it was!
  7. thatoneiowan

    Wanted Amber Whelen 52 Linear Strobe Lens

    I made a purchase from wiseguys for some lenses. I'm still interested in a pair of the linear style lenses but am no longer actively looking so this can be closed. Thanks!
  8. thatoneiowan

    Dietz bar

    I ended up winning this. Thanks for sharing! $25 after tax and fees seems good to me. Don't really know anything about these though. I think this is called an Omni Chief? I believe I found a few other threads on here I found before though but I'm on my phone right now so I won't try to find them...
  9. thatoneiowan

    Wanted Amber Whelen 52 Linear Strobe Lens

    Looking for two amber Whelen 52 linear strobe lens for a Flatlighter (FL220). Not really wanting to spend more than maybe $30 or so, but I don't know if that would be reasonable or not. Couple of pics of what I'm looking for specifically (except in amber)
  10. thatoneiowan

    911: Lone Star

    I'll fully admit to watching 9-1-1 for the drama :p I'm a sucker for that stuff. I still need to try the spinoff
  11. thatoneiowan

    I've just discovered the ULTIMATE copy-cop

    I cannot believe the blocked the entire interstate (around the 10min mark) like that! Zero traffic management planning went into that. Caused dangerous congestion and I'm surprised there weren't any crashes. That entire video is absolutely remarkable and not in a good way.
  12. thatoneiowan

    120V to 12V Power Supply for Vintage Beacons

    I have roughly a dozen of these. It was suggested by someone in a Facebook group that swears by them and I haven't had any issues with them. Some I have had for a year or two now. I don't remember how long I have ran them non-stop but if you make sure they don't get too hot I would think you...
  13. thatoneiowan

    Whelen ST8RRBB Liberty LFL

    Both my B-Link Liberty and Patriot bars are directly to my MPC01s. Blue comm wire to blue comm wire, grey to grey, and shield to shield, at least in my case. I have a BL627 but it is not necessary to go through that if you are not wanting the siren.
  14. thatoneiowan

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it JDI?

    While I have not owned any JDI products, I have heard very many things about them. Somebody did provide this picture of one of their bars on fire, though. (Ha! Get it? Bar?)
  15. thatoneiowan

    Positive positive buy from Sparky_911

    I received a box of miscellaneous parts from Sparky. He shipped it quick and at a fair price. Thanks!
  16. thatoneiowan

    MPC01 Connector Part#?

    Not gonna lie, I stripped the wire and shoved it in to the connector using a ballpoint pen. I didn't even know there was a tool for that.
  17. thatoneiowan

    MPC01 Connector Part#?

    These connectors work! I bought the 5 pin and the 7 pin ones and they work. They are not exact matches to what I have so anybody looking for that level of authenticity will be out of luck, but these connectors fit into the MPC01 and make my lights b-link, if you'll pardon the pun...
  18. thatoneiowan

    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    That PA/siren thing looks exactly like the same one Facebook has been trying to get me to buy for a while now! I think it's like $20.
  19. thatoneiowan

    For Sale SOLD - Spring cleaning, box of stuff

    How much is shipping to 50124? I could use the switches at least.
  20. thatoneiowan

    How to make Generic Whelen Transporter for B-Link & Smart Messenger

    I figured I'd drop on here too just to share a bit of info. I bought a RS485 to USB dongle and it worked just fine on a Windows 7 laptop. I used the included CD to install the driver the computer needed, which was kind of a clunky process, but it worked. The company just threw all of the driver...
  21. thatoneiowan

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    Hi all, this is what I got back from customer service: First, the warranties on their products does not transfer and cut wires is not covered under warranty anyways. Also the 5280 is "sold as a complete unit so there are no replacement parts." I asked about either sending it in and paying for...
  22. thatoneiowan

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    I've not yet, no, figured I would see if anyone here knew anything about it first. I'm not the original owner so not sure what they can do for me. There's a date stamp 1/31/18 so would assume it's within warranty, but I can't find any info on that - including seeing if the warranty transfers to...
  23. thatoneiowan

    Ecco 5280 - disassemble?

    Wondering if anyone here has worked on the Ecco 5280. I got one dirt cheap but the wires were cut at the bar. I can't seem to figure out how to take it apart to add more wire. I was hoping to just push the factory wiring into the bar and run my own wire out of the hole. There is one screw on the...
  24. thatoneiowan

    Anyone ever make a Powerwheels police car or fire truck?

    Cute! I love it. Especially like the added head/tail lights.
  25. thatoneiowan

    Positive Purchased positive from shues

    Bringing this back again because I bought another mirror from shues. Again, great transaction, and he was accommodating of a special request. Very thankful both of my Dashlasers have mirrors!
  26. thatoneiowan

    Checking interest jet-streams, lp6000, starbar & val u bar

    I might be interested in a few, specifically the Val U Bar, the Streethawk, and a Starbar. Is $350 for the trio shipped to 50023 reasonable? Not in any rush.
  27. thatoneiowan

    2100 Optix corner flash pattern selection questions

    I just picked up a 2100 yesterday actually so I appreciate the info and the manual! :D
  28. thatoneiowan

    Smith & Wesson / EEC 8848 in GREEN!

    I think Walter and I are equally happy we get to see this! :D
  29. thatoneiowan

    Amber lights galore!

    Not sure why this was bumped but I'm glad it was....... Look at all that amber! I'm in love o_O

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